Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1349 Miles 26.2 Miles Per Day 51.48 Days

mgreene posted a link in many of our comments today. I checked it out. It looks interesting. It would certainly offer a perspective on comittment. While on youtube I opened some other videos, here a link to another video I found interesting entitled "My Run" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99jtkDWZ8E0&feature=related It's about a guy who wanted to raise awareness about growing up in a single parent home. His goal was to jog a marathon a day till he reached Georgia. It took him 75 days. Now in the clip I did not pick up on where he started. But check it out.

So, if you could run a marathon a day, from your home town to Orlando, how long would that take?

Bryan Cornfeld would you care to weigh in here?

5pts Raisin Bran
12pts Cheesburger and Sm Onion Ring at BK
10pts Turkey on Wheat 12" no cheese subway.
EX: None, I left office on time tonight but ended up working on a major issue from home till late this evening. I am beat and am just going to get some sleep.


Rae! said...

I live in south FL.and I figured that it would take me 7.5 full marathons to get to the magic kingdom.

I have had those days where you are just so tired that exercise is just out of the question! Maybe today will be a better day!

Joggerblogger said...

I think I will give the jog a miss - it'd take me years to run over (swim) I did manage 1450 miles last year though :-D

Doc Terminus said...

I can do it in one... (Sorry)

caballerofan said...

There's always one show off.