Thursday, January 3, 2008

Magic 8-Ball I'm Up 3 lbs. What shall I do?

Man I am a little bummed here. But I know what choices (or lack of) that contributed to that.
I could blame my water intake. I have been drinking more diet sodas than water for a few weeks now. I don't post the sodas because they are zero points. I know water is a better choice. And heck I have filtered water in my refrigerator door. So no excuse. How simple could it be?

I feel that my biggest issue is that until this week, I had not been exercising at the level I was at when I was running outside. I got some miles in after MouseFest but they were walking miles and not long jogs. Now I am not putting down the walking miles. They are important and I enjoy doing them. It's just that walking was only half of my regular routine. Jogging was the other half.

Joining Snap this past Monday should prove to be one of the best decisions I make in '08.
I have been able to get at least an hour of good solid work in everyday since joining. So I am expecting to see better a weigh in next week. Oh and last week I did not weigh in. I realized it a day late and just blew it off. I thought I'm ok. So please, if you guys notice that I have not posted my weight on a Wednesday post, either in a blog title or in the right hand column, remind me and give me a good kick in the pants.

Oh and just for good measure I make another mistake this morning. I skipped breakfast. I have the day off and decided to check e-mail this morning. Then I decided I would work on another piece for Glenn's Passamaquoddy blog. Before I knew it the clock said its 11:00am.

BK: Missed
LN: 6 pts. Spagetti
DN: 8 pt. Maid Rite sandwich w/beans
SN: 4 pts. Low Fat Cottage cheese with fresh pineapple.
EX: TM 32 min 2.89 miles. E 30 1.5 miles. Saturday I intend to jog longer on the TM.

Be sure to check out Bryan Rippers humorous contribution to AATC. He wrote the piece posted on 01/02/08.


Rae! said...

Did you know if you could make it through the cravings for the soda, that you will drop nearly 5 pounds in a week?? It is the salt and sugar in the drink.And it dehydrates the body.

Joggerblogger said...

Love the 8 Ball and the movie :-)

Keep it going dude - you are rocking!

Hoping we can meet up this year.