Monday, June 30, 2008

T Minus 6 Months 10 days and counting.

Getting There Is Half The Fun

This past Sunday marked the beginning of week 25 of my 52 week goal of reaching 1374 miles on or before crossing the finish line next January 10th.

I started this idea following the example set forth by Craig and Kristin. At the beginning of the year I new I was a bit behind, but I thought that with the improving weather I could make up lost ground. Well June did not help. As it stands now I am about 133 miles behind were I should be.

I have been trying to come up with an idea on how to make some of that up. I am concerned about over doing the running. My longer runs still bother the ball of my left foot. I know I should go have it checked out. I guess I'm worried about being grounded.

One way I thought about making this up, is by using one of the bike machines at Snap. The idea behind that,(and not simply using my bike around town) is that I could do hills and set a level of resistance. I would use this, only for the miles that I am behind on. I would do this over the next two to three weeks and then no longer count such miles. Ideally I would like to be at a level were 26 miles per week is my goal.

I have been considering the Des Moines half marathon on Oct 19th. I think if I do it, and approach the post race days properly I should be ok.

June has not been bad over all. Yes I over did it early on and paid the price in schin splits. But I did manage to meet Dewey in under an hour this month. I managed to transition to mornings for jogging. (Something I hope to keep up)

June has been a good month for others on the Team. Jonathan reached Darkwing, Stroller Boy did a half marathon. Joggerblogger finished his Juneathon although a bit painfully. You know JB the next time you put on a cotton shirt just picture Edna standing next to you saying "No Capes, No Cotton!" Byron is back. Rae is acheiving new goals. The list goes on.

Ok everyone PRIDE on 3.

1, 2, 3 PRIDE!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

JON-E5 Review “Caution” Satire Ahead

A trip down to the local cinema proved to be quite nostalgic this weekend.
I must admit that the 80's were a decade that I really had no desire to look back upon. Bad music, Mullets, The Brat Pack, oh and then there was Jon-E5 who starred in those two highly forgettable Short Circuit films. (I never really wanted to learn Jon-E5’s final fate.)

Oh and on a side tangent could Disney make a new film about the Tower Of Terror that does not star Steve Guttenberg? Please. Imagine Steve Buscemi as your elevator operator? Now that could be scary.

Jon-E5 it seems will still be around 700 plus years into the future. He is still “conscience” of his existence and very much into self preservation.

After the evil "Big & Large" corporation ruins our planet they gather all of earth’s human inhabitants for an interstellar cruise upon the USS Excelsior while Jon-E5 and his other "unconscious" pals are left behind to clean up our mess. Over the next 700 hundred years, all but our hero Jon-E5 succumb to the fate of time and rust. Jon-E5 begins to cannibalize the others to prolong his life.

As Jon-E5 prepares to turn in each night, we learn that he longs for love and companionship when miraculously he plays a video tape of “Funny Girl” that still functions.

This for me was the best part of the movie and something this studio does best. (I’m just a sucker for the poignant stuff) As we hear Michael Crawford sing “That it only took a moment, to be loved a whole life long” you get a better sense of how lonely Jon-E5 really is and that he is literally doomed to remain lonely for eternity.

Perhaps he should have repaired some of the other units that are just lying around. But that’s just how my mind works. I don’t have Jon-E5’s logic circuits…

Without giving to much more away, Jon-E5 does find love when the mysterious Rob-E the robot comes to earth on a secret mission that will eventually bring Jon-E5 face to face with humans and the evil HAL who has taken over the USS Excelsior. The future of human kind is sad as we all apparently become puffed up couch potatoes. Where is Team Voice in the future? Huh?

Eventually there is a happy ending. If that’s what you want to call it. How the couch potato culture is going to rebuild the wasteland of earth is beyond me. I’m guessing the robots do the work and mankind goes back to the important things in life such as “blue is the new red”

As a whole this film was a nice visual journey with the one poignant moment revisited a couple times. I, along with others felt that the opening short was better than the feature. I would not go so far as to say this movie is a complete miss. It’s just not the best from this studio.
If you like these films on the big screen by all means go out and see it. Otherwise wait for the DVD.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scrooged? Nope I made it.

Tough run today. Managed to meet up with Uncle Scrooge though. Tough because I should have drank more water yesterday and also the sun this morning was brutal. I got out the door two hours later than I planned. Thankfully I did carry water with me. Twice I found myself slowing down to a walk, but I had no trouble getting back into a rhythm.
Admittedly I did almost stop about halfway through. But then I though about Kate's "Will You Run For ME Poem" that she wrote and sent to Jonathan. Click over and give it a read.
My mantra for the rest of the run was "Yes I will run for you" and it made a big difference.
I hope you all have great runs this weekend.

Concluded? Time will Tell...

Magic And Mayhem Restored

With Episode 5 is concluded. What does the future hold for our galactic cast of characters?

Perhaps the most important question is, will the cost of Pizza delivery go up? BUt consider these questions as well.

Will Lilou Mongello be able to tame experiment 626?

After months of counciling can Buzz Lightyear and his father Glenn "Emperor Zurg" Whelan really patch things up? Will they join forces? For good? Evil?

Now that Studios' East and West are built. How will Desperate Mousewives Amydalla and Princess Amber learn to cope with their husbands Disney podcasting obsession?

Only the fate of Those Darn Cats remains unknown. All we know at this time is that they're out there, waiting for another chance to reign Enchantment and Chaos upon another unsuspecting world.

And now what are your thoughts regarding the future of these characters?

