Monday, January 28, 2008

How have you all been?

Yesterday I meant to follow up on Zoe and my near running shoe disaster, but somehow I just did not get to it.
I caught her just as she was gnawing on the back of the shoe. I plan on purchasing new shoes anyway. These will still be fine for awhile.

The temps here have been in the mid 40s. No outside runs yet due to slush and puddles.
Many people are running through all that stuff. (Wet feet yuck!) I’ll just keep going up to SNAP for a few more days. Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice. I am itching to run outside.

I have noticed that when using the treadmill at SNAP, I have been giving into the temptation of pushing myself into maintaining a faster pace. The trouble with that is that 30 minutes into the workout I am dead. I need to work on endurance, and the humidity in the fitness center just zaps me. So today I made a decision which hopefully I will stick too. I will warm up and then jog at a comfortable pace that I can maintain for an hour.
Today I managed 5.05 miles in 60 min.

With February just around the corner I need to work on being more consistent with my exercise. The DAM to DAM 20k is on May 31st and this time out, I do not want to hit the wall at mile ten. My intention is that following the DAM race I will continue doing an 8-10 mile jog on the weekends during the summer and then add mileage back in during the fall. The last time I did DAM was ’06 and following that run I slowed down and then stopped exercising. But that won’t happen this year because I will still have the goal of the Disney Half marathon out there. Plus I have Team Voice to help keep me moving.

After listening to AATM, WDW Radio, and Mouseguest Weekly this past week I am really excited about ’09. I still have not booked a room yet. I called WDW the other night and asked about reserving a room. But when I told them I might need to change the dates later on, they were not very pleased. So I decided to wait. Have any of you booked your stay yet?

Is anyone staying on property before and/or after race day?

I am considering posting points in this manner.

Daily Point range (24-29) (35 Weekly Flex)
Today’s Points: 26
Flex Used: 0
Exercise: Yes

What do you think about me just posting the daily points instead of breaking it all down?
Is it not accountable enough?

Team Voice: Many Goals, One Voice


Rae! said...

I haven't booked yet.I haven't registered yet.{Money} try calling the Grand Gatherings.Same number but ask for that instead.The always run a group rate for these events.Then your parking pass will also get you free parking while you are there.
I have been just posting my points too. Saves on typing. You know training in Snap sounds like it is helping you tolerate the humidity like we have here.The 20k is 10.1 miles??? Still learning to convert.

Great job on the 5 miles.
Have a great day!!

mgreene said...

20k would be 12.4 miles.

Anonymous said...

If you can do 20K you can do the 1/2 marathon.

Your pace of 12 minute miles is certainly fast enough for the 1/2M too.

As for the ressie, I have not made mine. The passholder rates were much lower this year than the offered marathion rates. So I am waiting until they open up for regular ressies and I will switch it to a passholder rate when they offer those.

We stayed at BC Villas for the race. It was convenient to walk back to the room through Epcot.

I have not figured out for 2009. There are advantages and disadvantages to various room strategies. Downside of BC is the cost.

Keep dreaming.

- Kate

DebWDW said...

5 miles -- very cool! So far, getting thru 3 miles at one time is my personal best. But we have 11 months to go!