Sunday, March 9, 2008


This Guy Sucks
He makes breathing feel like this.

No walking and certainly no jogging today as my congestion has only gotten worse. My wife picked me up some Mucinex to try, and it seems to be helping. I really hate being sick and what makes it worse is that I get upset when I consider that now I have to make up the miles I missed today. One day missed is not particularly bad, because I can always opt to make it up on Friday instead of resting. But still it bothers me to be faced with that. Once I set goals such as the miles I want to achieve each week, it drives me nuts to fall behind. Which is the only reason I went out last night in the first place. I might have been better off last night just going to bed, which is were I should be right now, if I could only sleep. Oh well, I should count my blessings, as I have not been sick all winter. Guess it was just my turn. Tomorrow begins my 1pm to 10pm week at work so at least I can sleep in if needed.
Well I guess I had better make another attempt at sleep. g'night...


Rae! said...

I do how you feel better.I hope you start to warm up too. I will cross my fingers for you.Don't worry so about the miles. You need to be well first then worry about them later. :)

MikeF. said...

Get Better Jeff. Was that your intro on the latest AATM. If it was good stuff. Get some rest.