Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Caption This # 8

From Me: "Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese!"
or "I'm Ready For My Close Up Mr. Chaffey."

"Hello I'm Mr.Ed"

Rae!: "Don't look now but I made a mud pie!"

Basil: "I've been using Crest White Strips for 3 months. Can you tell?"

Matt: Rephrased “Do my teeth look like toes?”

On the training front:

Working the late shift this week. My daughter kept her word Tuesday night and we ran up to SNAP. Wednesday morning I went out for a jog. Actually it was more wog than jog.
I was challenged by a lack of sleep(dogs), very high humidity, and although I knew better I started out much to fast. Drag. Live and learn. Live and learn again...

I have some great news. My family will be joining me in Orlando. I worked with Jana today to book airfare and add everyone else to the package. Dining has still not been announced for '09 but I made ADRs for each day(just in case).

Disney has launched their January calender showing regular park hours and extra magic hours. Be sure to check it out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Disney comments followed by a Dark Knight.

You can see by these early pictures I was destined to be hooked on two things, Disney and Batman. Now you can’t tell by the picture above, but at six months I was literally cutting my teeth on Disney. Actually, to be more specific I cut my teeth on Thumper. It’s true, I would knock him off the wall behind my crib, and chew until that hardened cardboard turned to mush.

Now as for the other picture. They say a child thrives on visual stimulation. For that I was being placed in my bouncy chair in front of the latest episode of Batman. (Caped crusader PJ’s non optional) I grew up watching the 1960’s series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Most likely as an infant/toddler it was the flashing KABLAMMs and POWs that caught my eye. As I grew older I began to enjoy the characters. I looked forward with anticipation each week to see which villain the dynamic duo would face.

I remember fondly those darn cliffhangers and those famous words.
Tune in next time, Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time.

But I digress back to the villains. Well known and established actors played these roles. Burgess Meredith (The Penguin), Frank Gorshin (The Riddler), Vincent Price (Egghead), Art Carney (The Archer), Roddy McDowell (The Bookworm), Elli Walach (Mr. Freeze), Otto Preminger (also as Mr. Freeze and my personal favorite), Of course Batman had a darn cat of his own. Cat Woman was portrayed by three actresses Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt, and of course I can’t forget Caesar Romero as The Joker.

In 1989 I was excited to learn that a big screen version of the film was being released. Sadly it starred Michael Keaton. Jack Nicholson however, was a hit as the Joker and like the most recent film “Dark Knight” The Joker steals the show. When I saw Michael on screen all I could think about was the film Night Shift with Henry Winkler. Not certain why, I just did. (still do)

Something occurred in “Batman” that should never happen in a super hero movie. He reveals his true identity to his girlfriend. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I screamed internally when he did that. In the sequels we see the character reveal himself time and time again. Why would they write something like that into a story line? As an audience member we are suppose to be the ones, who peak behind the curtain and learn the truth. This scenario has played out in other super hero films as well.

My son and I went out last week to see the latest incarnation of the Batman franchise which stars Heath Ledger in the role of “The Joker.” Truthfully I am not a “fan” of Ledgers past work. He just never appealed to me. So with all the buzz and hype surrounding “The Dark Knight” following his death, I figured it was just that. Buzz and hype. Well I was wrong. His portrayal of “The Joker” is edgy and frightening. And he steals the show while playing the part in true Grind House fashion. His character is brutal in his disregard for life. He comes close to going over the top but pulls back enough to make you believe he really is the maniac behind that make up.

At 2:36 this is a long film. I suspect that it was edited to include more of Ledgers performance. I wish the extra time would have provided a back story about the Joker. None is ever given. He is a nameless unknown entity. The other principal actors who return from “Batman Begins” do ok. I enjoyed Michael Caine as Alfred. Morgan Freeman is always a pleasure to watch. I also like Gary Oldham as Commissioner Gordon. Other than that, who cares? Christian Bales performance as Bruce Wayne felt lacking. As Batman it felt forced. The film used close up after close up and that got old quickly.

Would I recommend seeing the Dark Knight? Yes I would. But be advised this is a very violent movie and the Joker kills simply on a whim. This is not a film for children simply because they are Batman fans. As a parent see it first, and then make a judgment call.

