Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Wheels

Well yesterday I had a nice treadmill run in the new shoes. 6.2 miles. I have already highlighted my log sheet to track the mileage on them. These shoes are a change for me. My last two pairs were Saucony's and these are Asics. After inspecting my last pair the salesman suggested that I go slightly narrower. My last shoe was a wide and though it seemed comfortable there was considerable wear inside the shoe. The salesman said that was from excessive movement.

I certainly can't complain after yesterday jog. I still have time to continue trying them out. But I thik these are going to work out fine.

A number of you have sent me comments or e-mails asking what is a Huey. A Huey is 3.27 miles or 2/8 of the distance of a 1/2 marathon. Other duck characters represent the other 8ths. I posted a chart last January on this blog.

This link will take you to it.

Todays exercise will have to wait for after work. But I am prepared. I am bringing a gym bag with me and will stop at SNAP afterward.
Update 11:40pm. Made it to SNAP packing the gym bag proved to be a fine idea. I did 30min of strength training and then hopped onto the TM. About 1.5 miles in I developed a stitch in my right side so I slowed things down to a walk and after a bit it seemed to pass. It came right back once I jogged again though. Not sure what caused it, but I decided to listen to my body and I stopped at 2.64 miles. The shoes did nicely again tonight so I am pleased with that.
Till next time...


MikeF. said...

Look at the shinny new shoes. Hope they work out for you. Plus Jeff how can I get a Donald metal. I went to his house on Sunday. I did not stay long because I had a little more traveling to do. He told me to talk to you.

caballerofan said...


I have not put together a Donald medal. Simply because the real thing is the true goal. But I know some people will reach that goal during training, so perhaps tonight or tomorrow I'll make one up.
So if you ran 13.1 miles. I would be happy to set you up with medals.
Send your e-mail address to and I will get back to you within the next couple days.

Are you training for the half or full?

Craig - said...

Nick kicks. I've also been running in Asics. Very comfortable so far...but I have nothing else to compare them to.

Rae! said...

Gee it looks like I started something with the medals. :){big grin}
I am glad you like your new shoes.I have Brooks motion control.I need to get a new pair.I have 250 miles on them. And 0 injury.:)
It sounds like you were having a cramp in you side.Core exercises will help that.sit ups.
Great job on miles.