Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heads Up

I booked my stay last night for during the marathon.
Arrive 01/06/09 Depart 01/13/09.
Staying at Pop Century (aka Scopa Towers)

There are a few things I would like to pass on about booking this trip with you guys.
Originally I called to simply reserve a room. I was going to purchase tickets and everything else later. But here is what I ran into.
The first rate I was quoted for just the hotel was insane. They wanted to charge me a full peak season rate because “we can not guarantee what the ’09 rates will be”
I explained that I found a much cheaper rate online over on the marathon booking page.
The Disney Cast Member looked that up and confirmed that I was correct.
So I explained that was the rate I wanted but, I also wanted to wait on purchasing tickets until I knew if my whole family was coming down. The Cast Member stated that because this is a special “package” rate I would have to purchase at least a one day ticket.
Ok I understood that, so I said just go ahead and give me a 7 day hopper for one guest.
The total was less that the original “room only” quote by $10.
Next I asked about adding the dining plan on at a later time.
The response was “the Disney dining plan is not an option for this package” the reason, “because ’09 rates for that plan have not been announced.”
The cast member explained that it “might” be possible to add that on later in the year. But she offered no guarantee. I confirmed that the marathon booking page does not offer this add on. It is listed there but there is no drop down to add it.
I asked if a billing reminder will be sent out once the balance is due. I was told no. It was up to me to remember that. No e-mail and no statement in the mail. What’s up with that?

I called Disney again today to further inquire about the possibilty of Dining becoming an option. The answer was the same however, this Cast Member "Utaisia" was simply awesome to chat with. Even though she too could not guarantee this option she made me feel more at ease about its possibilty.

If you have not booked your bunk yet look into it and be sure to ask for marathon rates. I am not certain how they will handle the rate if you happen to be an annual pass holder.

It looks like my whole family should be able to come down but we will not know for certain what the high school is doing with finals until May. Currently they are scheduled for Dec but the faculty has to vote on the schedule.

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 27

Flex Used This Week: 3/35

Exercise: Yes


mgreene said...


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caballerofan said...

Many excellent Tips there thanks.

Anonymous said...

For the TOT 13K the package rate with the run was higher than the passholder rate. BUT the lowest rate turned out to be a special rate available to anyone that they announced maybe a month or two in advance.

For the 1/2M, I could not get the passholder rate for a Sat - Tues ressie. They had sold out the passholder rooms. But not one to give up, I checked 6 days before the ressie started and found new availability. Perhaps some people decided not to go to the marathon. So I saved big $.

I highly recommend checking for any current discounts up until you have to pay for the ressie from

One drawback of buying the tix with the room is that you end up having to pay 45 days in advance. With room only ressies you can cancel up to 6 days in advance and only require one night's refinable deposit.

Anonymous said...

oops 'refundable' deposit :-)