Sunday, March 30, 2008

Donald's Better Self

Well, as you can see by the date on this post I did choose to wait for Sunday to do my long run. We returned home from the reception about 11:00pm and I did not feel like running the trails and sidewalks until 1:00am. (Though I have done that) The reception was very nice. It was held at the Iowa Historical Center. The museum was open to all the guests throughout the night. Fabulous food, catered in by a popular Italian restaurant named Barattas.

Today’s run was somewhat of a mental struggle. As I set out today, contrasting thoughts kept popping in and out my head. I pictured Donald Duck in “Donald’s Better Self” (One on my favorite DD cartoons) It really fit my thought process well. If you have not seen it, you have most likely seen the concept used elsewhere. The saintly version of ones self resting on one shoulder cheering you on and offering support. While on the other shoulder rests a version representing self doubt and temptation. In Donald’s case it was about getting out of bed and heading to school. For me it was about keeping my legs in motion.

Here is how it went.

.50 “Nice warm up, ready to jog?”
.75 “Watch your pace. You’re training for a marathon not a sprint.”
1.9 “Calves are starting to burn huh? You should really slow down. Walk awhile.
2.3 “Are you serious? Go ahead walk a little. No big deal.”
4.0 “Aren’t you glad you pushed through that? You’re loosening up. This will be a good run.”
5.2 “Ha! You thought your Garmin was going to read mile six, discouraging isn’t it?”
6.0 “Glad you did not listen to him, he’s full of hot air. You’re doing swell.”
7.0 “Nirvana, You feel great. Breathing, legs, pace, all good.”
7.8 “There’s a hill coming.” “That’s not a hill it’s a mountain, your legs are gonna burn.” “Oh pipe down, it’s just a hill and we’ve been here before.”
8.5 “Hey Slim Whitman, What’s he doing on your Ipod? Pardon me while I sing along. una paloma Blanca, I’m just a bird in the sky “Oh brother!” "Oh have some fun will you?” “Oh alright, but just during this song “una paloma Blanca
9.2 “Songs over, your legs hurt.” “That’s a lie they do not! Keep moving forward!”
9.8 “Walls coming. Remember 06? Hahaha.”
10.2 “Walls come down.” “Spoil sport.”
11.0 “One more mile and you can walk out the rest.” “You should quit now.”
11.5 “I told you your legs hurt. Just try to keep going.”
12.0 “You did it! Now walk it off.”
12.6 “Hey your home. Way to go!”

Well that pretty much sums up today’s experience, except for updating the running to Disney maps. But first a couple mentions. You guys should be aware that Craig and Kristin crossed state lines this past week. Congrats go out to them. Keep up the good work over there and stay healthy. And Deb is within weeks of receiving her Darkwing medal. How cool is that?

I reached 108.88 miles this month. The last time I broke 100 was in November. I too crossed over to another state. I am currently just outside Hannibal Missouri, near the town of Palmyra. I thought it might be fun to learn about towns along the way. Here is link about Palmyra.

I am hoping to make it to St. Louis by the end of April. Roughly 130 miles.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doing ok so far...

Short post tonight. I made it up to SNAP and did the weights.
Let me tell you, tonight, I felt it. But I stuck with it and had a nice workout.

I forgot that we have a wedding reception to go to after work tomorrow.
I may need to push Saturdays jog back a day. Well see.

Train safe everyone...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crash Bang

Last week one of our towers had to be dropped because it posed a falling hazard.
Here is a brief video of its collapse. Its one of those things you don't see everyday. So I thought I would share it with you guys. This tower was 500' I never climbed over 100' myself. I was very rare that I ever climbed, but thankfully I no longer have to do so.

Well I think Joggerblogger repaired the snow level over in the UK and set it on TUNDRA. Lots of sleet and snow here today.

A work issue almost kept me from getting out of the house. Luckily the issue required some remote vendor maintenance so I slipped out the door and headed to SNAP and managed a decent 5.32 Miles in an hour. Still I would have preferred being outdoors. It just was not a safe idea tonight.

Arms and legs feel fine after yesterdays workout. Slightly stiff when raising my arms.

catch y'all tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello Everybody...

Well I survived my first weight only workout at SNAP tonight. I spent an hour using the various machines. And yes, I even worked my legs. So tonight was ab crunches, back extentions, arm curls, arm extentions, leg curls, leg extentions, calf lifts, chest presses, overhead presses, rowing, and lat pull downs.