Fernando's Hideaway: Roseanne Roseannadanna

Saludos, my dah-lings. Welcome to the Hideaway. My goodness you are all looking mahvelous! And speaking of mahvelous did you read about Jonathan’s victory over Darkwing this past Saturday. Muy Bueno Juan! And not to be out done, “Stroller Boy” Chris went out on Sunday and completed a half marathon. I must tell you this grudge match is really heating up. I’m giddy with anticipation

As you can see, my intended guest Glenn Whelan is not with us. Between you and me dah-lings, Nando has learned a few things about the so called “abduction” of our favorite Mayor. And let me tell you, the truth, it is shocking, abso-lute-ly shocking. The good news is, that through ways of my own, I have secured exclusive rights to a first interview should he return from that galaxy far far away.

So this week dah-lings, we have a surprise guest, she’s a blast from the past, and perhaps the funniest lady who ever appeared on Saturday Night Live, The lovely Miss Gilda Radner.

Hey Nando you’re looking snappy today.

Why you are not the fabulous Gilda, you’re the fabulous Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Well isn’t that the observation of the year! First you invite the Mayor of Passamaquoddy, and he goes and gets himself kidnapped by a bunch of space thugs, Then your people call Gilda’s people at six o’clock this morning and you’re shocked when I show up instead.

Gilda’s very busy you know. I’m not complaining, so why should you? I’ll have you know that I spent 3 hours getting my hair done just right, so it could look as marvelous as yours. And let me tell you another thing, I Roseanne Roseannadanna don’t spend that kind of time on my hair for just any man. I did it for you darling.

Nando is touched, and your hair looks mahvelous. Roseanne do not be upset, I was not complaining. It’s just that I was not expecting to see you this week. Of course, as always, it is mahvelous to see you.

Don’t sweat it Fernanado.

Tell us dah-ling are you still receiving letters from that fellow in New Jersey?

Nando, it’s funny you should ask me that. I just happen to have a letter from Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey with me.

Mr. Feder writes me all the time. So often in fact, that I think I’m gonna die if I receive another letter. I mean isn’t there anyone else out there that can help this poor man? Anyway he writes….is it “hokey dokey” with you if I read this?

Please do.

Ok, so here we go.

Dear Roseanne Roseannadanna,

Getting fit in New Jersey is no longer my cup of tea. I hate running here, I hate getting up early, I hate the lack of trails, I hate portion controls and weighing in, I hate the short jokes. Not everybody in New Jersey is short. I want to quit, what should I do?

Sounds like he has not changed much, what did you tell him?

With your permission I will answer him here.

Please do dah-ling.

Well, Mr. Feder, I know exactly what you're goin' through 'cause this past summer, I -- Roseanne Roseannadanna – took up jogging in this hotsy-totsy town called Passamaquoddy. ... “P-Quoddy”, as we who live there call it, is this cute tiny town in Maine where everybody who's anybody goes to spend the summer. And I really love “P-Quoddy” 'cause the air is clean and you got the ocean and the trees -- plus, you get to see a lot of interesting people wearin' cute little white sailor caps, joggin' and ridin' bicycles and sweatin' and breathin' like pigs! ...

Everybody out there is either a real health nut or a fisherman. They jog and fish, jog and fish. That’s all these people do. Some of them write books, like this Fred Appleton guy. Now, Fred Appleton is that really smart guy from Wisconsin who used to write about corn, and how eating it can keep you healthy, and all those other books that have corn in the title: "Let's Eat Corn" "Knee Deep In Corn" "Let's Eat More Corn" "Corn In The Kingdom" "Live Long, Eat Corn” "My Life In A Corn Crib" "Corn Chowder and 100 other Corn recipes" "I’ma Cooking Corn with Imma” “Pass the Corn, Your Pa’s Hungry” and I don’t know how many others. You can pick them up at Imma Itchy’s B&B gift shop.

These days Fred writes about fish. And let me, Roseanne Roseannadanna tell you something, he knows nothing about fish. I also heard a rumor that he’s patented a corn juicing machine.

Corn juice? That does not sound yummy. I think he’s a few ears short of a bushel. If you know what I mean dah-ling. But we are getting off topic please let’s get back to Mr. Feder.

Well anyway, I Roseanne Roseannadanna, enjoy jogging so much, that last year I decided to run in the annual 8 mile Jules Verne Marathon. I mean hey, if Skipper Scopa and Captain Slippy can do it. So can I, right?

So there we are, all lined up early in the morning down by Cooper’s light. I’m wearing my favorite running shorts and my Team Voice shirt. I look over and there’s Captain Slippy wearing his yellow slicker, cap and rubber boots. So I say “hey Captain Gorton you’re gonna sweat like a broiled fish stick in that!” So there we were, all 11 of us, ready to go. The day was marvelous. A nice breeze was coming in from the sea and there was not a cloud in the sky. Then BANG the race began. Off we go, and about a mile in, I’m feeling good and thinking about how happy I am about making the choice to be fit and everything, when all of a sudden this smell hits me. Turns out a freezer unit failed over at Chum Shop Earth. Let me tell you, it made me sick. I looked over at Captain Slippy, it didn’t even phase him. In fact I think he liked it. Finally the air clears and I’m approaching the water station at mile 2. By now I’m warmed up and a drink sounds good. So I grab a cup and take a swig. Suddenly I’m thinking, I’m gonna die, who’s bright idea was it to pass out sea water? Needless to say I bypassed the remaining “water stations” and as I approach the final mile, I notice that instead of water they are handing out ice cream treats. So I said to myself, Roseanne Roseannadanna you’ve worked hard, you’ve earned this. Take the ice cream. As I jogged passed, I took the treat and put it in my mouth. Again I thought I was gonna die! Who puts raw Sea Perch in ice cream! A Sea Perch Pop-Up they called it. I actually found these in the store and do you know what I discovered? It’s pet food. It says so right there on the package in teeny tiny print. “Not intended for human consumption. This is a pet food product” It’s in the freezer case next to the Herring Whips. I guess some stock boy got confused.

