Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Trapped At Snap Fitness

It seems I have been very busy lately. So busy in fact that I have fallen behind on many of the podcasts I enjoy so much.
One of those podcasts is “Trapped on Vacation”

I have been listening to Earl’s podcast for nearly two years now. He has a humorous and laid back style that I enjoy. In my opinion he really enjoys life and it shows. His show is more than a Disney podcast, if you have ever experienced “Disney Overload” you will like the fact that he steps away from the Disney bubble every now and then. He has done episodes on Gatorland, Universal, and Bush Gardens just to name a few.
Recently, (on 12/08/07 to be exact) I had the pleasure of meeting him and his “bleepin wife” at The Adventurer’s Club during our MouseFest trip. I really enjoyed talking with Earl. He gave me a couple of his business cards after we discussed Beer and a certain acronym associated with a recent comedic addition to Tomorrowland. Here is a picture of one.
And its flip side.
In the interest of family friendly I am not going to show the other one. But trust me it is very funny.

If you are unfamiliar with Trapped on Vacation or have never been to the Adventurer’s club, be sure to check out his latest episode which he recorded on Christmas eve this year. The episode is entitled ToV96 - Trapped with a last minute Holiday Episode! I listened to it today while working out at SNAP.

Although Earl and I did not hoist a couple of cold ones this trip, perhaps I will have the opportunity to do so on my next trip away from the snowy tundra of Iowa.

Today’s Meals:

BK: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 9 pts. Subway 6” turkey breast on wheat w/sun chips
DN: 6 pts. Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti
Beer: 3 pts. A toast to Earl (Miller Genuine Draft)(I have not yet tried Flat Tire but is sold here)
EX: E = 30:00 min 1.66 miles TM = 30:44 min 3.1 miles
Wednesday Weight In 203.4

BTW: "You Guys Havin' Fun?"


Rae! said...

Fun?? listening to the podcast while working out helps a lot from being bored. I will go check out the podcast

Rae! said...

BTW you are almost in the 199 club!!! that is so cool!!!!
Thank you!!!!!

Joggerblogger said...

:-) I love the TOV podcast, he is cool. My cup of tea! The only trouble I have is I've not listened to any podcasts since last October :-/ I need to get an ipod sorted.