Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scrooged? Nope I made it.

Tough run today. Managed to meet up with Uncle Scrooge though. Tough because I should have drank more water yesterday and also the sun this morning was brutal. I got out the door two hours later than I planned. Thankfully I did carry water with me. Twice I found myself slowing down to a walk, but I had no trouble getting back into a rhythm.
Admittedly I did almost stop about halfway through. But then I though about Kate's "Will You Run For ME Poem" that she wrote and sent to Jonathan. Click over and give it a read.
My mantra for the rest of the run was "Yes I will run for you" and it made a big difference.
I hope you all have great runs this weekend.


Matt said...

Good Job Jeff!!!

DebWDW said...

Your creativity continues to amaze me!

Chris said...

LOL, almost the same scenario for me this morning! Except, instead of the 10mi I was going to came in at 6.5mi.....I think I need the read that letter/poem!

Glad someone hit their goal! Way to go! :-)

Joggerblogger said...

You and Jonathon are now officially the dehydrated twins...

I made the mistake once of not drinking enough - man did I feel ILL!

Well done on carrying on.

Rae! said...

Good job on moving forward.
Water is my new best friend.
I posted a video one of my friends sent me.
Keep up the great work!!!