Dah-ling you’re making all of us sick. Nando must stop you there. How does this help Mr. Feder?

Well, Nando, it just goes to show ya. It's always somethin'! If it's not one thing, it's another! Either you can't get motivated or you end up standing around with a Sea Perch Pop-Up in your mouth. It's just like the little prayer that my father used to say to me before I went to sleep at night. He'd make sure I was all tucked in, snug and cozy and everything, and he'd tell me this prayer that was written by my very religious aunt -- Hosanna Roseannadanna. ... I'm gonna tell it to you.

Now I lay me down to sleep
And though my legs are sore from joggin.
I hope I die before I wake
'Cause what if next time they put a frog in! ...

Good night, my little Roseanne Roseannadanna!

Good night Roseanne, Thanks for stopping by. Right now Nando is not feeling so mahvelous. I’ll see you all next time, right here in the Hideaway.

Editors Note: Visit with the Jules Verne planning committee and ban Skipper Scopas little buddy from any associated concession assignment.

Note to editor. Dear sir allow us to bring to your attention that at the time of this past years Jules Verne marathon, the consumption warning had not yet been placed on the Sea Perch Pop-Up packaging. It was only added after the lawfirm of Crane, Poole, and Schmit sent Alan Shore and Denny Crane up against Jonathan Dichter. Without disclosing any details of the case, please be advised that Mr. Dichter successfully defended his client and in the process dealt Denny Crane his first court room defeat. One result of the verdict is the consumption warning on the afore mentioned product and new packaging for the Purina product Frosty Paws.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Caption This #06

From Me: Encouraged by his Ziggy Piggy award, Super Napoleon goes capeless and fails his first take off attempt. He then exclaimed merde, merde, merde!

From Doc Terminus: The tiny dictators union is officially on strike.

From Chris: On a dare from Lenny, Squiggy sets out to prove once and for all that "French Body Bowling" is a REAL sport

From MikeF: A little bit softer now. A little bit softer now.

From Rae: What!? No Dole Whips?!

From Me: Confusing bowling with wrestling, Napoleon prepares to call the pin.

From MikeF: A little bit louder now. A little bit louder now. AH little bit louder now.

From E: Trying to mix Drag racing and Break dancing, Napolean makes a practice pass of the highspeed worm!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dewey In Under 60

Well after getting past the dried fruit fiasco, today proved to be a much better experience. I set out this morning with the intention of getting in 8 miles.
But I changed my goal when I noticed that at the 5k mark I had achieved a new personal best 23.43. It occured to me that I could possibly reach a goal I set for myself a couple months back. That goal was to reach Dewey in an hour or less. That became my new goal this morning. And I made it. 54.05 min. I had to push to get there but it felt good once I was done.
The morning workouts are going well. Tomorrow begins my three day early start week. So exercise on those days will be back in the afternoon or evening.
Congrats again to Jonathan for reaching Darkwing and beyond. Chris announced he was considering a half marathon run today.
What are some of your goals for this week?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Iowa Corn Indy 250

Race Weekend In Newton, Iowa
It's All About The Corn Baby!
Woo Hoo!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yoo Hoo Jonathan come and get me.

Jonathan come and get me!

Can he do it? Of course he can! Everybody chant along. "the voice, the voice, the voice."

Jon I know I speak for all of us out here when I say "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Even Rob Schneider would agree.

On another note. This morning marked the third day this week that I did my jog in the morning rather than at night. That has gone pretty well. I felt crummy yesterday morning and today when I first got up. I think I figured out why though. Earlier this week I was looking for something tasty to enjoy for a snack. Something that might keep me from doing this...

What I came up with was not the great choice I thought it was. Dried fruit. I realized yesterday that the sugar concentration in this product is quite high. A diet coke and a Almond Joy bar might have been better for me.

Here is the Star Wars EPIV banner. Be sure to stop by and listen to the latest episode of All About the Mouse. With Special Guests Lou Mongello and Bryce Yelverton.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fernando's Hideaway With Jonathan Dichter

Saludos my dah-lings and welcome back to Fernando’s Hideaway.
You know as I was looking forward to this weeks special guest I said to myself. “Nando this interview could possibly take off in many directions. Are you sure you are up to the task?”

I must admit that even for a man of many talents,
and right now I’m talking to you dah-ling, and you know who you are.

Even with my talents I must admit to some trepidation while preparing for this interview, I mean it’s not every day that you get to speak with “The Voice” himself. I mean if he breaks into song will I know the words? Or perhaps more importantly will I be on key? It is such a concern that I may need to call up Bryan Ripper to help with the post interview editing. But here I am stalling when I should be letting my guest come out from our green room and make his way here to the booth. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Jonathan Dichter.

Wow Jonathan look at you! You are looking Mahvelous with a capitol M and you know I don’t say that to just anybody. Spin around once for me. I am amazed my friend. Muy Bueno. Please join me in the booth.

Thank you Fernando! Thank you so much for asking me to the hideaway. And may I say, YOU, my friend, look Mahvelous. Here - spin for me. Ah. Wonderful. We both look and feel mahvelous - simply mahvelous! And my compliments on that green room! I've never seen a room quite that shade of green! I'll call it the Kermit room. May I?

You may, and I never thought about it. You are correct it does resemble our mutual amphibian friend. I find it to be cool and friendly-like. You know, Kermit once told me its not easy being green. Besides it blends in with so many other ordinary things.

Jonathan during the past year I have enjoyed following your progress. I still recall looking over your shoulder that day when I sent you to the mirror so many months ago.

Well Nando, yes. I recall that too - and I must say - no matter how mahvelous we both are - it was quite a shock hearing from you! I've heard from many many people in my days - ducks, mice, crickets - but never someone....well YOU, Nando!