My arms felt funny when I lifted them to wash my hair afterward. But other than that odd feeling, I feel good. I know that tomorrow I will most likely feel the after effects of tonight, but I'm ready for it. This is something I would not mind continuing. Perhaps this could be the thing that gets me past the plateau that I am still on. Grrrrrr.

Well not much else to say for now. Tomorrow back out for a jog. Catch y'all later.

Oh and before I forget, if you have not yet stopped by and welcomed Basil, please stop by his blog and say hello.

Remember were all in this thing together.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time to...


Judging by earlier comments my picture caused a little confusion. Sorry but it's not time to drink. Though that comment did cause me to chuckle a bit. (Who says chuckle? not sure where that came from)

The transition from the treadmill back to the pavement has been a bit discouraging. But after a couple weeks of trying to connect those darn dots, I finally took the time to reflect back on what used to work for me and compare it to where I am today.

Here are just a couple things that I have let slip. My water intake has been low. My WW points are ok, but I could certainly make better choices. It's not just about the points it's about proper nutrition too.

With Dam to Dam only two months away I need to stick to a plan that will get me there and help me to avoid that wall at mile 10 that I wrote about last month. So with knowing that getting back on the road is affecting my legs right now, I feel that I should be alternating some exercise. This would give my legs some recovery time every other day.

Here is what I am thinking.
Mon. SNAP Upper body and ab workout
Tues. Med distance Jog
Wed. SNAP Upper body and ab workout
Thurs. Med distance Jog
Fri. SNAP Upper body and ab workout
Sat. Long Distance Jog
Sun. Recovery Day

What do you think? Does this make sense, at least through the Dam race. Should I be doing something like this anyway?

I did manage to connect some dots and have a nice run tonight.
0.5W, 6R, 0.8W

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yes, You Can!!!

I first learned of Dick and Rick Hoyt about six years ago at a PK conference.
Today I felt like sharing their story with you, Team Voice.
I believe you will find it both moving and inspiring.

Team Hoyt - Their Story

Team Hoyt - Ironman Footage set to My Redeemer Lives.

This father and son Team have competed in 958 events

Racing History 1979 - January 31, 2008

224 Triathlons, 6 Ironman distances, 5 Half Ironman
20 Duathlons
65 Marathons, 25 Boston Marathons
8 18.6 Milers
81 Half Marathons
1 20K
35 10 Milers
29 Falmouth 7.1 milers, 1 Falmouth in the Fall Event
8 15K
208 10K
147 5 Milers
4 8K
17 4 Milers
101 5K
7 20 Milers
2 11K
1 7K

Personal Bests

2:40:47 Marathon
56:21 15K
1:21:12 Half Marathon
40:27 7.1 Miler
13:43:37 Ironman Triathlon
35:48 10K
2:01:54 18.6 miler
27:17 5 miler
59:01 10 miler
17:40 5K
2:10:45 20 miler

Biked and ran across the USA in 1992-3,735 miles in 45 consecutive days
Biked the states of Connecticut,Rhode Island, Massachussets,with "Axa World Ride '95"
Biked from Pittsburgh,PA to Washington DC with "Axa World Ride 95 "

If you would like to learn more about this amazing father and son visit their web site at

Happy Easter Everyone.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Just did a nice evening walk tonight. Nothing much else going on.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Love For Randy...

So, if I were to put yesterdays responses to B.O.F. in the review style of AATC many of you wouldn’t give half a ‘kernel’ or even an ‘old maid’ to it. I agree, overall it is a dumb and stupid movie. BTW I didn’t pay to see it.

So, other than the Bill and Ted discussion from AATM several episodes ago, what other films have YOU heard Disney quotes and statements in?

I’m thinking of one starring Nicholas Cage.(Not National Treasure) Can you guess it?

*note to self, keep the kernel rating system on AATC but consider the ‘old maid’ reference for reviews of bad films. The more ‘old maids,’ the worse the film.

An 'old maid' for any of you that don't know, is any unpopped kernel of popping corn. But hey I assume you all know that. Anyone use a different name for it?



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Disney References Are A Running Gag

Balls of Fury is a film that parodies Enter the Dragon with the world of Ping Pong

The main character of the film is Randy Daytona a child Table Tennis phenom who is expected to make it to the Olympics and take the gold.

As Randy enters the semi final tournament a queue card guy shows him a card to read after he wins. It says “I'm going to Disneyland” this is the first of many Disney references to come during the course of the film. In fact the movie goes out of its way to poke fun at the famous Disney slogan.

