Saturday, February 4, 2012

Le Cellier Cheese Soup

An annual tradition at my house (for the past few years anyway) is to enjoy Superbowl Sunday with a nice bowl of Le Cellier Cheese soup. It's easy to make this delicious soup at home. A year or two ago Mike Speed also joined the annual bacon rendering feastivities.

Before closing this post I do want to give an update. Mileage wise I've been very consistent post Disney. Since returning home I've been averaging 20-24 miles a week. These have been both treadmill and road miles. One week after WDW I managed to finally break 6 miles in 60 minutes. That was a great feeling.

Now while the mileage has been good I have to confess that my weight has been all over the place. When I traveled to WDW I weighed in at 219. Upon returning I weighed in at 220 for a one pound gain. Pretty darn good I thought. I week later I was back down to 217 and then I decided to recalculate my calorie needs. I realized I had actually been quite low in my daily goal. I added 200 calories per day and to my surprise I had a great weigh in the following Friday of 213. Since that time I'm back up to 218. I'm very frustrated over this. I will confess that last weekend I went to a blues festival and there were plenty of drinks flowing that night. Hopefully next Friday will bring another loss.