Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Asparagas Country?

I’m in Springfield Missouri. Why? Well because my supervisor has required that I attend a 1 hour networking meeting with a vendor that is coming into town. Never mind that I know nothing about networking or the fact that it’s a six and a half hour drive away from home. I simply should not be here. I tried to get out of it but got the sense that I shouldn’t push the issue so I backed off. We do have a networking guy on our team, I’m still trying to figure out why he is in Des Moines and I’m here.

Top 10 things on my mind at 4:00am. (In no particular order)

1. Last nights dining. Table for 1. (Besides being lonely, it just felt wrong, but hey work pays for meals so might as well go to a restaurant)

2. Monday evening TV programming is awful. I took a pass on “Dancing with the Stars” and ended up watching “You Don’t Know Jack” on HBO. An original film starring Al Pacino as Jack Kevorkian.

3. Who the @*%$ woke me up with a text at 12:30am?

4. TV programming at 4:30am. Infomercials, Weather, Religion, and Home Shopping on every channel. (and I work for cable)

5. Wondering if I’d get in trouble for fertilizing my crops in Farmville via my company issued laptop. (Better Not)

6. I am unable to sleep because I’m wondering if Andy Sorenson has a Farmville site and how funny it would be to do an “All About the Corn” intro in which Mike and I discuss Andy’s Farm.

7. Should I be blogging from my company PC?

8. Do they really farm Asparagas in this state?.

9. Only 30 minutes until a wonderful Hampton Inn continental breakfast. (Breakfast update 6:30am. As one who does not travel often for work I found it funny that between myself and eight others having breakfast we each had on a company logo'd polo. All different colors and companies)

10. Happy 19th Emily. Wish I wasn’t here. Be home as soon as I can.


Rae! said...

Not uncommon thoughts.=) Traveling.. have not alot of that.

Glad to hear from you and wish Emily a Happy Birthday!

Jeff W. said...

I wish we were only 19. Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary.

Amanda said...

Sounds like me when I travel for work. Sorry you had to travel for something that doesn't pertain to you - not cool!

Happy 19th to Emily.

Matt said...

All very amusing thoughts, and Andy should SO get a farmville just so y'all can do an AATC intro!