I feel we have yet to see a truly good Batman. George Clooney was ok as an “older and wiser” Bruce Wayne; Val Kilmer was….Val Kilmer was…. Val Kilmer was….oh forget Kilmer, I have. Yes Kilmer did play Batman. You mean you forgot too?

So do any of you have an idea for a great Bruce Wayne / Batman or other villains?
Hmm I need to think about that one myself.


Got back up to SNAP last night. My daughter went with me for the second time and has declared that she will be my conscience and will make sure I go up every other evening.

Managed too visit Dewey today. The humidity reminded me of jogging around Crescent Lake when I took off with Bryan during our Team Voice meet last December. Kept the pace relaxed again. It seems to help with the heat. I am feeling the need to reach a decision soon about running in the Des Moines half marathon. I am concerned about doing it and then losing motivation again like I did following Dam. But you guys wouldn’t allow that I’m sure.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The latest...

Lightning McQueen vs Herbie

Thanks for all the support everyone. I am still trying to figure out why my motivation is down. Regardless, I did make it up to SNAP a couple days ago for a short bike ride and some weights. Yesterday I got out the door and put in nine miles. I knew that I needed to watch my overall pace if I wanted to achieve any sort of distance. I was pleased that I managed to not push myself and the resulting run was comfortable.

While running I realized that I was thinking too deeply about things rather being able to disconnect my thoughts. One thing weighing on my mind is the fact that not all of my travel plans are finalized yet. I still need to purchase airfare. Something I have not done because we still are not 100% certain if the rest of my family is coming down. Ideally I want them to come. We have not had a family vacation for a couple years and next spring break my kids each have school trips planned. We need to figure out what makes the best sense for us. It will work out. Still, I keep fretting over it.

Over the past couple weeks airfares have shot up between $50-$100 out of Des Moines. I feel that they won't come down due to rising gas prices and the upcoming holiday season. The fact that airlines are gouging travelers for luggage and snacks really chaps my hide too.

Food intake has been better. When I feel stressed I have tried to turn my mind to other things besides corn chips and salsa.

Be sure to click on the pic below to learn about a baseball team that I did not know about and the latest pictures from the corn coarse.

Monday, July 21, 2008

No One Is Expendable

Figure it was time to provide an update on my training, or rather lack of.
Since Dam, I have really not reclaimed my stride. Life's issues combined with a relaxed attitude have had a few side effects. I have been exercising less and my food choices have not been the best. I have been allowing myself to fall into stress eating again. In the mornings I have fallen back into the habit of stopping at Quick Trip for a diet soda. A few times I have grabbed a breakfast sandwich even though I already had my Raisin Bran at home. The result is that since Dam I have gained fifteen pounds. Professor Ludwig would quickly inform me that this means I have added 37.5 pounds of impact back on my joints. To me that is the most troubling thought. When I last ran all I could think of was the added impact. Mentally this is driving me nuts. Especially when I think about how quickly I packed the pounds back on. I feel like I've been walking around wearing the infamous red shirt of impending doom. But this Team Voice member is not going to roll over and die.

I know that proper diet and exercise certainly need to be maintained.
That being said, good food choices today. No exercise today due to this being my 5am start week and teenager drama when I got home. I intend to get out tomorrow afternoon with either weight training or jogging. It's going to take both to get me back to were I was.

Speaking of where I was, big weight loss congrats go out to MikeF and Rae. Mike dropped below 200 and Rae is right there too. Fabulous job guys.

If you like the pic above it came from a site you can visit here.

Bonus Clip: The Red Shirt Boogie

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Back

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and comments here or via email following the passing of my father in law.

My father in law Robert passed away last Friday. I wanted to share just a few things about him.

I first met Bob in 89 when I began dating his daughter Emily. My wife is the youngest of his children. Bob had five other daughters and one son. His large family also consists of 18 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.

Born in 1919 he would later join the Army and served our country during WWII. He fought in the battle of the bulge. He was very proud of his service and although he enjoyed talking about it, it often brought out deep emotions when he recalled fellow soldiers that did not make it home.

After the war, he returned home to his wife Josephine and resumed college at the University of Iowa and received his professional engineering license in 1950.