Yes I know that at first my presence startled you. And for that Nando is sorry. I mean I would feel uneasy myself if some suave guy suddenly appeared at my door with a group of friends and they all wanted to check me out in a mirror. Even if they did tell me I looked Mahvelous. I would still be, how should I say it dah-ling, freaked out. Overall I think you handled it well.

How could I not handle it well, Nando? When it's you - it's always a welcome surprise! Simply mahvelous!

Let’s go back to your shoulder for a moment. I could not help but notice that you have a brought along a friend today.

Ah yes - speaking of crickets - this is my friend Jiminy.

Ahem. Friend? I think you have my job title a little mistaken, "dah-ling".

Wow Jiminy you are one mahvelously dressed Cricket, tails and everything!

Well yes, thank you Nando. But before I get too far, I have to say - I am NOT Jonathan's friend. I am his certified conscience. You see - there I was, in a small garden near Seattle, and this guy was jogging past. And then...well...a nice blue lady came and asked me to watch out for him! And I've been with him ever since!

Amazing isn’t that absolutely amazing folks. Bueno for you my little friend. Are you still carrying around that gold star?
Of course I do! See? And all he has to do is whistle to get my attention!

Jonathan how long has Jiminy been guiding your conscience?

Well, Nando, Jiminy would like to say that this is a recent development, just since I've been running. But I know better.

Now now - no need to tell all our secrets here.

Why not? You came for the interview! Jiminy has been with me, well for years. Sometimes he's a little quieter.

Which means I'm speakin' just as normally as I am now, but Jonathan's not listening.

And sometimes he's louder.

Which means he's listening better.

Regardless - Jiminy is always with me, and frankly. We make a great team.

You know Juan, I must say this to you now, Because it is true. I sometimes hear Disney voices too. Why only a few nights ago, While out for an evening jog I stepped off a curb and onto an uneven surface. You should have seen me tumble. Somehow, and I’m not exactly sure how, I rolled forward and right back up to my feet. I never missed a step. Of course the voice of Buzz Lightyear suddenly entered my mind to inform me that although I was not flying, I could fall with style. And as you know dahling style is my thing.

Jonathan I get the impression that Jiminy is not your only inner monolog. Who else is speaking to you and helping you to Keep Moving Forward?

I have a wide variety of friends, both internally and externally, Fernando. Aside from Jiminy, my beautiful desperate mousewife Princess Amber, for one. And let's not forget Team Voice and all its members.

What about your other INTERNAL voices?

You mean like Poohbear who reminds me to think, think, think? Or Timon who reminds me to put your behind in your past? that right?

Oh boy.

Or Fozzie who reminds me that no matter HOW funny you look - just keep trying.

Jiminy do you concur? What am I thinking? Of course you do, forget I even asked that.

Not only do I concur - I'm sure he's forgetting's like a town meeting in here!

Following Mousefest you began to approach training in a whole new way. One of the first things you did was to hire a personal trainer. Which I feel was a mahvelous idea, and lately you have found motivation to begin increasing your mileage. You even have a little competition going on with Chris. Are you out to show the “Stroller Boy” that you are the “Stroller Man?”

Well - he'll always be the stroller guy. But I'm striving to prove that my good friend Mike Fess was right - although we have many goals - there is ONLY ONE VOICE.

So Nando is hearing you say that this is really more about finding motivation in new ways and having fun while reaching toward that next goal.

Of course it is! It's all in great fun! Chris, Mike, Jeff, Rae, Kate, Bryan, and all the gang - we all love the heck out of each other and support each other totally. These little competitions are just a way to push each other further towards our next bigger and better goals. And let me clue you in dah-ling, I already have some LOFTY goals for AFTER the race in January. Oh yes. But that's all I can say for now.

Speaking of that next goal, I have a surprise guest for you Jonathan.
Darkwing dah-ling come on in here.
You look mahvelous. Will you do a favor for Nando? Do not let Edna see that you are wearing a cape dah-ling. She would have kittens if she found out.

Fernando it is good to see you. I was pleased to get your call. I can only stay for a few minutes. So who’s the guy with the cricket?

Darkwing Duck allow me to introduce the fabulous Jonathan Dichter.

You’re that fellow Huey keeps talking about. Nice to meet you. I was expecting our first meeting to be this weekend. I have your Darkwing medal right here. No peaking. Just do the 4.91 miles and it’s yours.

Ah Darkwing. You know - I saw you a few days ago. I couldn't quite come meet you - little did I know you were JUST around the river bend. I hit 4.75 miles, and had no idea I hadn't quite gotten there yet. But something tells me I'll shake your this weekend!

4.75 miles is great! You are reaching new goals each week. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. And I'll tell Dewey to keep his eyes peeled!

Oh and Nando don’t worry about Edna, she and I run in different circles, and I am proud to say that I have gone over four years without a cape incident.

I heard that!
December, 2003 Mall Of America.
Just outside the “As Seen On TV Store.”
Cape caught in the escalator. You nearly strangled to death.
How many times must I repeat myself? NO CAPES!

Edna you are here too? This is turning out to be such a loco day in the Hideaway.

Pardon the interruption dah-ling this will only take a moment. (snip snip)
My work here is done. Nice to see you again Jonathan.

Nice to see you too Edna dahling. Thank you so much for NOT making that "Voice-Man" cape for me!

Oh don’t mention it dahling. I had so much fun designing your suit. But this is your interview. I should be going. Call me sometime, we’ll do brunch. TTFN dahlings.
(whistling) Oh Underdog where are you?

Did that really just happen?

Nando I’m afraid I need to run. Jonathan I fully expect to see you this weekend.
Edna, come back here with my cape!

Well that was a shocking moment. Did we get that on tape? Mahvelous make sure to send that over to TBS. Sorry about that Jonathan. This is just a wacky day.

