Wednesday, January 16, 2008


When I was in 8th grade our english teacher Mr. Donahue talk to us about an event he looked forward to every year. That event was an annual showing of his favorite movie "Gunga Din." during science camp. This was an extended field trip the eighth grade class took every spring at a YMCA camp just north of my home town. We did canoeing, repelling, and lots of other things. It was a blast. On the last night everyone came into the lodge to watch this movie.
Tonight I was having trouble once again, motivating myself to get out the door. But I told myself I had to exercise so I stayed here at home and hopped on our own TM and enjoyed this old film.
Our TM can't compare to those at SNAP but it served its purpose.

5pts Raisin Bran
5pts Smart Ones Fiesta Chicken
9pts Chicken Sandwich
7pts Turkey sandwich Evening Munchies got me.
EX: Yes

Does no one have a guess over at AATC?
I have a third picture to post if no one guesses correctly by Friday.

Catch you later...

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DebWDW said...

Good decision-making! And register soon for the race!