Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Concluded? Time will Tell...

Magic And Mayhem Restored

With Episode 5 is concluded. What does the future hold for our galactic cast of characters?

Perhaps the most important question is, will the cost of Pizza delivery go up? BUt consider these questions as well.

Will Lilou Mongello be able to tame experiment 626?

After months of counciling can Buzz Lightyear and his father Glenn "Emperor Zurg" Whelan really patch things up? Will they join forces? For good? Evil?

Now that Studios' East and West are built. How will Desperate Mousewives Amydalla and Princess Amber learn to cope with their husbands Disney podcasting obsession?

Only the fate of Those Darn Cats remains unknown. All we know at this time is that they're out there, waiting for another chance to reign Enchantment and Chaos upon another unsuspecting world.

And now what are your thoughts regarding the future of these characters?


MikeF. said...

So the saga ends, but not the fun.

sambycat said...

we'll be back!