During play Randy goes back to hit a ball that is hit high over his head and he trips over a mat causing him to loss the match. Semi conscious and confused he looks into the camera and says “I'm going to Disneyland” His statement is televised and played on the arenas big screens.

The scene that follows shows Randy’s picture on the cover of USA today while an announcer says “He'll never live down that Disneyland line.”

Randy is recruited by the FBI to help take down “Feng” a man who is suspected of many crimes including the murder of Randy’s father. Feng hosts an annual private invitation only ping pong tournament. Randy needs to get back in shape and attract the attention of Feng’s henchmen to garner an invitation.

Randy starts off by entering a small match held at a high school. On the gymnasium wall hangs a banner which reads "Just Keep Swimming".

An FBI agent introduces Randy to Master Wong. Master Wong and his niece will be training Randy at Wongs Happy Mu Shu Palace.
Upon entering Wong asks Randy "How was Disneyland? Did you meet Dumbo?"

Randy does manage to get invited to Feng’s island to compete. Just before beginning the first match of Feng tournament a female soldier asked Randy. How was Disneyland?

During the final match Randy hallucinates and believes he is seeing the queue card guy holding up the “I'm going to Disneyland” sign.

There is a scene toward the end of the film where Randy releases some slaves held on the island. The padlock on the slave quarters appears to be a hidden Mickey.

At the end of the film Master Wong falls down an elevator shaft. When Asked if he’s alright his reply is “I am going to Disneyland”

Master Wong, who truly is not very encouraging offers these statemants to Randy.

Ping Pong is not the Macarena

You must believe in yourself when no one else does. Like right now for instance.

Kwai Lo Remember, You Suck when you are nervous.

Sex Slave Ray (played by the guy from The Drew Carey Show who played Oswald) has this line.

If I had known I’d have ended up a sex slave, I never would have gone to that audition in Orlando. Thought I was going to be doing cruise ship shows. Next thing I know, boom, sex slave.

This is not a particularly great film, but it does have some funny moments. And hey it has Christopher Walken in it. That, in and of itself, makes the film worth a look in my book.

Currently the film is available on PPV, Paid VOD, and DVD. It will most likely be on either Starz or HBO VOD soon.

What another post and no training comments?
No, I did get out and walk tonight. In the rain even. It was one of those nights when I didn't feel like going out but I managed somehow to get out the door. Glad I did, today was stressful at work and the late evening walk was just what I needed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Managed to connect some more dots tonight and reach my weekly milage goal.

0.5 W, 1.5 R, 0.5 W, 1.5 R, 0.5 W, 1.5 R, 0.5 W, 3 R, 0.5 W
Hope you're all doing well. Let's all be sure to wish Rae Happy Birthday Tomorrow.

Friday, March 14, 2008

For Jonathan, Fernado (Billy Crystal) Video

Has anyone heard from Byron?

It's been over a month since Byron has posted on his blog. I sent him an email about a week ago and have not received a reply. Have any of you heard from him?

Byron, if you happen to stop by and read this, please give us an update on how you are doing. I'm certain I speak for all of us when I say we miss your weekly posts. I do hope you are doing well.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take A Bite Out Of You Milage

Bigger bites of the jogging apple today as I try to take on a more structured approach.

1w, 1R, 0.5w, 1R, 0.5w, 1R, 0.5w, 1R, 0.5w, 1R, 0.5w

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Connect The Dots

Well it seems that March is a month that is bringing some new challenges for a number of us. But have no fear fellow Team Voice members we will all find our Groove and get it on!

Having been under the weather myself, for the past few days has really bothered me. Today I finally felt well enough to venture outdoors. This morning’s temps were in the low 40s. A couple issues became clear for me. Following my walking warm up, I began jogging and about a mile out I had to slow back down to a walk. The reason was because I was running at a pace that is comfortable on the treadmill but not yet one I’m ready to maintain over long road distances. From then on it was a WOG with the jogging portions mostly being a half mile at a time. I am sure a lot of it has to do with having been ill. But man even knowing that can still be a bummer unless you place it into proper perspective, which I managed to do.

As I pondered today’s performance I found myself thinking about connect the dot pictures, and how over the next several months our different goals could be part of completing our own big picture.

My immediate goal will be to warm up between dot A and B and then prolonging a jog through the rest of the ABC’s or a least one tenth of a mile past the letter M.

