Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't Be A Couch Potato

So I’ve made a decision and now I need to come up with a plan. How am I going to catch up on those 44 miles? Well one thing for certain is I can’t be a couch potato. I would hate to earn one of these.

Rather I should be peelin’ tators so to speak.
What do I mean by? Well admittedly I do watch a fair share of TV. We all know I get through my home treadmill routines by visiting TM theater. Perhaps its time to make TV time, TMTV time.
This occurred to me last night while laying on the couch watching “The Biggest Loser”. Next up was “Big Brother 9” which we had recorded earlier on the DVR. Again, just lying around on the couch. The couch can be a problem for me. Especially, if my plans are to workout later that night. I can become very apathetic to the idea of exercise while lying there. While I prefer the machines at SNAP the funny thing about not using the one at home is the fact that it is right next to than couch I'm laying on.

Now I like the idea of walking during shows such as “Biggest Loser” but I am not certain why I watch that train wreck they call Big Brother.

Tonight I walked through four more episodes of Zorro. I’m really digging it. When I saw these as a kid I only caught an episode here and there. Now I get to watch them in order and experience the whole story.

Mileage posted in the right hand column.


Rae! said...

You can award me the couch potato award I have been doing that a lot lately. I can't get back into my groove. :(
I like the map and the way to track your miles. I was thinking doing weekly mileage for those of us who need more of a challenge.What do you think??

caballerofan said...


You are not a couch potato. You are an inspiration. And your groove is still there. I just know it is. Hope your arm feels better soon.

I would like to see everyone set up at least one personal challenge or goal each month.

And as far as the map goes. I hope Craig and Kristin realize that we all have to jog back home after the 1/2 marathon. Oh my goodness now I have a 2 year plan. eek!

For me possibly jogging back for Mousefest 09 will be the real killer. haha.