Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fernando's Hideaway Welcomes Rae!

Saludos my dahlings and you know who you are, once again it is I Fernando. Tonight not only do I look mahvelous, I feel mahvelous too. I must confess to you that it has been awhile since I could say that. As you know, for many years I have lived be my fathers credo “that it is better to look good, than to feel good.”

He was both wise and mahvelous. But tonight, thanks to my special guest, I most happily exclaim that while it may be better to look good, than to feel good, it is best to feel good as well. Over the past mucho many months my guest has taught me that you can sweat and still look mahvelous at the same time.

So without any further delay, join me in welcoming my dear friend and supporter Rae!

Rae it is so wonderful to see you again. I can hardly believe it has been over six months. And you know I must say this to you, because it is true. You look mahvelous absolutely mahvelous.

Holy Cats!!
Thanks Fernando. You look mahvelous as always.

Why thank you dahling, you know I like that you said “Holy Cats” just now. Did you know that I Nando, have caught myself saying that quite often. Why only yesterday I was visiting a friends house and he did not have his air conditioning on. “Holy Cats!” I exclaimed “do you know what this will do to my hair?”

But that is enough about me let’s get back to you. Rae many of my guests know you as the founder of Team Voice and from your personal blog. Take us back to how this all began for you.

Fernando it all started with “The Voice” chanting “The Voice” and I just came up with it as a play on words. And now it has turned into a support group. And I am just speechless over it. And I am glad to be a part of it.

As you know dahling a couple weeks ago Jeff W stopped by. Off camera he was telling me about the inaugural Team Voice meet at Disney’s Boardwalk. He said your numbers have grown dramatically since those days during Mousefest. About how many members do you have today and who are a few of the newest ones to join?

We started with 7. And now we are up to 37-38?? I will have to ask Deb. She is now in charge of the new members. And the newest member is my own Mother. How fabulous is that! Teresa Culberhouse. Princess Fee, from Princess Fee Dairies., Steve Bagby from Running for a Wish.

Holy Cats, Mom too! That is not only fabulous, that is mahvelous. And speaking of fabulous those numbers are astounding. Congratulations to you and everybody for choosing to dedicate yourselves to better fitness and for helping out kids. I want to close by talking about the kids today but for now let’s continue our interview.

I know that last years Tower of Terror 13K was not as enjoyable for you as the recent Minnie Marathon you completed. What have been some of the personal challenges you have overcome this past year? What helped to make the Minnie such a better experience?

The Tower of Terror 13k was my first major race ever. And by the time we made it to mile 6 I hit the wall. I hit it so hard I do not remember some of the race. I wanted to sit down and wait for the medics but E would not let me and he dragged me the rest of the way. And I spent the rest of the time in the bathroom. I learned a lot about me and what not to do. I wasn’t going to do anymore races. The Tower of Terror had scared me off. But I did a local 5k and didn’t get sick and I just kept moving forward. Then we did the Minnie 15k. I never hit that wall. I had a lot of fun at the Minnie. Going through the parks, seeing characters, and knowing that Team Voice was there in spirit.

We are so glad that you did not give up. Like Byron said so many months ago, you got to Keep Moving Forward even when times are challenging. I must tell you dahling that over the past numerous months, that the out pouring of support across the blogs, has been mahvelous. It really does help Nando to Keep Moving Forward. I know that local support means a great deal as well. Recently you celebrated a two year anniversary with perhaps your biggest supporter Eric. How important is that at home support for you?

Fernando, without the support from home none of it would be possible. But most of all we have to believe in ourselves.

What advice or encouragement would you like to give those Team Members stopping by the Hideaway today?

All of us are doing this for ourselves. And as a Team we can do it together. It’s not about winning the race it is about finishing the race. Who knows, I am looking at possibly doing the Goofy in 2010. Holy Cats!!!

Muy Bueno! I applaud you for reaching toward bigger and better goals. I am like you. For me it is about seeing this thing through and finishing the race. But I know that besides achieving the coveted Duck Medallion, you along with a number of other Team Voice members are combining your goals and working on another noble cause. And that would be raising money to help kids through the Make A Wish foundation. Earlier you mentioned Steve Bagby who is working with Kip Koonce over at They are working toward helping families that can be helped through his local Make A Wish Chapter. I know our guests can stop by Raeplace and in the right hand side bar there is a donation spot. Please remind us where else others may go to donate.

There is also Running To Disney who is also collecting, for the Dream Team Project., And of course the Mayhem to the Magic. The Voice.

Rae it has been a pleasure to have you join me here in the Hideaway. Please say hola’ to the rest of your family for me.

And now amigos the time has come for Fernando to say farewell. Please join me next time when I am joined here in the Hideaway by....You know what? Let's have some fun. I have just decided to let next weeks guest remain a mystery.

Rae do you prefer to Tango or Mambo?

Thank you for inviting here Nando, I had a mahvelous time!!! I thought you would never ask….. Let’s Tango!

Bueno! let’s dance.

Adios my friends…


Matt said...

Holy Cats, what a great interview Fernando and Rae!!!

DebWDW said...

Fabulous interview -- you two bring out the best in each other!!

Anonymous said...

Nando and Rae! An unbeatable combination! I can't wait for Nando's next interview! Deb? Stroller Boy?

Me?!?!?! :)


MikeF. said...

Great interview! Nando it even read mahvelous!

Chris said...

Egg-cellent interview, Nando. Your mahvelousness knows no boundries!

Rae! said...

Holy Cats!!!! {blushing}