Monday, January 21, 2008

The Good,Bad, and Ugly (of the last 3 days)

I am not sure where to start today. And I want to end this post on a positive note. So lets try this. When the film The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly opens up it introduces the three main characters in the reverse order of the films title. So here goes.

The Ugly Part 1:
I have been dealing with some work related stress, due to the fact that my supervisor has resigned from the company. He is a great guy and will be missed by lots of people. I have never had a better boss. He has been very supportive of his staff and even helped me through some tough times a couple years ago involving my son and school. My department is understaffed and fills a vital role. His leadership will be greatly missed. I can not emphazie that enough. I'm not worried about my job, it's all the work that's coming our way. Plus, we are supposed to have enough staff to cover 24/7. We only have 4 men, so good luck with that. I want to take 2 weeks off next January for the marathon trip. Even though it is so far out, my boss would have worked with me on that. Not too sure what will happen now.

The Ugly Part 2:
My wife called me over to the computer tonight to show me our cell phone bill. Have you ever seen a 4 figure phone bill? I almost had a heart attack right then and there. I was sick.
My kids both have cell phones and they text all the time. It drives me crazy. In December my wife went to visit our cell phone provider in the mall and changed our plan to include unlimited text messaging. Well, it turns out they never applied the change to our account. Every text my kids sent out from mid December to today was billed at 45 cents per text. The store remembered my wife had been in and we had proof, but because the amount is so high the credit must be approved by a District Manager. Could be three days. I'm still sick about it.

The Bad:
Friday has always been a rest day for me. But I did not exercise Saturday or Sunday. I have not been coping well with the stress that I am allowing myself to feel, and I have been eating more than I should. A lot more. Nutty Bars, Pretzels, Tostitoes and cheese. My head is screaming Enough, Enough, Enough!

The Good:
Ok, now for something good. I did exercise tonight after work. Happily, it was before the phone incident. After a short 7 min warm up on the ellipticle I hopped on the treadmill and managed the best 5k that I have had in months. 3.1 miles in 29.20 minutes.
I received an e-mail from our high school band instructer at school, and it looks like next years Jazz concert would not interfere with having the family come down for the marathon. Finals that week could remain an issue though.
Oh, and one more very important thing happened today. I registered for the race!!!
I almost booked the hotel today too, but I am waiting just a day or two more before I do.
If it's just me then it's Scopa towers. If my family can make it down then perhaps French Quarter.

Sorry for this long venting post guys. I will work on viewing the glass as half full and not half empty going forward.

Not posting food today. I have already stated how it's been going. Tomorrow I will work on sticking to the right decisions and will be posting points again.

Go Team Voice!


Rae! said...

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I understand the stress of work. They haven't benn giving me the time off I ask for and I am worried that I will not get the half off.then this is suppose to be season. I get sent home so much I do not have any paid time off any more.
I have been looking for Another job.
Your phone bill.that is insane. They made the mistake. Been through that.and they fixed it on the spot not three days later.

You will get back on track.these are just road blocks we all have to work through. Don't worry to much about the food,you will make it back.
Just like I have to wait till nearly the end of this week for my internet to be fixed!!
2010 is going to be when both of is are going to do the goofy.
You registered! Awesome!
We haven't just yet.

Team Voice!

DebWDW said...

Another GOOD thing is that it's only January, and you are at a good point in your training. I think it's okay if you back off a TAD on your training for now, until things settle down at work. You might try shortening your miles/minutes, but ramping up the intesity/incline?

My knees and ankles are a little wonky, so I only run once a week, on Saturday. The other five days I walk at 3.5 speed on 5.0 incline for 2.5 miles. It's good cardio for me and it strengthens my calves.

Work harder for less time, keep the food reasonable, and don't stress out about the TEMPORARY change in your routine right now. We're ALL going to have these ups and downs this year!

Just keep moving and take one day at a time! You've got Team Voice pulling for you.