Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Product Placement

Does anyone else wish that TV could do without the product placements?
Commercials themselves are enough right?

All the reality shows are doing it. My personel favorite is when "Survivor" breaks out a Name Brand Beer and Mountain Dew as a temptation or a reward. Oh, and don't forget the Tostitos.

One show I do like to watch each week is "Biggest Loser." I often wonder how the contestants feel when they gather in the kitchen to film a commercial for "Extra Gum" or "Weight Control Oatmeal"

For a change this morning I put the Raisin Bran aside and tried the "Weight Control Oatmeal"
It was ok, just ok. Prepared it is only worth 3pts. Eating this left me hungry. I was not satisfied.
So tomorrow I am going back to my old standard.

I know Jonathan enjoys a product called "Skinny Cow." What are some of the foods that help you get through the day and curb an all out munch-a-thon?

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 31
Flex Used This Week: 3/35
Exercise: Yes


Rae! said...

I eat the low sugar oatmeal less calories,it only 2 points.And I put fruit on it. I have always ate oatmeal, but I never realized how high in calories they were til points.

DebWDW said...

I WISH I liked oatmeal -- it is so good for you. But I don't, so it's Cheerios for me.
Sugar-free jello is my favorite treat.

Hey Jeff, we ate breakfast this morning on our Barenaked Ladies cruise with a couple from Iowa City! I told them I had a friend from Iowa too!

mgreene said...


At times I actually enjoy product placement. For example, in the new movie, "I Am Legend", where Will Smith drives around New York City in a new Shelby GT-500 Mustang.

Anonymous said...

I took one from JB and made a whole pot of veggie soup. I eat a bowl with dinner and all the veggies and fiber help fill me up.