Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heads Up

I booked my stay last night for during the marathon.
Arrive 01/06/09 Depart 01/13/09.
Staying at Pop Century (aka Scopa Towers)

There are a few things I would like to pass on about booking this trip with you guys.
Originally I called to simply reserve a room. I was going to purchase tickets and everything else later. But here is what I ran into.
The first rate I was quoted for just the hotel was insane. They wanted to charge me a full peak season rate because “we can not guarantee what the ’09 rates will be”
I explained that I found a much cheaper rate online over on the marathon booking page.
The Disney Cast Member looked that up and confirmed that I was correct.
So I explained that was the rate I wanted but, I also wanted to wait on purchasing tickets until I knew if my whole family was coming down. The Cast Member stated that because this is a special “package” rate I would have to purchase at least a one day ticket.
Ok I understood that, so I said just go ahead and give me a 7 day hopper for one guest.
The total was less that the original “room only” quote by $10.
Next I asked about adding the dining plan on at a later time.
The response was “the Disney dining plan is not an option for this package” the reason, “because ’09 rates for that plan have not been announced.”
The cast member explained that it “might” be possible to add that on later in the year. But she offered no guarantee. I confirmed that the marathon booking page does not offer this add on. It is listed there but there is no drop down to add it.
I asked if a billing reminder will be sent out once the balance is due. I was told no. It was up to me to remember that. No e-mail and no statement in the mail. What’s up with that?

I called Disney again today to further inquire about the possibilty of Dining becoming an option. The answer was the same however, this Cast Member "Utaisia" was simply awesome to chat with. Even though she too could not guarantee this option she made me feel more at ease about its possibilty.

If you have not booked your bunk yet look into it and be sure to ask for marathon rates. I am not certain how they will handle the rate if you happen to be an annual pass holder.

It looks like my whole family should be able to come down but we will not know for certain what the high school is doing with finals until May. Currently they are scheduled for Dec but the faculty has to vote on the schedule.

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 27

Flex Used This Week: 3/35

Exercise: Yes

Training Goals Team Voice

Last year I used Donald's nephews in an effort to help Jonathan visualize his progress. I placed them out on a virtual map at 1/4 distance intervals. When Jonathan reached his first 3.275 miles I sent him a virtual Huey medal. With that in mind I have created this new chart divided into 1/8 distances for a half marathon. I used a Donald Duck theme because this is Donald's race.

Have you reached or passed any of these characters yet? Who do you want to reach in the months ahead? Let's set some goals.

What do you guys think? Should I post some form of this over on the Team Voice thread?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Product Placement

Does anyone else wish that TV could do without the product placements?
Commercials themselves are enough right?

All the reality shows are doing it. My personel favorite is when "Survivor" breaks out a Name Brand Beer and Mountain Dew as a temptation or a reward. Oh, and don't forget the Tostitos.

One show I do like to watch each week is "Biggest Loser." I often wonder how the contestants feel when they gather in the kitchen to film a commercial for "Extra Gum" or "Weight Control Oatmeal"

For a change this morning I put the Raisin Bran aside and tried the "Weight Control Oatmeal"
It was ok, just ok. Prepared it is only worth 3pts. Eating this left me hungry. I was not satisfied.
So tomorrow I am going back to my old standard.

I know Jonathan enjoys a product called "Skinny Cow." What are some of the foods that help you get through the day and curb an all out munch-a-thon?

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 31
Flex Used This Week: 3/35
Exercise: Yes

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Simple Post

Daily Point range (24-29) (35 Weekly Flex)
Today’s Points: 30
Flex Used: 1/35
Exercise: Yes

Monday, January 28, 2008

How have you all been?

Yesterday I meant to follow up on Zoe and my near running shoe disaster, but somehow I just did not get to it.
I caught her just as she was gnawing on the back of the shoe. I plan on purchasing new shoes anyway. These will still be fine for awhile.

The temps here have been in the mid 40s. No outside runs yet due to slush and puddles.
Many people are running through all that stuff. (Wet feet yuck!) I’ll just keep going up to SNAP for a few more days. Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice. I am itching to run outside.

