Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fernando's Hideaway With Jonathan Dichter

Saludos my dah-lings and welcome back to Fernando’s Hideaway.
You know as I was looking forward to this weeks special guest I said to myself. “Nando this interview could possibly take off in many directions. Are you sure you are up to the task?”

I must admit that even for a man of many talents,
and right now I’m talking to you dah-ling, and you know who you are.

Even with my talents I must admit to some trepidation while preparing for this interview, I mean it’s not every day that you get to speak with “The Voice” himself. I mean if he breaks into song will I know the words? Or perhaps more importantly will I be on key? It is such a concern that I may need to call up Bryan Ripper to help with the post interview editing. But here I am stalling when I should be letting my guest come out from our green room and make his way here to the booth. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Jonathan Dichter.

Wow Jonathan look at you! You are looking Mahvelous with a capitol M and you know I don’t say that to just anybody. Spin around once for me. I am amazed my friend. Muy Bueno. Please join me in the booth.

Thank you Fernando! Thank you so much for asking me to the hideaway. And may I say, YOU, my friend, look Mahvelous. Here - spin for me. Ah. Wonderful. We both look and feel mahvelous - simply mahvelous! And my compliments on that green room! I've never seen a room quite that shade of green! I'll call it the Kermit room. May I?

You may, and I never thought about it. You are correct it does resemble our mutual amphibian friend. I find it to be cool and friendly-like. You know, Kermit once told me its not easy being green. Besides it blends in with so many other ordinary things.

Jonathan during the past year I have enjoyed following your progress. I still recall looking over your shoulder that day when I sent you to the mirror so many months ago.

Well Nando, yes. I recall that too - and I must say - no matter how mahvelous we both are - it was quite a shock hearing from you! I've heard from many many people in my days - ducks, mice, crickets - but never someone....well YOU, Nando!

Yes I know that at first my presence startled you. And for that Nando is sorry. I mean I would feel uneasy myself if some suave guy suddenly appeared at my door with a group of friends and they all wanted to check me out in a mirror. Even if they did tell me I looked Mahvelous. I would still be, how should I say it dah-ling, freaked out. Overall I think you handled it well.

How could I not handle it well, Nando? When it's you - it's always a welcome surprise! Simply mahvelous!

Let’s go back to your shoulder for a moment. I could not help but notice that you have a brought along a friend today.

Ah yes - speaking of crickets - this is my friend Jiminy.

Ahem. Friend? I think you have my job title a little mistaken, "dah-ling".

Wow Jiminy you are one mahvelously dressed Cricket, tails and everything!

Well yes, thank you Nando. But before I get too far, I have to say - I am NOT Jonathan's friend. I am his certified conscience. You see - there I was, in a small garden near Seattle, and this guy was jogging past. And then...well...a nice blue lady came and asked me to watch out for him! And I've been with him ever since!

Amazing isn’t that absolutely amazing folks. Bueno for you my little friend. Are you still carrying around that gold star?
Of course I do! See? And all he has to do is whistle to get my attention!

Jonathan how long has Jiminy been guiding your conscience?

Well, Nando, Jiminy would like to say that this is a recent development, just since I've been running. But I know better.

Now now - no need to tell all our secrets here.

Why not? You came for the interview! Jiminy has been with me, well for years. Sometimes he's a little quieter.

Which means I'm speakin' just as normally as I am now, but Jonathan's not listening.

And sometimes he's louder.

Which means he's listening better.

Regardless - Jiminy is always with me, and frankly. We make a great team.

You know Juan, I must say this to you now, Because it is true. I sometimes hear Disney voices too. Why only a few nights ago, While out for an evening jog I stepped off a curb and onto an uneven surface. You should have seen me tumble. Somehow, and I’m not exactly sure how, I rolled forward and right back up to my feet. I never missed a step. Of course the voice of Buzz Lightyear suddenly entered my mind to inform me that although I was not flying, I could fall with style. And as you know dahling style is my thing.

Jonathan I get the impression that Jiminy is not your only inner monolog. Who else is speaking to you and helping you to Keep Moving Forward?

I have a wide variety of friends, both internally and externally, Fernando. Aside from Jiminy, my beautiful desperate mousewife Princess Amber, for one. And let's not forget Team Voice and all its members.

What about your other INTERNAL voices?

You mean like Poohbear who reminds me to think, think, think? Or Timon who reminds me to put your behind in your past? that right?

Oh boy.

Or Fozzie who reminds me that no matter HOW funny you look - just keep trying.

Jiminy do you concur? What am I thinking? Of course you do, forget I even asked that.

Not only do I concur - I'm sure he's forgetting's like a town meeting in here!