So what are you guys working on connecting?

I see a couple comments have been posted before I put up the text of this post. So let me respond.

Craig, a WOG is when you alternate walking and jogging. It can be intentional or in my case today it was because I could not maintain a jogging pace. But I kept going to get those miles in. Many runners will do interval training to improve stamina which is something my doctor recommends. Typically that would be alternating pace while maintaining a jog.

Deb, I agree Mickey Ears would have suited him nicely. Here's one I made just for you.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Registered For The DAM Race

Greetings Team Voice! I am still under the weather today and did go to the doctor. Influenza is what he said. Activity as I see fit. Today no miles again. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better. Temps over the next couple days are expected to hit the mid 50's. If so, I will make the effort to get out there.

I went online tonight and found the registration for the DAM to DAM 20K open. So I stayed true to my commitment and signed up. My goal this year is to avoid that wall at mile ten. I feel good about that. Mostly because now that I have done the race once, I am familiar with the course and can train better for it. Here is the course map and elevation chart. The race is May 31st. Cost was $30. Anyone else want to come join me?
And yes, it was me that did the giraffe intro for AATM this past week. I could not resist.
Poor Geoffrey now he has a whole new set of friends to play with.


Sunday, March 9, 2008


This Guy Sucks
He makes breathing feel like this.

No walking and certainly no jogging today as my congestion has only gotten worse. My wife picked me up some Mucinex to try, and it seems to be helping. I really hate being sick and what makes it worse is that I get upset when I consider that now I have to make up the miles I missed today. One day missed is not particularly bad, because I can always opt to make it up on Friday instead of resting. But still it bothers me to be faced with that. Once I set goals such as the miles I want to achieve each week, it drives me nuts to fall behind. Which is the only reason I went out last night in the first place. I might have been better off last night just going to bed, which is were I should be right now, if I could only sleep. Oh well, I should count my blessings, as I have not been sick all winter. Guess it was just my turn. Tomorrow begins my 1pm to 10pm week at work so at least I can sleep in if needed.
Well I guess I had better make another attempt at sleep. g'night...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away

Greetings from the Tundra. Our pal Donald here seems to be digging the snow. I just can't be that enthusiastic. The sooner the trails are clear the better. Tonight to reach my weeks ending goal I needed to put in 10 miles. Which I did, it was mostly walking with some jogging.

Temps here are in the mid twenties tonight and I am fighting a chest cold. I decided to get the milage in outdoors because I felt the humidity in the gym would just zap me. The cold air was a drag and the congestion made deep breathing somewhat bothersome. Still somehow I managed to maintain an average pace under 14.

Otherwise, everything else has been going well except my brain went on auto pilot last night and again this afternoon. This has not happened for awhile but let me tell you, this was a doozie. I can sum up my nemesis in three words. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Two boxes of Caramel Delights 45 points. eeeeekkkkkkkk. It was almost as if the sooner I finished them, the sooner I would not be tempted. Stupid huh? Oh well at least that binge is over. Now I just half to face the scale later this week.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blood On The Tundra and Lou Mongello

During Mousefest this past December I picked up a copy of Lou Mongello's Audio Guide To Mainstreet U.S.A. About a week after arriving home I began to listen to the cd in my car. About 5 minutes into it I realised that I was doing a great injustice to the hard work Lou put into this project. It needed to be listened to when I could give it my full attention. So I did what any responsible Disney fan would do. I shelved it.

I told myself at the time that I would get back to it when I had time to just relax and enjoy it fully. Well today was finally the day. Today was blood donor day for me and I remembered our friend Lou up there on the shelf and brought him along. (Understand I listen to WDW Radio everyweek so Lou is always on my Ipod.)

This was my third time donating blood. I give what is called double reds. What happens is they take 2 pints of your red blood cells, seperate your plasma out and give that back to you. It's kind of a funny feeling when you plasma comes back. It gives me a slight chill and causes my lips to tingle.
Today time just breezed by while listening to Lou explain all the many details and stories behind Mainstreet U.S.A. I only knew a small portion of what he shared. As I listened I couldn't help but think that what Lou had done here (in the true Disney spirit) was "plus" an earlier abum concept that Walt did many years ago. Walt's album was mostly musical in nature with brief decriptions of each land located in Disneyland.

Be sure to stop by and order a copy of Lou's CD today.

Lou I tip my ears to you and say job well done. I look forward to your next production.

