Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trip Report Summary Part 1

There are many different reasons that made this year’s Disney Marathon trip a lot of fun.
First of all my mom accompanied me this year. I had never traveled with just her before and we had a great time together.

When planning this years trip I found that airfares into Orlando International where very high. The alternative I found was that we could fly into Tampa and even get a rental car for less that flying into MCO.

Being that we were flying into Tampa, I made plans to have dinner with Bill, a former classmate of mine. After a little confusion getting out of TPA we arrived over at Bill’s After a short visit with his family, he and his wife Julie treated us to dinner at Bonefish Grill. The food was great and Bill and Julie where great hosts during our brief visit.

After dinner we dropped my friends off and we headed off for Orlando. After a wrong turn that took us back into Tampa airport I finally got my bearings and we headed north. The drive was about an hour and a half long and we arrived at Old Key West resort at midnight. We immediately went to sleep. The next day we were up and heading to Animal Kingdom. I never really had time to explore OKW but I can say that unless I could be guaranteed a first floor room, being that they do not have elevators.

Right from the start mom was getting into the rides as we rode Expedition Everest. In the queue line I sent a text to Matt and discovered that he was right behind us. On this day we hung out with Matt, met up with Deb for awhile and after a great meal at Yak & Yeti met back up with Matt who was now accompanied by Mike F. The four of us rode Kilimanjaro Safari. On the trails after the safari Matt really enjoyed seeing the “Spicy Mice” (actually Spiny Mice but when he said spicy it was LOL funny)

Spiny Mouse Photo found on Google

We left AK around 4:30 to visit the Expo. That went very smooth and after that we drove over to Publix for some groceries. Next we drove over and checked into Bay Lake Tower.

We discovered that check in was over at the Contemporary. Check in was quick, thanks to online check in. We had a twelfth floor lake view studio. The chilly temps (30s) did not seem to bother the three people in the pool or the six people in the whirlpool.

Plans that night had been to see Yeeha Bob over at Port Orleans Riverside but when I noticed that Cinderella’s castle was still in Christmas lights we jumped on the Monorail and arrived at MK just as Wishes began. After that we walked back toward the resort and caught a bus for downtown Disney.

To be continued…

I think I am getting back in the swing of things when it comes to exercise. Food is just OK. Breakfast and lunch choices are generally good. I did have two mornings this week that found me rushing to work. This resulted in missing breakfast at home. This week I stopped twice to buy a fast food breakfast sandwich with orange juice. I skipped the hash browns. My reasoning (which may be flawed) was that it’s best to have something to eat rather than nothing. Evenings continue to be a challenge because some nights I have trouble fighting the urge to snack.

Still undecided as to if I will be back in October or January. If January I am now seriously thinking about Mickey over Donald. Goofy? No I don’t think so. Mentally (at least at this point) I just can’t see myself doing the two races back to back.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Check In

Just a quick post to say yes I'm still around. I have been meaning to post a trip report but I just have not sat down to do so. So at the very least I am posting today because its Tuesday and that means weigh in day. I have to say I was surprised this morning to see I have actually gained two pounds. My exercise and diet have been better post Disney than going in. Although I'm scratching my head I am not going to let it get me down. Just going to stay consistent.

Both of my kids went to the YMCA with me last night. I don't have time this morning to go into a rant but let me just say that the Y was very busy last night and the staff was not keeing up with towels and other things. And what is it about men in locker rooms? Are we back in middle school? Towels left on benches and the vulgarity. This was my sons first visit to this particular Y and as we were placing our gym bags in the locker we over heard two guys on the other side of the lockers talking. One of them actually said to the other "Hey man, nice johnson." WTF? It freaked me out. Most guys go into the locker room to change and maybe strip down to hit the showers and then they dress and leave. I do not understand the ones that will stand there talking at in the nude. Comments like what I heard make it worst.

What's the strangest thing you ever heard in a locker room?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caption This

"Face it Heat dear you're exhausted. Take a vacation, your brother will watch over Florida while your away"

Leaving for the airport shortly. Looking forward to seeing all my Disney pals soon. Here is the 10 day forcast for Orlando. Yikes!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five Days Out

Twenty-four plus hours remain until we leave for the airport and marathon weekend and already I am having trouble sleeping. The excitement has been building as over the past few days emails and texts have been going back and forth. By noon Monday I was already packed. Trace contacted me a few days ago and confirmed that Yehaa Bob would be performing at the River's Roost in Port Orleans Riverside on Thursday evening. My plan is to be there between 7:30 and 8:00 so hopefully the sports expo will not be super busy after 5:00. I have already checked in with DVC online so the transfer from OKW to BLT should be smooth once we arrive. It sounds like we should have a nice turn out to see Bob. We will be in Animal Kingdom during so text me if you are there and would like to meet up.

I am a little concerned with the predicted temperatures for Florida. Saturday morning 28 degrees with an expected high of 47. Of course it could be worse, its currently -6 (-21 if you include wind chill)out here on the Tundra. Still, freezing is freezing. Looks like I need to pack a long sleeve tech shirt. If you've been copied on the emails regarding team meets then you should have my phone number. Feel free to text me during the trip if you have any questions.

2010 Post WDW Marathon End of Year Motivational Goals

Walk, Run, Elliptical or Bike. Bring it on!

Jonathan to DL 1,179
Matt to DL 1,874
Justin to DL 1,568

Chris to WDW 1,213
Mike to WDW 1,263
Trace to WDW 1,172
Jeff to WDW 1,389

Anyone else want in?