Friday, May 28, 2010


It's no secret to followers of this blog that over the past few months I have been MIA to the world of fitness. We have had a lot going on here. We moved to a new house in April, Connor graduated, and work... well I'm not going to rant about that.

Bottom line is that "I have allowed" all of the above to stress me out and I have not dealt well with it. Everything has felt like a hurtle, something that must be overcome before I could work on me. To me it seems that the hurtles just keep coming, but...

Last Sunday I did take time for a nice WOG around the new neighborhood. 3.2 miles in 43 minutes. Not too bad when you consider its been three months. Monday my legs were sore but my feet felt good. Wednesday Kaylin joined me for another WOG, and this time with a little modification we ended up at the house right at 3.1 miles in 42 minutes.

We are planning to jog again on Saturday. My current goal is simply to focus on that 5K distance and to rebuild a consistent running base within that.

Next weekend (June 5th) is DAM to DAM. If I would have begun training earlier I might have done the DAM 5K but since I have waited so long to register, that short run would cost me $45. The next week (June 12th) our home town is having a local 5k which Kaylin and I will be running in. My daily commute takes me past a couple sections of the DAM race and honestly it gnaws on me that I have been such a couch potato. I will be out to watch the race for some inspiration and to cheer on Justin and Krystal.

Our friends Deb and Stacy are coming over for dinner tonight. Stacy is going to help us with some landscaping ideas and I'm sure at some point the conversation will turn to Disney's Marathon Weekend. Deb will be running with me next year and we need to decide on either the half or full. Currently she is planning to do Octobers Des Moines full. She and our friend Marilyn have fast walked it together twice now.

I may have missed the mark for this years DAM to DAM, but I think setting a goal for this years Des Moines event is a good call.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Asparagas Country?

I’m in Springfield Missouri. Why? Well because my supervisor has required that I attend a 1 hour networking meeting with a vendor that is coming into town. Never mind that I know nothing about networking or the fact that it’s a six and a half hour drive away from home. I simply should not be here. I tried to get out of it but got the sense that I shouldn’t push the issue so I backed off. We do have a networking guy on our team, I’m still trying to figure out why he is in Des Moines and I’m here.

Top 10 things on my mind at 4:00am. (In no particular order)

1. Last nights dining. Table for 1. (Besides being lonely, it just felt wrong, but hey work pays for meals so might as well go to a restaurant)

2. Monday evening TV programming is awful. I took a pass on “Dancing with the Stars” and ended up watching “You Don’t Know Jack” on HBO. An original film starring Al Pacino as Jack Kevorkian.

3. Who the @*%$ woke me up with a text at 12:30am?

4. TV programming at 4:30am. Infomercials, Weather, Religion, and Home Shopping on every channel. (and I work for cable)

5. Wondering if I’d get in trouble for fertilizing my crops in Farmville via my company issued laptop. (Better Not)

6. I am unable to sleep because I’m wondering if Andy Sorenson has a Farmville site and how funny it would be to do an “All About the Corn” intro in which Mike and I discuss Andy’s Farm.

7. Should I be blogging from my company PC?

8. Do they really farm Asparagas in this state?.

9. Only 30 minutes until a wonderful Hampton Inn continental breakfast. (Breakfast update 6:30am. As one who does not travel often for work I found it funny that between myself and eight others having breakfast we each had on a company logo'd polo. All different colors and companies)

10. Happy 19th Emily. Wish I wasn’t here. Be home as soon as I can.