At the funeral service I learned more about the engineering firm he worked for. I found it very interesting. There were only a handful of people starting up this company. It may sound strange to make this comparison but recently I watched "The Pixar Story" The simularities of a small company with limited staff reaching to achieve great things was amazing. Clearly there is a certain drive which exists in some people and from that drive big things can happen. The firm thrived and Bob traveled overseas to head up engineering projects in Liberia. Many bridges were built and I am told still stand today. He retired in 1984.

As you can see from this photo Bob had a good sense of humor.

Bob loved to learn things and even recently was studying DVD courses about the war and vikings.

Over the passed several months, as his health began to fade, his family really stepped up to assist him at home with meals and care giving. Although his body was weak near the end, his mind was alert. During his final days he did not sleep well and his family asked him if he would like to move to hospice care. The hope was that he would be comfortable there for a few days and return home rested. On Friday he fell asleep early in the afternoon and later that night he passed away peacefully.

At the service Tuesday he was given military honors. This was a first for me and it was very moving. A soldier stood under a nearby tree and played taps as two others stood and saluted his casket. The flag was folded with precision, inspected, and presented to his son.

Bob along with my mother in law, who passed away a few years earlier, will be greatly missed.

Thanks again everyone for your friendship and support. The "Team" is certianly here to help one another through lifes other ups and downs.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

English Dining?

Ok, so my wife and I went out for dinner last night. She suggested we try the "Wig & Pen" so we did. Pulling up I noticed the Union Jack displayed out front. Hmm I thought, this might be good. I have wanted to try dining at an English pub for quite some time. The fact that the sign read "pizza pub" did not register until I looked at the menu. I am still trying to figure out why this is being passed off as an English Pub. The menu had Nacho's and Jalapeno Poppers on it! Really the only thing on the menu that had any connection to the UK was a handful of Beer choices. Oh sure Fish & Chips were on the menu. However, I was concerned that the Fish most likely came from Gorton's. For a beverage I selected "Old Peculiar" It had a full bodied yet smooth taste.

For our meal we went with the Bruschetta for an appetizer and The Flying Tomato pizza with pepperoni and garlic. Now while I may have been disappointed by the menu as a whole. We were not let down by the food or the service we received. Our waitress "Tara" could easily pass for a WDW castmember. The Bruschetta was served with sliced mozzarela and seasoned diced tomatoes. A sliced version of these tomatoes topped our pizza, and the fresh garlic was just the right touch.

Overall I would recommend dining here.

When I looked up Wig & Pen other locations came up. Now these may not have any connection to one another but the menu comparison is interesting.

In England:
Wig & Pen
44 Campo Lane, Cathedral Quarter, Sheffield.

In Australia:
Wig & Pen
Canberra House Arcade, Alinga Street, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory,

In Iowa:
Wig & Pen
1220 Hwy 6 West., Iowa City, IA 52246
363 North 1st Avenue, Iowa City, IA 52245
2005 S. Ankeny Blvd. Suite 300, Ankeny, IA 50023

A recent comment by myself sparked this reply from Joggerblogger.

"great chat at work about what is proper pub grub in the UK. We came to the conclusion that it is"

Shepherds pie + peas + gravy
Bangers + mash + onion gravy
Fish + chips + mushy peas
Steak + kidney pie + chips

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not Found On Main Street USA

A little post donation photoshop fun. What other windows would YOU never see on Main Street?

Donation went well today. I had Jennifer and Lisa to keep me company during the process. Marceline...Toonfest...September...Only a few hours away from me. I may be up for that.

Supposed to limit activity today. Perhaps will just do an evening walk.

Check you all later.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick comments and another announcement.

Greetings my fabulous friends!

This morning was one of those gee I don't feel like exercising days. Still I managed to get over to SNAP for some ab crunches and a nice run on the dread mill.

Waking up today I noticed by looking at my fingers that I had retained water over night. My thumbs were huge. I am not certain what triggered that. I did not have anything salty the night before.

Tomorrow morning I am going down to the Blood Center. Yep it's time once again to donate. This will be my fourth donation. For years I wanted to donate but could never bring myself to face the needle. (not to mention the sight of my own blood) A good friend of ours works at the Blood Center and last year she introduced me to Double Red Donation. This is a slightly longer process that takes your red cells and gives you back your plasma. The only odd thing I've noticed doing this, is a slight tingle in my lips when the plasma is returned. Afterwards its a couple Nutter Butters and an orange juice and I'm right as rain. If you are able to donate blood please consider doing so.