I have noticed that when using the treadmill at SNAP, I have been giving into the temptation of pushing myself into maintaining a faster pace. The trouble with that is that 30 minutes into the workout I am dead. I need to work on endurance, and the humidity in the fitness center just zaps me. So today I made a decision which hopefully I will stick too. I will warm up and then jog at a comfortable pace that I can maintain for an hour.
Today I managed 5.05 miles in 60 min.

With February just around the corner I need to work on being more consistent with my exercise. The DAM to DAM 20k is on May 31st and this time out, I do not want to hit the wall at mile ten. My intention is that following the DAM race I will continue doing an 8-10 mile jog on the weekends during the summer and then add mileage back in during the fall. The last time I did DAM was ’06 and following that run I slowed down and then stopped exercising. But that won’t happen this year because I will still have the goal of the Disney Half marathon out there. Plus I have Team Voice to help keep me moving.

After listening to AATM, WDW Radio, and Mouseguest Weekly this past week I am really excited about ’09. I still have not booked a room yet. I called WDW the other night and asked about reserving a room. But when I told them I might need to change the dates later on, they were not very pleased. So I decided to wait. Have any of you booked your stay yet?

Is anyone staying on property before and/or after race day?

I am considering posting points in this manner.

Daily Point range (24-29) (35 Weekly Flex)
Today’s Points: 26
Flex Used: 0
Exercise: Yes

What do you think about me just posting the daily points instead of breaking it all down?
Is it not accountable enough?

Team Voice: Many Goals, One Voice

Sunday, January 27, 2008

And on lifes humorus side...

Zoe White enjoyed making a chew toy out of my left running shoe this morning.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Good,Bad, and Ugly (of the last 3 days)

I am not sure where to start today. And I want to end this post on a positive note. So lets try this. When the film The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly opens up it introduces the three main characters in the reverse order of the films title. So here goes.

The Ugly Part 1:
I have been dealing with some work related stress, due to the fact that my supervisor has resigned from the company. He is a great guy and will be missed by lots of people. I have never had a better boss. He has been very supportive of his staff and even helped me through some tough times a couple years ago involving my son and school. My department is understaffed and fills a vital role. His leadership will be greatly missed. I can not emphazie that enough. I'm not worried about my job, it's all the work that's coming our way. Plus, we are supposed to have enough staff to cover 24/7. We only have 4 men, so good luck with that. I want to take 2 weeks off next January for the marathon trip. Even though it is so far out, my boss would have worked with me on that. Not too sure what will happen now.

The Ugly Part 2:
My wife called me over to the computer tonight to show me our cell phone bill. Have you ever seen a 4 figure phone bill? I almost had a heart attack right then and there. I was sick.
My kids both have cell phones and they text all the time. It drives me crazy. In December my wife went to visit our cell phone provider in the mall and changed our plan to include unlimited text messaging. Well, it turns out they never applied the change to our account. Every text my kids sent out from mid December to today was billed at 45 cents per text. The store remembered my wife had been in and we had proof, but because the amount is so high the credit must be approved by a District Manager. Could be three days. I'm still sick about it.

The Bad:
Friday has always been a rest day for me. But I did not exercise Saturday or Sunday. I have not been coping well with the stress that I am allowing myself to feel, and I have been eating more than I should. A lot more. Nutty Bars, Pretzels, Tostitoes and cheese. My head is screaming Enough, Enough, Enough!

The Good:
Ok, now for something good. I did exercise tonight after work. Happily, it was before the phone incident. After a short 7 min warm up on the ellipticle I hopped on the treadmill and managed the best 5k that I have had in months. 3.1 miles in 29.20 minutes.
I received an e-mail from our high school band instructer at school, and it looks like next years Jazz concert would not interfere with having the family come down for the marathon. Finals that week could remain an issue though.
Oh, and one more very important thing happened today. I registered for the race!!!
I almost booked the hotel today too, but I am waiting just a day or two more before I do.
If it's just me then it's Scopa towers. If my family can make it down then perhaps French Quarter.

