Friday, November 9, 2007

Sometimes all it takes is getting out the door.

I received some goodies in the mail today. Our Mousefest packet and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas tickets arrived. It will be here soon I can hardly wait.

I really did not fell like jogging tonight. All day long I have just felt kind of off.
Today was very breezy and although the temp was around 52 I thought the wind would make things feel much colder. I was wrong and managed to overdress. (again).
Once I finally started out tonight I found a comfortable pace and was happy that I did not blow off my jog.

Here are todays meals

Breakfast: 7 pts. Doughnut w/1 cup skim milk

Lunch: 15 pts. Fuddruckers Grilled Burger & onion rings.

Dinner: 8 pts. Taco salad

Snack. Cashew-Cranberry-Almond Snack mix

Exercise: Jog 8.64 miles in 105 min

Till next time ...

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Rae! said...

Yes I understand that feeling.I haven't got my Mouse fest packet yet.