Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Blog Look and New Goals.

After a brief hiatus I am back, feeling motivated, and ready to get serious again on the training front. Post January's Marathon weekend, I have allowed my training to slip into nothingness. At most I am getting out once every two weeks and that really does no good. There MUST be consistencey to yield results in endurance and weight loss. My last jog was two weeks ago and I completed 6 miles at a decent 11:29 pace but it took so much out of me.

Dam to Dam is only a couple weeks away and I am feeling that I am going to skip it. If I do choose not to run DAM it's not about throwing in the towel. Far from it in fact. Right now I need to be sensible while reclaiming once good habits. I do not want to end up injured and then finding myself on the sidelines slipping into less motivation. (which has happened before) For now DAM is a coin toss and I'll make a decision on that over the next two weeks.

The bigger goal is down the road on October 21st for the Des Moines Marathon. The company I work for remains a sponser and I will once again be able to register free of charge. My immediate goal would be to run the half again and beat January's 2:24 finish. I feel this is a reasonable goal and a stepping stone for what "may" lay ahead.

This past week RunDisney released the 2013 marathon weekend course maps. The half remains the same, but to celebration the 20 anniversary of marathon weekend Disney has overhauled the "Full" course and it looks amazing.


I've run five Disney half marathons, two Des Moines half marathons, five DAM to Dams and never once did the thought of running a full marathon cross my mind until I saw this course. Unfortunately I've no plans to visit marathon weekend this coming January. The reasons are varied but it comes down to this. As much as I enjoy visiting the resort I just need to step back and take a break from it. Since buying into DVC we have been down a lot and this year I'll be making an unheard of third trip which will include two nights at Vero Beach. Sea Turtles anyone?

2014 will be here soon enough and right now I'm thinking Mickey over Donald.