Sorry for this long venting post guys. I will work on viewing the glass as half full and not half empty going forward.

Not posting food today. I have already stated how it's been going. Tomorrow I will work on sticking to the right decisions and will be posting points again.

Go Team Voice!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tundra Calorie Burner

6" of snow last night equals a nice little workout. My wife would like us to buy a snowblower. We have done without one for a few years now.
Actually, I don't mind shoveling, I find it relaxing. Life gets so busy at times I welcome having to slow down. And it burns calories too.
I decided it was ok to reward myself a bit for hitting 200 yesterday. So I purposly bought a small package of Nutter Butters today.

5pts The Usual
6pts Smart Ones Chicken Rigatoni
9pts Taco Salad
6pts 4 Nutter Butter Cookies
EX: Yes

Stay positive out there....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


When I was in 8th grade our english teacher Mr. Donahue talk to us about an event he looked forward to every year. That event was an annual showing of his favorite movie "Gunga Din." during science camp. This was an extended field trip the eighth grade class took every spring at a YMCA camp just north of my home town. We did canoeing, repelling, and lots of other things. It was a blast. On the last night everyone came into the lodge to watch this movie.
Tonight I was having trouble once again, motivating myself to get out the door. But I told myself I had to exercise so I stayed here at home and hopped on our own TM and enjoyed this old film.
Our TM can't compare to those at SNAP but it served its purpose.

5pts Raisin Bran
5pts Smart Ones Fiesta Chicken
9pts Chicken Sandwich
7pts Turkey sandwich Evening Munchies got me.
EX: Yes

Does no one have a guess over at AATC?
I have a third picture to post if no one guesses correctly by Friday.

Catch you later...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1349 Miles 26.2 Miles Per Day 51.48 Days

mgreene posted a link in many of our comments today. I checked it out. It looks interesting. It would certainly offer a perspective on comittment. While on youtube I opened some other videos, here a link to another video I found interesting entitled "My Run" It's about a guy who wanted to raise awareness about growing up in a single parent home. His goal was to jog a marathon a day till he reached Georgia. It took him 75 days. Now in the clip I did not pick up on where he started. But check it out.

So, if you could run a marathon a day, from your home town to Orlando, how long would that take?

Bryan Cornfeld would you care to weigh in here?

5pts Raisin Bran
12pts Cheesburger and Sm Onion Ring at BK
10pts Turkey on Wheat 12" no cheese subway.
EX: None, I left office on time tonight but ended up working on a major issue from home till late this evening. I am beat and am just going to get some sleep.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday....nuf said

Just keeping it simple today.

5pts Raisin Bran
6pts Smart Ones Broccoli Alfredo
9pts Loose meat sandwich on wheat and CORN!
EX: Yes See Log

I was thinking going forward I will just post my exercise in the column to the right. Then I don't have to write it out twice. But I will list a yes or no with my meal list.

Joggerblogger, here is the link to the sight I used to make yesterdays sign and the Magic 8 Ball.
Check it out. It's very self Explanatory. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tundra Deli

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Going Auto Pilot, With Chocolate

I have been posting exercise over in the right side column, but working late this week has keep me from doing more here. In fact I put a very short post on AATC this morning.

Over the past couple of days meals have been ok. But I have to confess to straying into some candy issues. A little would be ok but this was just stupid on my part. I stopped at QT Thursday evening for something to drink and I noticed a sign for M&Ms 2 for 2 dollars. My brain switched into automatic pilot as it reasoned "what the heck I can spare the points for one of these and save a bag back for another day." A little while later I was enjoying the first bag and soon after that the second. I just reached out and opened it with giving it any thought. Now to make it worse, these were the king size bags. You know, the ones that look like a single serving but contain 2 servings. Then on Friday I stopped for gas and grabbed a 3 muskteers bar. I just don't know what I was thinking.

I guess what is bothering me is how automatic this seemed. This was old behaviors coming back and I don't want that. I've worked too hard over the past months to let this take control. And earlier this week I had a great weigh in.

