Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Love For Randy...

So, if I were to put yesterdays responses to B.O.F. in the review style of AATC many of you wouldn’t give half a ‘kernel’ or even an ‘old maid’ to it. I agree, overall it is a dumb and stupid movie. BTW I didn’t pay to see it.

So, other than the Bill and Ted discussion from AATM several episodes ago, what other films have YOU heard Disney quotes and statements in?

I’m thinking of one starring Nicholas Cage.(Not National Treasure) Can you guess it?

*note to self, keep the kernel rating system on AATC but consider the ‘old maid’ reference for reviews of bad films. The more ‘old maids,’ the worse the film.

An 'old maid' for any of you that don't know, is any unpopped kernel of popping corn. But hey I assume you all know that. Anyone use a different name for it?




Rae! said...

Old Maid is good. :)

Joggerblogger said...

Hi from the UK :-) nice work on the work outs