Thursday, January 31, 2008

Training Goals Team Voice

Last year I used Donald's nephews in an effort to help Jonathan visualize his progress. I placed them out on a virtual map at 1/4 distance intervals. When Jonathan reached his first 3.275 miles I sent him a virtual Huey medal. With that in mind I have created this new chart divided into 1/8 distances for a half marathon. I used a Donald Duck theme because this is Donald's race.

Have you reached or passed any of these characters yet? Who do you want to reach in the months ahead? Let's set some goals.

What do you guys think? Should I post some form of this over on the Team Voice thread?


DebWDW said...

Yes, post it -- I love it!

Now, when you say, have we reached any yet. Do you mean doing 3 miles in one session, or 3 miles at the 16 mile pace or faster?

If you want to give them out related to pace, it would be good if you could show the miles and the time you should have made the distance in to not get swept.

Or if it's too early to worry about pace, you could always add that in June or July, when we have to actually start paying attention to our pace.

But I do like it!

caballerofan said...

Deb, great questions. I threw this together last night and had not thought it out that deeply.

I would say these goals could be used differently by the individual. But the 16 minute per mile pace should eventually be part of that goal.

A person could start of doing Launchpads. Then when they are ready to give a long run a shot they could throw a Huey in there.
Then start the next week over and do the same thing.
Eventually Huey replaces Launchpad and Darkwing becomes the long run goal.
Some of these distance goals may jump up a bit too much. So of course everyone should workout responsibly.

I will post something in the forums once I think through this a little more.

Rae! said...

This sounds great!!!! But what about the ones of us who put in more miles??? An over all for the monthly mileage?Use it as a badge of honor in you signature? Just a thought. :)
That would be very cool for weekly goals too.
Great Post it!!!!!!

Rae! said...

Don't forget April,May and June too!!

Doc Terminus said...

Jeff, that is just excellent...