Tell us about what Team Voice means to you.

Nando, I can't even begin to sum up what Team Voice means and has meant to me. I mean - here I was - a fat guy trying to guilt himself into losing weight by raising money for sick kids. And the next thing I know - people are writing to me. Sponsoring me. And then - JOINING me.
And now - now we all look and feel mahvelous. And we don't do it for guilt anymore. We do it for love of each other, love of ourselves, and love of those kids.
We do it for our love of Disney.

Team Voice, and its creator, Rae, are two of the brightest stars in my motivational universe. And that is saying something. I am honored every day to be a part of it.

You know Jonathan, I believe you stated that so very well. And Nando is touched to be playing his small part. Thank you both for stopping by the Hideaway today. You have been mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous. And I knew you would be.

Thanks again dah-lings. Please join Nando next time when my guest will be Glenn Whelan…one moment dah-lings I’m getting a message from the booth. No pun intended.

(whispering) What do you mean he’s missing?... Abducted by the army?...What do you mean “green army men”… Now you are pulling Nando’s leg which I kind of like, but not really…Well this is not fabulous…

Fernando is sorry for that interruption. It appears next weeks guest has been detained. But you know, I promised you a Glenn Whelan interview and one day, soon hopefully, Nando can bring that to you dah-lings.

Adios from the Hideaway.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Caption This #05

From Me: "Hey guys! Check out the green horn!"

From Doc Terminus: He's got a beard, you idiot! He traded his babyface to the sea witch and got scruffy! Geez, mon!

From Craig: They weren't kidding when they said seafood turns bad after three days.

From Jonathan: When I asked for personal grooming equipment for Father's day - this is NOT what I meant!

From MikeF: As we see here. A native Passamaquoddian trying to trim his nose hair. Just like his ancestors before him.

From Chris: What we have here is a prime example of why sailors shore leave should be extremely restricted!!!

Also From Chris: This crab has a bad case of human...

From Rae: I said 5 laps!!!!

From E: Ancient Mariners used to pierce their bodies and adorn themselves with jewels, this guy evidently didn't get that memo!

From Joggerblogger: Idiot! I said nasal clippers - not nippers.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Morning With Mancini

So this morning it was my turn to be a kid again. Oddly enough it had nothing to do with Disney. I made it out the door early this morning for another AM run. I was not sure what to expect regarding today's outing, being that it's been 6 days since I jogged last. But it went well. Henry Mancini was one reason for that.

Your thinking what? Yes you read correctly. Henri Mancini came across my shuffle selections today. Man that took me back to being a kid and how I used to enjoy listening to my parents record albums. They owned three Mancini soundtrack albums. The Pink Panther, Breakfast At Tiffany's, and Hatari!

This was my first introduction to the world of soundtrack albums. Even though I had not seen the movies. The music allowed my imagination to run wild. To this day I still enjoy soundtrack albums. My all time favorite is the original Star Wars V soundtrack. Now in that case I had seen the movie and I could visualize every scene.
Too cool.

Anyway for a brief amount of time today I was transported back to my childhood bedroom and my old radio shack combination turntable and 8-track player. Back to the posters of The Fonz, Kiss, and Loni Anderson. Back to the day when I still had a Mickey Mouse coin bank on my dresser. (I guess Disney did come into it after all.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Name That Film.

"You know what I think? Out there are all the answers."

"No, Ed, out there are cows. And plenty of them."

Ok. Since that one seemed to be so easy. Try this softball.

Put... the bunny... back... in the... box.

Ok. Doc is 2 for 2 here.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Oh, its coming from the cell block alright. Anywhere else?

Yes, Doc that is true. It fact the phrase seems to be a running joke with this director. I heard it his recent film and I believe it may also be found in each of its three predecessors. I am certain I heard it mentioned in 20K the Special Edition. Just before the giant squid activated those giant glow sticks...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I know this map is not much to look at. I had to zoom out quite a bit to include the notes I wanted to.

To the left hand side you can see that I marked where home is. On the right I marked my place of employment. We live far enough away from the river and on a high enough elevation that we are safe here.

Saylorville Dam up to the north is where all the flood waters are coming from. If you look at the middle of the picture I have marked out the width of the flooding allong the interstate. Plus I noted the located of the softball field from the other day.

The river crested late yesterday and Des Moines city officials were feeling good about how things were going. Then somewhere along the river a levee broke and further flooded the area of town surrounding North High School.

I wish I could find a map showing how truely spread out these waters are.

Update: I did fid this flood zone map on the City of Des Moines web page. The top portion of this map starts just below i80-i35. The was drwn up before the levee break.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Episode III Another Chance

Welcome to week three. I wish I could figure out how to enlarge these pics. Everytime I try to edit the html the picture disappears. Perhaps I need to choose a new template for the blog. Not sure what that would do to the existing posts. Has anyone out there changed their templates? And what were the effects on past posts?

So as for the picture, you can click on it to enlarge or you could also visit the show notes over at
All About The Mouse

Bryan and Jonathan, Once again let me say THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of the Magic and Mayhem. You guys are simply the best.

And because I don't have a teaser trailer for next weeks intro, here is a teaser pic instead. Can someone tell me how Those Darn Cats can pilot tie fighters without opposable thumbs? Click and save if you wish. It makes an interesting wallpaper.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Weather Here

I am not really sure where to begin with this post. Many parts of our country are experiencing flooding just as we are here in Iowa. After the floods of '93 I was not certain I would see such a sight again in my lifetime. Yet here we are. Over the past couple days the flood waters reaching into Des Moines have continued to rise.
Surprisingly to me, Des Moines seems to be presenting a certain amount of reserve in this crisis. In '93 the local news reporters did not help the situation with their "the sky is falling mentality." Some how it's different this time. The storys are more positive. We are hearing more about how people are pulling together. And I sit here in front of my TV amazed. Is it just that we have been through this before.

