Saturday, June 14, 2008


I know this map is not much to look at. I had to zoom out quite a bit to include the notes I wanted to.

To the left hand side you can see that I marked where home is. On the right I marked my place of employment. We live far enough away from the river and on a high enough elevation that we are safe here.

Saylorville Dam up to the north is where all the flood waters are coming from. If you look at the middle of the picture I have marked out the width of the flooding allong the interstate. Plus I noted the located of the softball field from the other day.

The river crested late yesterday and Des Moines city officials were feeling good about how things were going. Then somewhere along the river a levee broke and further flooded the area of town surrounding North High School.

I wish I could find a map showing how truely spread out these waters are.

Update: I did fid this flood zone map on the City of Des Moines web page. The top portion of this map starts just below i80-i35. The was drwn up before the levee break.

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sambycat said...

thank you for the pics and updates. my geography sucks. i'm glad you are high and dry for now. this is so stupid but i cant understand how things flood exactly if you are not in a narrow valley. i mean, the water comes up and if you are right on the banks, yeah, you are flooded, but doesn't the water spread out? doesn't gravity suck it all over the earth and unless you are below sea level, isn't everywhere "down hill"? my head hurts