In other news we have four team members stepping up to the plate thus far for our virtual Team Voice event. MikeF, Matt, Rae, and Chris. So here's the question who else is in?

Also I have begun a third blog. This one is dedicated to a specific subject and will run as a serial. Be sure to check out The Monkey's Uncle at

As if you don't have enough reading to do already huh?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cornfest Fun Run Details Announced

Click on me for details regarding the first official Team Voice virtual run meet.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Remembrances - Drive-In Theaters

I know this is a long post. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Earlier this afternoon my wife and daughter were watching Grease. I remember my mother taking my sister and I too see this film three times in the theater. I really dug the opening animation and Frankie Valli singing “Grease is the Word” just puts you in the mood for a good time. The Broadway production and the movie have stood the test of time and remain entertaining.

There are many directions I could go regarding commentary on this movie. Today I choose to focus on one scene that caused me to wax nostalgic. It’s the Drive-In scene where Danny has just asked Sandy to go steady. Sandy is thrilled as she accepts a promise ring from Danny. She says something about how she now knows he respects her. To which Danny is a bit dismayed because tonight his thoughts really were not in the nice guy department. He sits quietly next to Sandy but soon he can’t help himself and he makes a move he should not make. Typical guy… Sandy gets angry, gets out of the car and throws his ring back. Danny quickly realizes that he really blew it. Queue the music for “Sandy.”

I love this part of the scene it takes me back to the days when the Drive-In was a popular place to go. My family went all the time when I was a kid. We always filled a grocery sack full of popcorn before we left the house. My sister and I would bring blankets and pillows because my family always stayed late. Back in my childhood days the Drive-Ins around here would play the main feature twice, with a second feature in between.

Between films, there was always time intermission. You would see various short ads for the snack bar which would be edited into a count down clock. Just like the one playing behind John Travolta.

We saw A Star is Born, Young Frankenstein, White Line Fever, and countless Burt Reynolds movies. Growing up we had a quite a number of Drive-Ins around town. The Capitol, The Pioneer, The SE 14th Drive-In, The Plantation, and The West View.

Of these five I would say that the Capitol was the most like the one in Grease. Simply because it had a swing set out in front of the screen. Of course each Drive-In was very unique. I liked the entry to The Capitol. It had a large neon clown on the back side of the screen. He was called Cappy. Go figure. Sadly all that remains of this Drive-In is the concrete footing that once supported the entrance marquee. The Plantation was the cleanest and I believe it had the largest screen.

Some nights if the bugs were out, you might see an advertisement for this product.

The snack bars in these places are another one of those things that I just can not find the words on how to express they way I felt. Because I know it sounds odd when I say I really liked visiting the snack bar. There was just something about being up late and getting to put your on condiments on your foil wrapped burger or dog.

You could also order a pizza. When it was ready the snack bar would announce it across the speaker system. I never found that annoying. It was just part of the experience.

Yes you read that right I said speaker system. Back in those days you did not use your FM radio tuner to pick up the show. You listened by taking a corded, metal enclosed speaker from a pole and hanging it inside your car window. Pure mono all the way. And I loved it. Invariably these would become unattached from the poles because patrons would forget to remove them and drive off. Hence the Drive-In would run spots between and after films reminding you to place the speakers back.

By the summer of my junior year in high school only the SE 14th was left in Des Moines. My friends and I went nearly every weekend. On holiday weekends such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day it was not unusual for the theater to show five films.

Here is an add I recall seeing at the SE 14th Drive In.

Another thing that you might see was something called subliminal advertising. A typical example of this could be found during intermission. The film I recall seeing had a bunch of nature scenes in it that rapidly changed with the upbeat music underneath. Every so many frames a picture of a food or beverage would be slipped in. Sometimes it was not a picture it was text. DRINK COKE. Things like that.

Here is obvious example. The films I am talking about were much more subtle.

Here in Iowa we only have two operating Drive-Ins. One is located in Newton and the other is in Maquoketa.