In '93 one local broadcaster rented a helicopter to present aerial views of the Des Moines Water Works. I learned about the helicopter because they advertised it all over the place. "We're your first eye in the Sky" "Join our top anchor for a new angle on the '93 floods". I thought it was funny that they had to put their top male anchor in the helicopter. Post flood the network in question purchased their own helicopter. Strangely Mr. Top Anchor was grounded and to my knowledge he has not been back up. Of course that could change at any point now. "Gimme that mic buddy I'm moving in." Ok I know I'm getting a bit silly here.

Truthfully as I said. I am amazed at how level headed the media and the general public have been.

However you can't leave out the looky-loo's along the I80/I35 intersate. There is a long streach of flooded land on both sides of the intersate. It goes on for miles. And everybody feels the need to sssssslllllllooooowwwwww down. I personally know of two people involved in accidents and I nearly was too. So lets rank Mr looky-loo up there with this past winters Mr Invicible shall we.

Along the south side of the intersate is the Des Moines Girls League softball fields. Now if you look at the picture below the water looks pretty high. As of this morning you could only see the roof. That pink wall is nowhere in site. Perhaps worth noting is that mile 7 of the Dam to Dam race is located about 400 feet south of this building. Placing the road under about 6-8 feet of water. Hard to beleive I just ran on it only a couple weeks ago.

This picture is from the town of Cedar Rapids. From the looks of it their downtown district appears to be getting hit harder than far. Can you imagine Cinderella Castle at the end of this main street?

Now I do want be serious for a moment and mention some sad news that occured early last night. Just outside of Omaha in Iowa is the Little Sioux Boy Scout camp.
A tornado developed nearby and before the scouts had any real warning it was upon them. Four young men lost their lives and many others were injured. This is certainly a tragedy and my heart goes out to the families. Amazingly the other scouts had the presence of mind to look after and care for each other in an amazing way while rescue workers had to cut through trees just to reach them. I feel that I could not do the story true justice. So I am pasting a few links below for those of you interested in learning more.

On a trainng note. June is really turning into a bust. I had wanted to go out tonight but for the past few hours my stomach has been telling me no. Not sure why but I am not going to risk it. Here are those links.

Severe Weather In Iowa

Boy Scout tells of surviving Little Sioux tornado

Some Thoughts on the Tragedy at Little Sioux

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fernando's Hideaway Welcomes Rae!

Saludos my dahlings and you know who you are, once again it is I Fernando. Tonight not only do I look mahvelous, I feel mahvelous too. I must confess to you that it has been awhile since I could say that. As you know, for many years I have lived be my fathers credo “that it is better to look good, than to feel good.”

He was both wise and mahvelous. But tonight, thanks to my special guest, I most happily exclaim that while it may be better to look good, than to feel good, it is best to feel good as well. Over the past mucho many months my guest has taught me that you can sweat and still look mahvelous at the same time.

So without any further delay, join me in welcoming my dear friend and supporter Rae!

Rae it is so wonderful to see you again. I can hardly believe it has been over six months. And you know I must say this to you, because it is true. You look mahvelous absolutely mahvelous.

Holy Cats!!
Thanks Fernando. You look mahvelous as always.

Why thank you dahling, you know I like that you said “Holy Cats” just now. Did you know that I Nando, have caught myself saying that quite often. Why only yesterday I was visiting a friends house and he did not have his air conditioning on. “Holy Cats!” I exclaimed “do you know what this will do to my hair?”

But that is enough about me let’s get back to you. Rae many of my guests know you as the founder of Team Voice and from your personal blog. Take us back to how this all began for you.

Fernando it all started with “The Voice” chanting “The Voice” and I just came up with it as a play on words. And now it has turned into a support group. And I am just speechless over it. And I am glad to be a part of it.

As you know dahling a couple weeks ago Jeff W stopped by. Off camera he was telling me about the inaugural Team Voice meet at Disney’s Boardwalk. He said your numbers have grown dramatically since those days during Mousefest. About how many members do you have today and who are a few of the newest ones to join?

We started with 7. And now we are up to 37-38?? I will have to ask Deb. She is now in charge of the new members. And the newest member is my own Mother. How fabulous is that! Teresa Culberhouse. Princess Fee, from Princess Fee Dairies., Steve Bagby from Running for a Wish.

Holy Cats, Mom too! That is not only fabulous, that is mahvelous. And speaking of fabulous those numbers are astounding. Congratulations to you and everybody for choosing to dedicate yourselves to better fitness and for helping out kids. I want to close by talking about the kids today but for now let’s continue our interview.

I know that last years Tower of Terror 13K was not as enjoyable for you as the recent Minnie Marathon you completed. What have been some of the personal challenges you have overcome this past year? What helped to make the Minnie such a better experience?

The Tower of Terror 13k was my first major race ever. And by the time we made it to mile 6 I hit the wall. I hit it so hard I do not remember some of the race. I wanted to sit down and wait for the medics but E would not let me and he dragged me the rest of the way. And I spent the rest of the time in the bathroom. I learned a lot about me and what not to do. I wasn’t going to do anymore races. The Tower of Terror had scared me off. But I did a local 5k and didn’t get sick and I just kept moving forward. Then we did the Minnie 15k. I never hit that wall. I had a lot of fun at the Minnie. Going through the parks, seeing characters, and knowing that Team Voice was there in spirit.

We are so glad that you did not give up. Like Byron said so many months ago, you got to Keep Moving Forward even when times are challenging. I must tell you dahling that over the past numerous months, that the out pouring of support across the blogs, has been mahvelous. It really does help Nando to Keep Moving Forward. I know that local support means a great deal as well. Recently you celebrated a two year anniversary with perhaps your biggest supporter Eric. How important is that at home support for you?

