Friday, February 22, 2008

Out Of The Night,

When The Full Moon Is Bright, Comes a horseman known as...

Those of you following this blog know that I am a big classic movie fan. Yesterday I received a Disney Movie Reward that I had been saving my points for. A boxed set of the complete first season of Disney's Zorro. 5 DVDs containing 39 episodes. It is currently sold as a Disney Movie Club exclusive. Which can be purchased only if you are member. Disney Movie Reward members can pick a set up for 2200 pts.

So tonight I am planning a walking trip over at Treadmill Theater.

Update 10:40pm

Well I have indeed visited the old TM Theater. I walked 5.32 miles in 80 Min. The episodes I have watched so far have been a lot of fun. There's nothing like a good swashbuckling adventure. One thing about these releases surprised me. The episodes have been colorized. I was expecting the original B/W copies. A number of years ago when Ted Turner purchased rights to MGM he colorized a number of films. Some looked pretty good while others looked like crud. These Zorro episodes look fantastic. As if they were originally filmed this way.

I have not joined the Disney Movie club in the past but if exclusive films such as these are being offered I may consider it. A flyer in the first DVD listed programmed wrapped and labeled As "The Wonderful World Of Disney" which is the version of Disney television programming I grew up with. So I made need to look further into this.

But for now I'm heading over to the microwave and popping a bag of Heathly-Pop Popcorn. I'm going to watch a few more episodes. I feel like such a kid.


Joggerblogger said...

Sweet :-) I love Zorro - the new movies are one of my daughters fav's as well.

I love the old black and white Flash Gordon, Superman & rocketeer type shows :-) That's all we could get growing up in the UK as a kid in the 70s and 80s with 3 channels.

Nice work on the run on the dreadmill.

Doc Terminus said...

Uh oh.. bad news for my bank account... Good news for the Zorro fix...

Craig - said...

I've not seen any zorro episodes. But I know the feeling. We got Netflix recently, and along with the newer movies, I've been revisiting a lot of childhood favorites. Some of them I still enjoy, but others I look at and can't imagine how I ever liked them.

MikeF. said...

The movie shrek2 ruined Zoro for me. Every time I see Zoro all I can think of is the scene in Shrek 2 where they firts meet Puss and Boots. Sorry Hairball. Anyways good job on at TM theater. Keep it up.