For current attractions at the Newton Valle Drive-In. Click here.
For current attractions at Maquoketa 61 Drive-In. Click here.

If you have a Drive-In please make it a point to go out and support them this summer. We are rapidly losing this wonderful entertainment venue. For further information on Drive-Ins click here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's Coming: The Cornfest 5 and 10K

I am pleased to announce that the 1st Annual Cornfest Run will be held August 9th 2008. The corn rows have been selected and the course is really taking shape.

Participation details coming soon on All About The Corn.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Gone to Passamaquoddy

Come join me at Passamaquoddy. It's easy just click on Elliot and "poof" your there.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Caption This #7

Well yesterday our dog Jake had surgery to remove a growth that developed on his right wrist. (I guess you would call it his wrist) Anyway, it was about the size of a medium gumball. His overall health has been fine, but he has been biting at his leg for some time. The vet found a puncture in his skin and some type of foriegn body. Hopefully this just means that this is only an infection. Of course the vet insisted on testing the tissue. Just "in case" it could be something else. Post surgery he has serveral days of meds and we need to change his bandage each day. Stitches come out in 12 days. His behavior is normal until we put on his e-collar. When we do he pants like mad and will not leave my side.

From Me: "Capt. Jake Sparrow displays his red badge of courage."

From Joggerblogger: “I tell ya dude the ruffled collar is this seasons must have!”

From Rae: “Get good reception??”

From Chris: “Hey Jake, you get the NFL network on that thing?”

From sambycat: "houston, we have a problem"

From My Daughter: “awwww my poor jake!!!! his bandage is purple now haha lol”

From Matt: “Jake- the "Cone" heads dog”

From Eric: “Look Ma! NO NECK!”

From Eric: “Yeah, but the chicks dig it!”

From Doc Terminus: His strength hasn't subsided but his frisbee catching aim leaves something to be desired...

From Craig: Does this make my tongue look big?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bicentennial Memories and My First Disney World Visit.

Hi and thanks for stopping by. Glenn sure puts out a great spead doesn't he?

In 1975 you could feel patriotism beginning to grow as our nation’s bicentennial approached. Everywhere you looked the colors Red, White, and Blue where on full display. I lived very close to our school. I do not recall exactly how this happened but I became responsible for raising the flag every morning before school. I would go to the office every morning to pick up the flag. In class my teacher began each day with the pledge of allegiance. With the 200th celebration of our independence approaching we had many history lessons and one very special trip in September when the Freedom Train came to Des Moines.

The US Mint got into the spirit of things with special coinage. I still have all my coins.

When July of ’76 finally came around, people where feeling pretty darn patriotic. My hometown of Johnston invited all the kids in town to decorate their bicycles and ride in the 4th of July parade.

Two years earlier we had been in Florida and did not visit Disney World. We spent most of our time in Daytona. I do recall visiting “The Mystery Funhouse” in Orlando. Not sure if that is still around. But 1976 was finally the year we went to Walt Disney World. 24 plus hours sitting in the back seat of a 74 Dodge Charger did not dull the anticipation of getting there.

The theme for 1975-1976 was America On Parade, and the Magic Kingdom was in full Patriotic d├ęcor. Right down to the floral Mickey in Red, White, and Blue outside Main Street Station. That's me with my sister on the left. Yes I'm wearng a Mickey shirt.

Being able to see with my own eyes a park that I had only seen on television was amazing. There were so many things to do. Some of which you no longer can do. We did two days at the park, on the second day my family got to ride in the front cab of monorail yellow. The view approaching Magic Kingdom was amazing. It was like flying. I recall thinking that someday we would have monorails running across our country. The monorail remains one of my favorite things about the park. It represents something I can not quite put into words. There is just a certain sense you get when you travel on it. Perhaps once again it comes down to the anticipation.

I met Mickey on Main Street. Not sure why I do not have a picture of that. I also met Tigger and Chip & Dale. Me in the white cap. Eating a Mickey bar.

My favorite memory is of ridng the Nautilus. 20,000 Leagues is my favorite live action Disney film.

There was still quite a bit of themeing that needed to be added. Look closely at the sky glider station on the right hand side. No theme at all.