So today is not about starting over, it's about realizing each day (or hour) that I need to keep focused.

Meals Today:
BK: 5pts Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 12 Taco w/refried beans
DN: 7pts. Turkey on wheat w/swiss cheese

Be sure to congratulate those who participated in todays half marathon at WDW. Way to go guys were are all proud of you.
And for those of you going in '09, Disney says registration opens on the 14th...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Trapped At Snap Fitness

It seems I have been very busy lately. So busy in fact that I have fallen behind on many of the podcasts I enjoy so much.
One of those podcasts is “Trapped on Vacation”

I have been listening to Earl’s podcast for nearly two years now. He has a humorous and laid back style that I enjoy. In my opinion he really enjoys life and it shows. His show is more than a Disney podcast, if you have ever experienced “Disney Overload” you will like the fact that he steps away from the Disney bubble every now and then. He has done episodes on Gatorland, Universal, and Bush Gardens just to name a few.
Recently, (on 12/08/07 to be exact) I had the pleasure of meeting him and his “bleepin wife” at The Adventurer’s Club during our MouseFest trip. I really enjoyed talking with Earl. He gave me a couple of his business cards after we discussed Beer and a certain acronym associated with a recent comedic addition to Tomorrowland. Here is a picture of one.
And its flip side.
In the interest of family friendly I am not going to show the other one. But trust me it is very funny.

If you are unfamiliar with Trapped on Vacation or have never been to the Adventurer’s club, be sure to check out his latest episode which he recorded on Christmas eve this year. The episode is entitled ToV96 - Trapped with a last minute Holiday Episode! I listened to it today while working out at SNAP.

Although Earl and I did not hoist a couple of cold ones this trip, perhaps I will have the opportunity to do so on my next trip away from the snowy tundra of Iowa.

Today’s Meals:

BK: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 9 pts. Subway 6” turkey breast on wheat w/sun chips
DN: 6 pts. Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti
Beer: 3 pts. A toast to Earl (Miller Genuine Draft)(I have not yet tried Flat Tire but is sold here)
EX: E = 30:00 min 1.66 miles TM = 30:44 min 3.1 miles
Wednesday Weight In 203.4

BTW: "You Guys Havin' Fun?"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

These Are Not My Shoes:

Think about it...
Only you can fill yours

Well I ended up working late last night and did not get to finish this post. However, Rae saw where I was going with this and has already added a comment this morning.

I was trying to find a creative way to discuss our common goal(s) and where we each are individually. Instead I am just going to simply say what's on my mind.

I just wanted to tell each of you that I am glad you are all out there. Not only for me but for each other. I think it is great that we can offer support and advice to one another no matter were we each are in relationship to our goals. One comment left on a blog or in an e-mail can be enough to keep ones motivation up.

We all know that training is not always much fun. I for one like to read about your victories as well as your struggles. Sometimes knowing I am not the only one having a struggle helps.

Often someone will create a catch phrase or use a Disney quote that is inspiring. Like "Main Street Awaits" or "Keep Moving Forward".

Byron came up with "Keep Moving Forward" a few posts ago over at he was inspired by this quote from "Meet The Robinsons"

That quote struck a chord with me and has stuck. This past Saturday during my long jog I felt like slowing down or just walking it out but that quote came back to me and helped me through.
I am thankful to Byron for sharing it. It just goes to show that you never know who you may inspire.

Ok everyone get out there and lace up those shoes.

Yesterday's Meals.

BK: 5 pts Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 5 pts 1/2 of a Subway Turkey breast sandwich.
DN: 5 pts 2nd 1/2 of listed sandwich.
SN: 8 pts. Almonds 2oz.
EX: None. Off work late and did not go out early because I thought I would do it after work.

