Saturday, January 12, 2008

Going Auto Pilot, With Chocolate

I have been posting exercise over in the right side column, but working late this week has keep me from doing more here. In fact I put a very short post on AATC this morning.

Over the past couple of days meals have been ok. But I have to confess to straying into some candy issues. A little would be ok but this was just stupid on my part. I stopped at QT Thursday evening for something to drink and I noticed a sign for M&Ms 2 for 2 dollars. My brain switched into automatic pilot as it reasoned "what the heck I can spare the points for one of these and save a bag back for another day." A little while later I was enjoying the first bag and soon after that the second. I just reached out and opened it with giving it any thought. Now to make it worse, these were the king size bags. You know, the ones that look like a single serving but contain 2 servings. Then on Friday I stopped for gas and grabbed a 3 muskteers bar. I just don't know what I was thinking.

I guess what is bothering me is how automatic this seemed. This was old behaviors coming back and I don't want that. I've worked too hard over the past months to let this take control. And earlier this week I had a great weigh in.

So today is not about starting over, it's about realizing each day (or hour) that I need to keep focused.

Meals Today:
BK: 5pts Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 12 Taco w/refried beans
DN: 7pts. Turkey on wheat w/swiss cheese

Be sure to congratulate those who participated in todays half marathon at WDW. Way to go guys were are all proud of you.
And for those of you going in '09, Disney says registration opens on the 14th...


DebWDW said...

For me, it's one decision at a time, every day. Some decisions are bad, but A LOT are good! Bet that's the case for you too -- hang in there!

Rae! said...

We all tend to slip.I am having a hard time with that too.M&M's with peanuts are my weakness.I haven't had any in a while.
Have no fear!!!! You will over come that, and move forward. I have faith.
You are suppose to treat yourself once a week.That way you won't go in to munch mode.
I will be registering in 2 weeks for the half,but first the Minnie....