On our last day we visited Treasure Island. (as it was called then) It was really just a bird santuary, but it was fun to explore.

Here my sister and I are on board the wreck of the Hispanionla

For those of you interested, here are the prices as listed on the Disney 75-76 attraction booklet.

Fernando's Hideaway - Sam The Eagle

Saludos my dah-lings and welcome back to the Hideaway! It’s so good to have you here. Come on in, let’s mingle.

I must tell you up front, and I am embarrassed to say it. Glenn is not with us again this week. It seems that he is rather busy disposing of a truckload of frozen cat treats that were accidently delivered for
Passamaquoddy’s 4th of July celebration and cookout.

Although Glenn could not be with us, he did ask a member of the town’s celebration committee to stop by. And let me tell you dah-lings, you are in for a treat. I can not imagine a better choice to assist with a patriotic celebration.

Please welcome Sam the Eagle. Sam come on out,

May I say to you, your plumage looks mahvelous.

Greetings Mr. Lamas, and yes you may.
Yours looks err……you look good too.

Sam please call me Nando and please tell us how it is that you came to be involved with Passamaquoddy’s 4th of July celebration?

Well Mr. Nando I received a call from my agent stating that Glenn, pardon my familiarity, I mean Mr. Whelan, was interested in learning more about the patriotic finale I had originally planned for Muppet Vision 3D. As you may recall the frog only allowed me a minute and a half.

So you are saying that this Friday’s celebration will be…

A glorious three-hour finale! It's called "A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America".

Tell me dah-ling, are you at liberty to share more about it?

Is that, suppose to be some kind of joke? Liberty is a serious thing. Our country was founded on liberation from an oppressive government. We never joke about Liberty.

No joke intended. I was only asking if you would like to tell us more about the finale.

Oh, well, that’s entirely different. It would give me great pleasure to discuss all of the details with you. As I said the finale is three hours long. It will take about five hours to do the read through. First we…

Sam please, we do not want to spoil the celebration for everyone. Just some highlights would be great.

Mr. Nando you are correct. The program starts at dusk as our nations flag is lowered to half staff in honor of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. There will be silence as Taps is played from the Lighthouse balcony.

Next there will be a dramatic reading of our national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”. We had planned on Mr. Charlton Heston, sadly he is no longer with us. In his place we have invited Mr. Morgan Freeman.

An excellent choice. I loved his narration on Shawshank.

As did I.
During the read through last night, I actually wept when he read “On the shore, dimly seen”

That is touching. Let me guess at what is next. An appearance by Lee Greenwood?

Unfortunately no, a poll indicated that the use of Mr. Greenwood’s song has been overdone. However, as a Proud American, I respectfully disagree with that poll.
Instead Miss Martina McBride will be singing Independence Day.

Sam, you do know that song is not about the fourth of July.

I am shocked! You are kidding me…

I am a kidder, but not today, here are the lyrics.

Well that is not patriotic! Excuse me while I make a call. I'll put it on speaker.

Hello Scooter, This is Sam. McBride is out. Get me "The Voices of Liberty."

Sorry to tell you this Sam but they are not available. Seems there was an incident involving a salad with salmonela tomatoes. But don't worry Mayor Glenn is a step ahead of us. He has already found and announced a replacement to appear in the band shell.

Dare I ask who.

Jonathan Dichter "The Voice Of Liberty"

Jonathan Dichter. "The Voice Of Liberty" I like the sound of that. Tell Mayor Glenn nice work.

So Sam how will the night end?

Mr. Nando this is the best part. During our fireworks extravaganza, I personally will be conducting the Passamaquoddy town band to the patriotic music of John Philip Sousa. Regrettably this will be the only performance, as the band will resume playing “Fishes” on the fifth.

Well Sam this sounds mahvelous. And if all goes well, perhaps you will return next year. What are your plans following the fourth?

Actually I will be staying in town to assist my long time friend Lew Zealand, who along with his singing fish will be opening Mullet Vison 3D.

His flying swordfish act is amazing. I will be producing “A Salute to all Fishermen, but mostly American Fishermen.”

Well Sam thank you for stopping by the Hideaway. May your show be a great success.

Mr. Nando it has been my pleasure.

Till next time my friends. Adios from the Hideaway…