Fernando, without the support from home none of it would be possible. But most of all we have to believe in ourselves.

What advice or encouragement would you like to give those Team Members stopping by the Hideaway today?

All of us are doing this for ourselves. And as a Team we can do it together. It’s not about winning the race it is about finishing the race. Who knows, I am looking at possibly doing the Goofy in 2010. Holy Cats!!!

Muy Bueno! I applaud you for reaching toward bigger and better goals. I am like you. For me it is about seeing this thing through and finishing the race. But I know that besides achieving the coveted Duck Medallion, you along with a number of other Team Voice members are combining your goals and working on another noble cause. And that would be raising money to help kids through the Make A Wish foundation. Earlier you mentioned Steve Bagby who is working with Kip Koonce over at They are working toward helping families that can be helped through his local Make A Wish Chapter. I know our guests can stop by Raeplace and in the right hand side bar there is a donation spot. Please remind us where else others may go to donate.

There is also Running To Disney who is also collecting, for the Dream Team Project., And of course the Mayhem to the Magic. The Voice.

Rae it has been a pleasure to have you join me here in the Hideaway. Please say hola’ to the rest of your family for me.

And now amigos the time has come for Fernando to say farewell. Please join me next time when I am joined here in the Hideaway by....You know what? Let's have some fun. I have just decided to let next weeks guest remain a mystery.

Rae do you prefer to Tango or Mambo?

Thank you for inviting here Nando, I had a mahvelous time!!! I thought you would never ask….. Let’s Tango!

Bueno! let’s dance.

Adios my friends…

Monday, June 9, 2008

Caption This #4

From caballerofan:
"There's nothing quite like a good nights sleep with the windows open."
From Doc Terminus:
The problem with making string designs in your sleep. "...Jacob's Ladder.... Witches Broom... Tea Cup...
From Rae!:
This is what happens when you do not finish a Team Voice challenge.
From Chris:
If you look carefully, you can see the "snorer" in his natural habitat...
From Basil:
Now I know why DisHippy (Jeff from MO) hasn't posted in a while.
From Craig:
(in a soft, slow voice) "Here we see a great specimen of the species treedwellius sleepius, more commonly known as crazy-mustachoid-fellow-who-sleeps-in-a-bed-strung-up-in-trees. While not indiginous to these parts, some specimens were transplanted to this area in the 1920's by traders seeking rare forest fungi. The evolution of this species has provided a unique talent in the animal world: never waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It is obvious to see that losing this instinct would be disastrous."
From Jason:
You'll never guess what happened, last night I had a dream that i was a giant spider and when I woke up.........!

Thunder boomers here tonight. My legs are feeling pretty good now. I am on 8-5 this week and next. My plan is to get some good sleep tonight and get a jog in before work tomorrow. This will be quite a change in routine for me. But I want to give it a try. If it is still storming in the morning I will go to SNAP. No excuses.

6/10/08 Update. Well I did it. I was up early and out the door at 6am. I had a great run 6 miles in under 55 min. At some point this week I will be reviewing where I am on my jogging to WDW miles. I know that as a whole I am behind. (I think by about 50-60 miles) So when I get a chance I will work updating my plan to reach that goal.
Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

There's No Need To Fear...

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here.

When criminals in this world appear,
And break the laws that they should fear,
And frighten all who see or hear,
The cry goes up both far and near for

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder,
Fighting all who rob or plunder
Underdog, Underdog.

When in this world the headlines read
Of those who's hearts are filled with greed
And rob and steal from those in need.
To right this wrong with blinding speed goes

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder,
Fighting all who rob or plunder
Underdog, Underdog.

So here it is 2:00AM and I really should be in bed. The Bad News Bears is playing on my tv at the moment. The original with Walter Matthau. I miss Walter, and for that matter I miss Jack too. Grumpy Old Men is one of my all time favorite comedies. So why am I talking about Matthau? I have no idea, I'm tired. Now Underdog here was inspired by Jonathans comments on Friday. Keep moving forward pal. I can really sense your "roar of thunder" over the past several days.

Oh and while I'm thinking about it. Thanks go out to Deb for her "Hang In There" comment. Now if only I could get this image out of my mind.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Episode II Revenge Of The Green Army Men

Kidnapped!? Good grief hasn't the town of Passamaquoddy been through enough lately?
Glenn, wherever you are in the Galaxy right now, I hope you return safely and soon. When your away from P-Quoddy the place just falls apart.

Well Team here is what I drove home in last night. Tornado warnings everywhere.

So no jog last night. It wasn't safe to go up to snap and I did not want to jog on the hard deck of my cheap treadmill. So opps there goes Juneathon. I am planning on going out Saturday and doing 4-6 miles. A jog for today is still up in the air. I feel like going ahead and giving my joints another day of rest though. We'll see. Inaction bothers me, but sometimes you need to listen to your body.

A few of you are aware of another issue that is going on out here on the Tundra. Without going into details on this blog I must say that this may affect my training in the days ahead as I may be needed elsewhere outside of work.

Rae it was great to chat with you this week. I will ask Fernando where his interview questions are.

Keep your focus everyone we are nearly halfway there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fernando's Hideaway: Edna Mode

Saludos my dahlings and you know who you are, welcome back to the hideaway.

Sharing the booth with me tonight is someone I am certain that you are all familiar with. She is well known throughout the world for her fashionable heroic attire. She has recently come under attack for her hard line stance on no capes. Please welcome Edna Mode.

Why dahling I’m breathless you look mahvelous absolutely mahvelous.

Of course dahling, did you expect that I wouldn’t? Hmm?

And I can tell by my reflection in your glasses that I too look mahvelous.