On the training front. Nothing yesterday. Tonight was a very casual walk as the blood center told me not to be over exertive today. I still wanted miles so I ventured outside and took it easy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Puppies Are Here.

Newell to you all,

Well today marks the DVD release of Disney's original classic version of 101 Dalmations. I have always liked this movie. In fact my wife and I liked it so much we actually bought a Dalmation puppy many years ago. Here's a picture of me and Bogie from 1989.

Bogie was with us for 11 years. He was a hyper fella up until about 9 years. The only thing that ever slowed him down was when he developed trouble in his hips. I hereditary problem that I guess many large pure bred dogs have. He was a very good dog. We could never keep him off the couch or the bed, kind of like Jake only heavier and not quite as needy.

Oh, and for those of you who prefer cats. (Lisa) Here's a pic for you.

Thursday our Junior High is hosting a Friends of Fine Arts show. The theme is Disney. I can't wait.

The weather here over the past couple days has been nice. Of course by the time I can enjoy it, it's evening and things have cooled back down. So more Zorro. Miles posted at right.

And did you guys notice my cousin posted a comment on Saturdays blog. How cool is that? I have other family members that read the blog from time to time, but Shelley is the first to post a comment here. Yeah! Thanks Shelley.

Oh and before I close tonight the comments left regarding Scopa's age do not reflect my opinion of the man. I'm sure Matt was just having some fun. Much like we all give Lou a hard time about his stature or rather the lack there of. Just kidding.

Till next time, Scopa! And remember there is always room for Mongello.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mind That Lane Change Buddy...

Annette: What special day is it today Jimmy?
Jimmy: Well Annette it’s express your feelings day.
Cubby: I don’t wanna do that.
Jimmy: C’mon Cubby your sure to feel real swell afterward. In fact, here’s a song to get us started…

Thankfully Uncle Walt never had “express your feelings day” but I’m not your Uncle Walt and this ain’t the Mickey Mouse Club. I do like to rant from time to time and today is one of those days. It’s not an angry rant, more like one of life’s little observations.

So this morning, I was faced with a situation far too common in recent months out here on the Tundra, Stupid drivers.

Now I know that there are those of you out there, who have or will run into what I see on I-80 every time we have icy roads. So it is to you, the intelligent drivers out there that I pose the following scenario and question.

You’re traveling on the interstate, snow is falling limiting your vision a little bit and the road conditions are mostly ice covered. You are managing to drive at a reasonable speed of 40-45 MPH. Then one of two things happen or perhaps both. You are passed by Mr. Invincible in his 4 wheel drive. He must be invincible because he just flies right past you as if you were standing still. Or you suddenly come up behind some Yahoo being overly cautious. He’s the one driving with white knuckles at an amazing 10-20 MPH maybe even less. He can be spotted in any of three lanes. Today surprisingly he is in the proper lane.

So who is more dangerous? My initial thoughts turn to the Yahoo. It seems like when I encounter this type of driver I am faced with traffic in the adjacent lane preventing me from moving over thus causing me to slow down. This of course brings on the fear of being rear ended or perhaps worse, having other drivers think that I am the Yahoo.

But while I’m pondering the Yahoo I look further down the road and I notice Mr. Invincible has introduced himself to the concrete barrier, all three traffic lanes, the right hand shoulder and finally the hill just beyond. He is standing next to his truck (which amazing did not flip) shaking his head as if to say ‘what happened.’

Thankfully no one is hurt. And thankfully this happened at 4:30am when very little traffic is out. Had this been a few hours later. Mr. Invincible certainly could have caused a far worse situation.

As I reach the lights at the end of my exit I see the Yahoo driving across the overpass. Well at least he is still moving.

So ends todays observation. This morning I was up at 4 and put the tundra calorie burner to work. Tonight I put it to use again and did the sidewalks and the driveway expansion. Following that, life has been very busy tonight. As I type it is 10:30 and if I wasn't dragging from staying up late last night I would be going downstairs and visiting TM theater. But I am going to listen to my body and give it some needed rest.

Catch y'all tomorrow...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Running To Disney Update

Before the update I would like to thank those of you who left comments yesterday. I appreciate it. And let me give a special thank you to Lisa of "Those Darn Cats" from Mouse Guest weekly for stopping by. I have added a link to her blog in the Blog file. Lisa I did not know you had a blog. Silly me. I mean what self respecting Disney fan doesn't have a blog right? haha. Be sure you stop by and check it out. What I have read over there so far has been quite funny and entertaining. Nicely done Lisa.

