Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DAM Again

Dam to Dam Iowa's Distance Classic

Short and sweet post. This morning I have committed to another DAM race. This year marks DAM's 30th Anniversary. As of this posting the DAM 20K will be my first official local race of the year. I needed to set a goal and by registering this morning I have done just that. Now it's time to get busy!

Had a great weekend get away in Minnesota.(shh don't tell Andy) I will post a trip report soon. Thanks for the support guys. I'm glad your there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



What is the deal with me?
I really do not understand.

It seems that only yesterday,
I was committed to a plan.

A plan to turn my life around,
Too finally make a stand.

Better living through being fit,
Yeah I have done that bit.

For two long years now,
I had some nice successes.

But to be quite honest, today,
The mental stuff is rough.

I have days filled with apathy,
Which, I just don’t understand.

I have let things go for far too long,
I can feel it in and on my bones.

I’m right back were I started from.
And though it is hard to take,

I would much rather confess it here.
Than to go on being fake.

And yet, when my mind is busy making up excuses,
There remains one constant hope.

I do have friends out there,
Who will help me, stay afloat.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you achin', for some bacon?

It's official our membership cards arrived yesterday. Now, if I could only fly out of Des Moines for the prices available at airports located three hours away. Gee Whiz.