Friday, January 18, 2008

Tundra Calorie Burner

6" of snow last night equals a nice little workout. My wife would like us to buy a snowblower. We have done without one for a few years now.
Actually, I don't mind shoveling, I find it relaxing. Life gets so busy at times I welcome having to slow down. And it burns calories too.
I decided it was ok to reward myself a bit for hitting 200 yesterday. So I purposly bought a small package of Nutter Butters today.

5pts The Usual
6pts Smart Ones Chicken Rigatoni
9pts Taco Salad
6pts 4 Nutter Butter Cookies
EX: Yes

Stay positive out there....


Rae! said...

You made it to 200! That is great!
I will look at the scale at the end of the month.

DebWDW said...

You're only a day or two from the ONES! Keep it up.

(It does take some effort to push a snowblower around too, so you'd still get a workout. But you wouldn't have that wintry quiet that you have when you shovel.)

Anonymous said...

We have a snowblower and much less snow than you. I can't imagine being without one. We have a long driveway and it just takes too long to shovel by hand. Especially if we get a good storm of 6 inches or more.

(Of course I never actually do the work...I just watch my husband and feel sorry for him freezing out there.)