With February over, it’s time to update my run to Disney. The start date I choose is Jan 13th which was the Sunday following this years half marathon. This way week 52 ends with the ’09 run.

With week 7 over here is where I’m at. I plan on updateing these numbers either every two weeks or at months end. Not sure which yet.

Miles to WDW. 1374
Miles ran to date. 135.29
Miles remaining 1238.7

My weekly goal is 26.5 miles.
I just committed to this idea recently and therefore the first 6 weeks mileage falls a bit short.

Last week I was able to go above my weekly and reach 31.25 miles.
This reduced a mileage deficit of 54.95 miles down to 50.20. I am sure that as the Tundra thaws I can chip away at that, a mile or two at a time.

Tonight I once again walked through the valleys of California with 3 episodes of Zorro. Mileage posted to the right.

Tomorrow begins my crummy early start week. Three days 5am to 2pm. By Wednesday I will dragging. Plus after a beautiful afternoon with temps in the mid 40s we now have 2 inches of freshly fallen snow for me to address with the Tundra calorie burner before I leave in 4 1/2 hours. Well I guess that means I should get some sleep. But I need to finish my homemade Lapu Lapu first. Not sure why I mixed one tonight. It sounded good at the time. Please don't anyone add the calories up on it for me. I don't want to know.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Take Me Back To The Day When...

Take Me Back To The Day When...
I could sit on the dock at my Grandparents cabin and catch perch by day and bullheads at night.
Where I could spend hours out on the Lake with family.

Take Me Back To The Day When...

Visiting Grandma's ment a cold "Frostie" root beer was yours just for using you manners and asking.

Take Me Back To The Day When...
Grandpa introduced me to "Happy Joe's" special pizza. (Canadian bacon and sauerkraut) Seriously it's good.

Take Me Back To The Day When...

The entire family gathered together on Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's. A time before we all began our own families and new traditions began to replace the old.

Well today has been about reminiscing about my Grandmother who passed away last Tuesday. She was 82 years old. My Grandfather passed away 17 years earlier. This is on my fathers side. Grandma was a very headstrong woman who strongly believed in doing things a specific way and always expected everyone in the family to be respectful. For example, as a child I would often refer to my uncle as Dave. If I ever did that in front of her she was quick to correct me and tell me to address him as Uncle Dave. I was a kid and certainly did not mean any disrespect but she stood firm on certain formalities. When I was young this really used to bug me. But as I get older and look back I realize that she is part of the reason I do make the effort to speak kindly to people and to open doors for people.

As a teenager I had the opportunity one year to travel with my Grandparents to their cabin in Minnesota. I had been several times before but this year it was just me and them. I got to wear Grandpa's fishing hat, take the boats out by myself, and I got to spend time seeing my Grandmother enjoy herself. She clearly loved getting away from Des Moines and just relaxing. The year I was up there with them, a girl who was staying at a nearby resort would come down and sit on the dock and fish with me. My Grandma got a real kick out of that and teased me about my new "girlfriend."

Today at the funeral I was reunited with cousins that I have not seen in years. It's kind of sad to think about how long people can go without seeing each other, without truthfully realizing how long its been. It may be a Cliché that is to often heard at a funeral to say "it's to bad it took something like this to bring us together" but it's true. Take for example my cousin Shelley. She only lives 40 mins away from me and yet we have not stayed in touch. And I wish we had. And now thankfully it looks like we will make that effort. And Shelley if you are reading this I mean that. I have always felt that among all our cousins that we could relate to each other very well. And know this Shelley, even though many years have slipped by, I love you kiddo.

Shelley, my cousin Rod, and I were all born within weeks of each other. We were the first of my Grandparents grandchildren. We were born in the order you see us in that wagon picture. Rod, Shelley, and me in the back.

Ok now for a quick Training note.

I managed to get a run in outside tonight. 6.7 Miles 70min. At mile three I ran through an ice water puddle that was ankle deep. It was a drag, but my foot warmed back up quickly and I kept going. By mile four I was lossened up and feeling good. I decided to end the run at or just past our pal Dewey because it was getting hard to spot the black ice on the road. Yes I said road. I quickly found the sidewalks far to dangerous and kept to the streets. Yes the Ipod was low and I was cautious.

Tomorrow I will update my run to Disney data through the end of February. I have not yet decided how often to update the map.

Catch you all next time...