You look, oh how shall I say it? Well your hair looks marvelous, but those clothes. This is a hobo suit, dahling. You can't be seen in this. I won't allow it! In the seventies, maybe, but not now. You need a new suit. That much is certain.

A new suit? Well that’s hokey dokey with me, but where am I going to get a new suit at this hour?

You can't! It's impossible! I'm far too busy. So ask me now, before I again become sane.

You want to make for me, Nando, a new suit?

You push too hard, darling! But I accept. It will be bold. Dramatic! In fact I have already designed one for you.

You can try it on later.

You know why I love you dahling? You are always so prepared.

Yes, I know, dahling. I know.

Let’s move on to something else, we know that you design for the Supers, but who would you say has the best eye for commercial fashion?

Dahling I see from the many updated photographs on the walls behind us that you already share my answer. Of course that would be Tim Gunn.

You must know that I am a big fan of Tim’s, he has such mahvelous taste.
I recently watched your guest appearance on Project Runway. Was that shot in Prague?

Milan dahling, Milan. It was a show featuring designs worn by today’s “top” supermodels.

Ha! Nothing super about them. Spoiled, stupid, little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves.

It’s all Tyra’s fault, her and that Miss J. Feh! I used to design for gods. How I miss the days before the real Supers had to go into hiding.

Speaking of Runway I feel that Santino was robbed. Would you agree?

I don’t disagree at all dahling. Anyone who can design and do such a delightful impression of Tim at the same time gets my vote.

Recently Tim was featured in some national Macy’s commercials along with domestic diva, Martha Stewart.

Domestic diva!? Ha! While I will admit that she does possess a certain business savvy let’s face it, the woman designs bedspreads in pastels. Pastels!!! Who does pastels really? And her tag line…who is she kidding? “It’s a good thing.” Blah blah blah. I say it’s all (censored)

Edna I feel the passion of your feelings. And let me tell you, I kind of like it.

Speaking of passion, and as you know I’m all for it. Tell us all about the personal crusade that you are working on.

Dahling I just knew we were going to come around to this. Yes it’s true I have been a long time advocate for No Capes. It seems I am constantly addressing this issue. Why only last week I had to remind a feline friend of mine about the inherent danger of not only capes but also of cuffed pants.

Cuffed pants? Feline friend? Would that have been Catwoman?

No dahling it was one of the Mistresses of Enchantment and Chaos. I not sure if I’m allowed to say which one.

It wasn’t enough that she already knew the fate of such Supers as Thunderhead, Stratogal, Meta-man, Dynaguy, and Splashdown. No, it was when I told her the tragic story about G-Girl that she finally saw the light. So now I have a new mantra. No Capes, No Cuffs, Be safe, don’t get snuffed.

Ahh the famous bike rack accident. What brought that up?

It’s was a sorted tale about good fashion that was entrusted to the wrong hands.
I suggest you visit
her blog to get the full scoop. I just can’t bring myself to repeat such a tragic story. I get worked up every time I think about it dahling.

About G-Girl?

No, about the jeans dahling!

True very true I hate to see fashion abuse.
Any other areas of concern regarding Super fashion?

Metallic utility belts are a no no.

Please do explain.

Summer 1966, Gotham Harbor. Batman and the Boy Wonder where stuck to a magnetized buoy in the bay. If that noble porpoise had not leaped in front of that missile, that would have sealed their doom.

Now dahling its time for you to try on your new suit. This project has completely confiscated my life. My best work, I must admit. Simple, elegant, yet bold. You will die. When I designed Mr. Incredibles suit, and it turned out so beautiful, I had to continue.

Edna, this is beyond mahvelous Nando is speechless and you know, that in itself is amazing.

Yes, words are useless. Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble!
Too much of it, dahling. Too much! That is why I show you my work.

Again this week I feel giddy. I’ll try it on right now and model it for you over there on the veranda.

I cut it a little roomy for the free movement. The fabric is comfortable for sensitive skin, and can also withstand a temperature of over 1000 degrees. Completely bulletproof. And machine washable, dahling. Your suit can stretch as far as you can, without injuring yourself, and still retain its shape. Virtually indestructible...yet it breathes like Egyptian cotton.

Well, dahling? What do you think?

E, I look mahvelous absolutely mahvelous. Wouldn’t you agree.

Oh course you do dahling! How could you not!

Thank you for stopping by the hideaway E. Joining me in the booth next time will be none other than the founder of Team Voice RAE!

Nando, perhaps you should skip the mask dahling, it takes away from the now.

Either way dahling I look mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Caption This #3

"Man I'm gonna feel this in the morning!"

From: Doc Terminus
"Back to the drawing board on the solid finish line ribbon"

From: Craig Wheeler

...what it feels like to hit "the wall"

From: Mike Fess

And just like that. Jack's attempt at making the olympic Limbo team went down in flames.

From: Matt: "Watch out for that... BANG!!!"

From Jason: Didn't the hurdles use to do the falling?

I have to tell you that this evening I can identify with this runner. I didn't run my head into a beam or anything like that. I just pushed it too far tonight. With working evenings this week I should get a run in during the day. But I have not been doing that. Instead I have been running immediatly after returning home for the evening. This in and of itself is not bad. It's my approach that is flawed. In an effort to participate in Juneathon I have forgone giving my legs a rest following this past weekends run. I figured it was ok, as long as I kept the runs short. Say around two miles. The problem is that once I start I feel like just knocking it out quickly and being done with it. I have been running faster than before and tonight with only three days into the month I have developed chin splits on my right leg. Usually I do not ache until the day after a run. Tonight I could barley make it upstairs to shower. Making it back down to the computer was not good either. So here I sit with a bag of frozen corn on my leg.(I'm telling the truth) And hey it feels better for know. Tomorrow I will need to make a decision on the Juneathon. Hopefully I will feel better and can just be smarter about pacing myself.