Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1374 Miles 26.5 Miles Per Week 52 Weeks

Have you checked out Craig and Kristin's blog "Running to Disney?" I really like the theme they have come up with. So much so that I am going to make that a goal myself over this next year.
This post title says it all. That's what I have to put in before I get on the plane to head down to Orlando.

As things stand today I am behind that goal by about 44 miles. Even though 44 sounds like a lot of miles I feel that I can do it. I just need to do a couple things. Make certain that from this point on I reach the 26.5 MPW and put in a little extra. At some point in the months ahead I would like to meet and beat the monthly mileage I had last September during the Jon-A-Thon. 216.49 miles. What I need to decide is whether to do that before or after Dam to Dam in May. I am thinking after might be the better plan.

I have posted a picture to show where this years mileage puts me so far. 114 miles east of Des Moines. Just about to take a turn south.

Tonight was a WOG at SNAP 5.3 Miles 60min.

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MikeF. said...

That's awesome Jeff! Good luck. I know you will be able to accomplish that goal.

Craig - said...

Welcome aboard. 1374 miles for Jeff. 509 miles each for Craig and Kristin. Looks like you've one-upped us! :)

Our goal puts us at about 10 miles per week each, and the plan that we formulated and have stuck to was to run about three days a week. We knew going in we'd be below the pace at the start, but would definitely be above it in the last few months. Kristin is at about 6 miles per week. I am putting in about 9. When we planned this, we knew it was a very very attainable goal. And we've publicly stated that we think we will exceed it. Two months in, I still believe we will.

Congrats for your commitment to run the distance alone. I look forward to seeing your progress.