Sunday, February 3, 2008

6 in 60

Post Superbowl greetings,

What a dull game. (But then I just watch for the commercials) Till the last quarter that is. What a comeback! I really did not have a favorite team going into this afternoons game. In fact I don't have a favorite team at all. I did go into the flex points tonight and that is noted below.

I noticed I have not blogged since Thursday. Points have been good. I took my Friday rest day and then never got to it on Saturday.

We went out of town this past Saturday and drove down to the Unfinished Furniture store in Oskaloosa. It is located about an hour from where we live. Our mission was to find a new computer hutch with doors, which we could put on our main floor. This way it's easier to monitor the kids. We had tried many stores and after learning about this store we decided a nice road trip would be worth it, regardless of if we found anything. The trip paid off, we found an oak hutch that perfectly meets our needs.

When the "tundra" warms up a bit I still need to stain and seal it but hey we got a nice deal. Information on this store can be found here after loading up our purchase we traveled to Pella. Pella is know for it's Dutch history. We stopped and visited a few shops in the town square. It is much like a true 'Main Street' of olden days. We eventually came to the Jaarsma Family Bakery. This place was packed with customers. We each had a dutch letter and bought some cookies for the kids. A dutch letter is basically an almond paste rolled up in a flaky sugary crust. It is baked in the shape of an S.

Jaarma delivers, so if you like dutch pasties visit their site here.

Upon returning home we decided to put the new desk into service, even though I will need to unload it this spring to finish it off. Everything was going great until I pressed the power button on my pc tower. Nothing happened. For some reason the power supply decided it was time to fail. I tried a few things with no luck. I called Ray who lives in town, and also works for the same company I do for his opinion. He agreed it sounded like the supply and he actually had a spare and brought it over for us to borrow. Now all is well and I need to order a new supply.

Being that I did not exercise yesterday I made no excuses about getting to it today. My wife and I went up before going over to her Dads to watch the big game. About 25 min into it I wanted to stop. I had fallen into the trap of pushing myself just a bit further than I should at this point. I had ramped the speed up to 6.7 and maintained it for longer than I should have. I dropped the speed back down to a 6 and realized if I kept going I could get a full 6 miles in during my hour. Somehow I stuck it out and hit that 6th mile just moments before the 60 min mark. To get there I did not do a cool down. I just "kept moving forward".

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 28
Flex Used This Week: 3/35
Exercise: Rest Day

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 28
Flex Used This Week: 3/35
Exercise: No

Today (Sunday begins a new Flex Week)
Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 34
Flex Used This Week: 5/35
Exercise: Yes

Matt over on the Team Voice forums has started a new blog.
Be sure to stop by and say hello and welcome Matt


Matt said...

Yea! That's Me!!!

Matt said...

Oops! I hit publish to soon. Thanks for the welcome!

Rae! said...

I just posted the Team Voice logos.

Joggerblogger said...

Nice work Mr Tundra - I'm back online :-D

Sounds great over in your little corner of the world.