Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Late Night

It's nearly 11:30 pm amd I have not exercised today.
Off work late. Computer had a virus. But hey, life goes on.
I should have gone up and exercised while my pc ran another system scan. But I didn't.
I have to get up for work in about seven hours so I have decided to skip the exercise tonight.
My thoughts are saying just make this your rest day, and make it up on Friday.
Sounds good if I stick to it.

Daily Point range (24-29)
Today’s Points: 21
Flex Used This Week: 5/35
Exercise: No, But I did shovel another 3 inches off the driveway this morning. 30min.

Well better get to bed...

1 comment:

DebWDW said...

Rest is a good thing!