Monday, April 26, 2010

Toboggans are way faster than DSL eh.

This post is for my friend Wayne who lives out in Virgina Beach. Wayne was one of my best friends throughout high school. For a time we even worked at Stuart Anderson's Cattle company together. It was a fun place to work at even though we sometimes made fun of the place. We once changed the lyrics of Elton John's "I guess that's why we all get the blues" to "I guess that's why we all work at Stu's" It was all about the wait staff and being a bus boy. The company had this really blocky bull icon. Wayne named him Everett. I don't remember why.

For awhile Wayne's grandmother lived with them and he got to enjoy her cooking. Well... he may have enjoyed some of it, but there is one dish that she made that really stood out. Often referred to as doorstops "Pasties" were to Wayne what Lutefisk is to Jennifer. Click on the image below to enlarge and read a pasty recipe. Keep in mind that to be true to old world cooking shortening would be replaced by lard.

Wayne's family left the snowy tundra of Iowa for Virgina sometime around 1984 and we lost touch with each other. Happily after 24+ years the power of the internet has allowed us to get back in touch. I'll close this post with a clip I found of a reunion show featuring Bob and Doug MacKenzie. Wayne and I were huge fans of SCTV and often quoted Bob & Doug. Say here's to you hoser if you found my blog. It's good to be back in touch.


MikeF. said...

You know my mom used to have DSL and I must say it was pretty fast. But she was close to a "hub". Glad to hear this new fangled device called the internet has helped you reconnect with an old friend.

Amanda said...

I so remember that blocky logo at Stuart Anderson's - a restaurant I remember fondly from my childhood days of dinner with the family.

Glad to hear that you were able to reconnect. I recently reconnected with my best friend thanks to the internet as well. She found me through the ad I posted for the dog I found - random huh?

Love Bob and Doug - wow, haven't thought about them in a long time!

Wayne W said...

I was re-reading this and got to thinking about when we went and bought hats and shades. We showed up halloween night at Stu's as the "Low Ridin' Boogie Brothers". I think I still have the pic with us leaning on your car and Scott somebody, for some reason we called him Grape Ape.

Those were good times. Spend all weekend working on the car or the car stereo, whichever was more important that weekend.

sambycat said...

my cousin ricky, the cute one with the trans am, worked at a stuart andersons. there was never any mention of everett. i have a picture somewhere of my grandparents eating pasties in macinac. true story.