Following Mousefest you began to approach training in a whole new way. One of the first things you did was to hire a personal trainer. Which I feel was a mahvelous idea, and lately you have found motivation to begin increasing your mileage. You even have a little competition going on with Chris. Are you out to show the “Stroller Boy” that you are the “Stroller Man?”

Well - he'll always be the stroller guy. But I'm striving to prove that my good friend Mike Fess was right - although we have many goals - there is ONLY ONE VOICE.

So Nando is hearing you say that this is really more about finding motivation in new ways and having fun while reaching toward that next goal.

Of course it is! It's all in great fun! Chris, Mike, Jeff, Rae, Kate, Bryan, and all the gang - we all love the heck out of each other and support each other totally. These little competitions are just a way to push each other further towards our next bigger and better goals. And let me clue you in dah-ling, I already have some LOFTY goals for AFTER the race in January. Oh yes. But that's all I can say for now.

Speaking of that next goal, I have a surprise guest for you Jonathan.
Darkwing dah-ling come on in here.
You look mahvelous. Will you do a favor for Nando? Do not let Edna see that you are wearing a cape dah-ling. She would have kittens if she found out.

Fernando it is good to see you. I was pleased to get your call. I can only stay for a few minutes. So who’s the guy with the cricket?

Darkwing Duck allow me to introduce the fabulous Jonathan Dichter.

You’re that fellow Huey keeps talking about. Nice to meet you. I was expecting our first meeting to be this weekend. I have your Darkwing medal right here. No peaking. Just do the 4.91 miles and it’s yours.

Ah Darkwing. You know - I saw you a few days ago. I couldn't quite come meet you - little did I know you were JUST around the river bend. I hit 4.75 miles, and had no idea I hadn't quite gotten there yet. But something tells me I'll shake your this weekend!

4.75 miles is great! You are reaching new goals each week. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. And I'll tell Dewey to keep his eyes peeled!

Oh and Nando don’t worry about Edna, she and I run in different circles, and I am proud to say that I have gone over four years without a cape incident.

I heard that!
December, 2003 Mall Of America.
Just outside the “As Seen On TV Store.”
Cape caught in the escalator. You nearly strangled to death.
How many times must I repeat myself? NO CAPES!

Edna you are here too? This is turning out to be such a loco day in the Hideaway.

Pardon the interruption dah-ling this will only take a moment. (snip snip)
My work here is done. Nice to see you again Jonathan.

Nice to see you too Edna dahling. Thank you so much for NOT making that "Voice-Man" cape for me!

Oh don’t mention it dahling. I had so much fun designing your suit. But this is your interview. I should be going. Call me sometime, we’ll do brunch. TTFN dahlings.
(whistling) Oh Underdog where are you?

Did that really just happen?

Nando I’m afraid I need to run. Jonathan I fully expect to see you this weekend.
Edna, come back here with my cape!

Well that was a shocking moment. Did we get that on tape? Mahvelous make sure to send that over to TBS. Sorry about that Jonathan. This is just a wacky day.

Tell us about what Team Voice means to you.

Nando, I can't even begin to sum up what Team Voice means and has meant to me. I mean - here I was - a fat guy trying to guilt himself into losing weight by raising money for sick kids. And the next thing I know - people are writing to me. Sponsoring me. And then - JOINING me.
And now - now we all look and feel mahvelous. And we don't do it for guilt anymore. We do it for love of each other, love of ourselves, and love of those kids.
We do it for our love of Disney.

Team Voice, and its creator, Rae, are two of the brightest stars in my motivational universe. And that is saying something. I am honored every day to be a part of it.

You know Jonathan, I believe you stated that so very well. And Nando is touched to be playing his small part. Thank you both for stopping by the Hideaway today. You have been mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous. And I knew you would be.

Thanks again dah-lings. Please join Nando next time when my guest will be Glenn Whelan…one moment dah-lings I’m getting a message from the booth. No pun intended.

(whispering) What do you mean he’s missing?... Abducted by the army?...What do you mean “green army men”… Now you are pulling Nando’s leg which I kind of like, but not really…Well this is not fabulous…

Fernando is sorry for that interruption. It appears next weeks guest has been detained. But you know, I promised you a Glenn Whelan interview and one day, soon hopefully, Nando can bring that to you dah-lings.

Adios from the Hideaway.


Chris said...

Fabulous work once again, Nando! Another masterpiece of interviewing. :-)

Perhaps I should change my name to "The man with the Mahvelous Stroller, but no cape"...thoughts? LOL

Rae! said...

Great interview!! Alot of interruptions though.
Kudos to you Nando!! Jonathan awesome!!!

DebWDW said...

Nando and Jonathan and gang, the interview was mucho entertaining!

MikeF. said...

Amazing. Just amazing