Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five Days Out

Twenty-four plus hours remain until we leave for the airport and marathon weekend and already I am having trouble sleeping. The excitement has been building as over the past few days emails and texts have been going back and forth. By noon Monday I was already packed. Trace contacted me a few days ago and confirmed that Yehaa Bob would be performing at the River's Roost in Port Orleans Riverside on Thursday evening. My plan is to be there between 7:30 and 8:00 so hopefully the sports expo will not be super busy after 5:00. I have already checked in with DVC online so the transfer from OKW to BLT should be smooth once we arrive. It sounds like we should have a nice turn out to see Bob. We will be in Animal Kingdom during so text me if you are there and would like to meet up.

I am a little concerned with the predicted temperatures for Florida. Saturday morning 28 degrees with an expected high of 47. Of course it could be worse, its currently -6 (-21 if you include wind chill)out here on the Tundra. Still, freezing is freezing. Looks like I need to pack a long sleeve tech shirt. If you've been copied on the emails regarding team meets then you should have my phone number. Feel free to text me during the trip if you have any questions.

2010 Post WDW Marathon End of Year Motivational Goals

Walk, Run, Elliptical or Bike. Bring it on!

Jonathan to DL 1,179
Matt to DL 1,874
Justin to DL 1,568

Chris to WDW 1,213
Mike to WDW 1,263
Trace to WDW 1,172
Jeff to WDW 1,389

Anyone else want in?


Justin said...

The predicted temps are within a degree or two of what we had at the 2009 Des Moines Marathon back in October. (shudder)

It looks like I'll be wearing the same gear I did at Des Moines.

Chris said...

Ice Man will be wearing revealing shorts and a tank top (if that). LOL

Matt said...

I'm In!!!

Amanda said...

I'm in!