BK: 5 pts Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 6 pts. Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli and Chicken.
DN: 4 pts.Broccoli and Cheddar Roasted Potatoes.
SN: 1 pt Nestle sugar free hot cocoa.
EX: TM 34 min 3.11 miles E 12 min .66 miles

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Watch The Black Ice

Well this is a short post as today has been very busy. In fact even though I am posting so late I still have things going on tonight. Ah, the joys of parenthood.
Temps today reached the mid 40s. I had hoped to get outside and jog during the day but alas that was not in the cards. I did go out tonight though. This was my first true long run since Dec 1st. (ouch) Since I went out so late, ice was beginning to form on the trails. I did most of my jogging on side streets while paying careful attention to my surroundings. Even with the ice it still felt good to be outside.

BK: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/skin milk.
LN: 8 pts. Blackened Chicken Sandwich.
DN: 14 pts. Pizza 2 slices.
EX: 8.51 miles 92 min

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Magic 8-Ball I'm Up 3 lbs. What shall I do?

Man I am a little bummed here. But I know what choices (or lack of) that contributed to that.
I could blame my water intake. I have been drinking more diet sodas than water for a few weeks now. I don't post the sodas because they are zero points. I know water is a better choice. And heck I have filtered water in my refrigerator door. So no excuse. How simple could it be?

I feel that my biggest issue is that until this week, I had not been exercising at the level I was at when I was running outside. I got some miles in after MouseFest but they were walking miles and not long jogs. Now I am not putting down the walking miles. They are important and I enjoy doing them. It's just that walking was only half of my regular routine. Jogging was the other half.

Joining Snap this past Monday should prove to be one of the best decisions I make in '08.
I have been able to get at least an hour of good solid work in everyday since joining. So I am expecting to see better a weigh in next week. Oh and last week I did not weigh in. I realized it a day late and just blew it off. I thought I'm ok. So please, if you guys notice that I have not posted my weight on a Wednesday post, either in a blog title or in the right hand column, remind me and give me a good kick in the pants.

Oh and just for good measure I make another mistake this morning. I skipped breakfast. I have the day off and decided to check e-mail this morning. Then I decided I would work on another piece for Glenn's Passamaquoddy blog. Before I knew it the clock said its 11:00am.

BK: Missed
LN: 6 pts. Spagetti
DN: 8 pt. Maid Rite sandwich w/beans
SN: 4 pts. Low Fat Cottage cheese with fresh pineapple.
EX: TM 32 min 2.89 miles. E 30 1.5 miles. Saturday I intend to jog longer on the TM.

Be sure to check out Bryan Rippers humorous contribution to AATC. He wrote the piece posted on 01/02/08.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

-7 F -14 C Out on the Tundra today...

But it could be worse.

BK: 5 pts. Raisin Bran
LN: 6 pts. SmartOnes. Three Cheese Ziti
DN: 7 pts. Spagetti, 1 slice garlic bread and carrots
SN: 6 pts. Fat Free Fig Newtons (4) w/skim milk
EX: 60 min E

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Even Uncle Scrooge Says...

Enjoyed the day off. My wife and I both ran up to "Snap" and worked out. I did another 60 on the ellipticle while she did 40 on the TM, 10 on the ellipticle, and checked out the weight stations. I am hoping this membership will keep both of us on the right track.

My son and I went back up tonight and used the various weight machines for about an hour. He really preferred lifting here rather than at school. So hopefully, he and I will make this a regular thing.

'07 was a very special year for me and you guys are a big part of that. Being able to make new friends with simular interest and goals has been a real blessing. I am grateful to have been able to come down to Orlando and meet many of you. Thank you all so much for you friendship and support. We are already discussing our '09 plans. I will share more on that once things are decided. I will say it looks like I will be spending nearly 2 weeks there with the marathon in the middle of the stay. With that many days I will most likely buy an annual pass. If I do indeed do that then Mousefest 09 later that year will be something I plan on doing for sure.

BK: 12pts. 2 Krispie Kreme donuts. w/small glass of skim milk.
LN: 6pts. Roast beef sandwich.
DN: 11pts. Ham and scalloped potatoes.
EX: 60min E and weights during another hour.

And if you happen to be a fan of my Corn intro for All About The Mouse check out my second blog over at