Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Check In

Just a quick post to say yes I'm still around. I have been meaning to post a trip report but I just have not sat down to do so. So at the very least I am posting today because its Tuesday and that means weigh in day. I have to say I was surprised this morning to see I have actually gained two pounds. My exercise and diet have been better post Disney than going in. Although I'm scratching my head I am not going to let it get me down. Just going to stay consistent.

Both of my kids went to the YMCA with me last night. I don't have time this morning to go into a rant but let me just say that the Y was very busy last night and the staff was not keeing up with towels and other things. And what is it about men in locker rooms? Are we back in middle school? Towels left on benches and the vulgarity. This was my sons first visit to this particular Y and as we were placing our gym bags in the locker we over heard two guys on the other side of the lockers talking. One of them actually said to the other "Hey man, nice johnson." WTF? It freaked me out. Most guys go into the locker room to change and maybe strip down to hit the showers and then they dress and leave. I do not understand the ones that will stand there talking at in the nude. Comments like what I heard make it worst.

What's the strangest thing you ever heard in a locker room?


sambycat said...

no cmment

Rae! said...

Wow!! They only thing I saw that was strange was 2 women showering together.

You may just be hanging on to some water.If you want I can help set up eating plan, or give you one and you can adjust it to fit you. That's what I have done.

Let me know I am here to help.

MikeF. said...

"Does this look infected to you". I got dressed as fast as I could and ran out of the locker room.

Don't worry about the weight. Just keep at it and it will start to come off.

Amanda said...

Wow - I have seen some strange things in locker rooms - I worked at the Y for 2.5 years, but that is pretty bad. Most of the Y members around here are pretty laid back. I'm sorry your son had to experience that and hopefully the next visit will be better.

I understand about the weight. Just keep doing your best and tweaking things until you find the right combination of things and you'll see results.

I love the new blog header and I have to ask if you're still contemplating the Goofy in some small way...Either way the Wine & Dine or the Full next year I can't wait to run some more magical miles with you :)!

Matt said...

um wow.

I don't do locker rooms, so I don't have to worry about it

Chris said...

"You gonna use that?..."

Since I use the work gym as of late, the language is very proffessional, but yeah, we do have some guys who walk about naked like everyone wants to look at them. I'm not one of those people... I usually put a towel on to walk over to the showers, just cause.

You might go Goofy on us too? Feels like that fever is going around. :-) C'mon Jeff, join the Goof-troop! We'll kick each others butts all year to get in shape for this! I'm going to send you a Team Voice challenge proposal for Feb....