Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the shelf for now.

I am officially placing DAM to DAM 2010 on the shelf. At this time I do not see it happening. The first month after WDW I was on track and doing well with mileage at the gym. Since Superbowl Sunday however... I have only worked out four times. I could put the blame on many things but I am going to refrain from doing that. For nearly two years I have grumbled about how far I have slipped since my best DAM run in 2008. A 20K in 2:04 seems like such a dream to me now, but only short time ago I lived it.

The injuries I suffered in October 08 and again following DAM 09 have healed. The struggle I am dealing with now is all mental. I want to be back in shape right now but I have to put the last 4 1/2 years into perspective to get there.

That 2:04 finish did not just happen, it was the result of nearly three years of walking and jogging.

Back in 2005 I began walking an hour each night for health reasons. Later in the year I was encouraged by a few people at my church to consider running DAM to DAM. I began turning my walks into runs and soon discovered that what I had been doing to simply to get fit was something I actually enjoyed. In 2006 I signed up for my first DAM race and came out with a nice 2:19 finish. Although I did not run DAM in 07 I was staying consistent with jogging and maintaining my weight loss. When Spring rolled around the following year I was ready to take on DAM again.

October 08 following the Des Moines half marathon(2:22)I had my first experience with plantar fasciitis. The pain kept me from training the way I would have liked going into that first WDW half back in 09 and that was reflected in a 2:49 finish.

Over the years I have noticed a pattern within myself that follows the accomplishments of finishing a race. Its like "oh well thats done. Now I can coast awhile and relax."

When DAM 09 came around I was not prepared. My heart was in it but I knew my finish would not be pretty. I expected a slower time but had kept telling myself that I really just wanted to finish. I was proud to have finished but it came at a cost. I made a horrible error in judgement when it came to my footwear. Rather than using the arch supports that had worked so well for me I had used a pair of Dr Scholls gel inserts. The support was not there and when I returned home and stepped out of my car I realized that I once again had plantar fasciitis.

The 09 DAM run was also unique in that in past years the first mile has been a fast walk and that worked good for me as a nice warmup. In 09 everyone started off at race pace and soon I was running faster that I had trained for just to keep from getting run over. It is with that first mile in mind that I have decided to not enter DAM this year. I simply do not see myself as being ready by June.

But don't worry I'm not hanging my running shoes up just yet. There's still WDW 2011 out there and possibly a mouse and not a duck waiting for me at the finish line.

My plan right now is to focus on weight loss and simply getting in an hour of exercise a day at least six days a week. As the year progresses I'll work on extending that hour and the miles.


Justin said...

Sorry to hear you won't be running DAM this year. But, you're being smart about it. You have to have a solid foundation of training under you to run a good time without resulting in injury.

It appears that you're taking the long view and getting that training foundation back under you so you can run a strong and satisfying race in January. Mickey huh? Cool.

What about the DAM 5K?

Amanda said...

I'm sure it was a hard decision to hold off on the Dam race this year. I know you've enjoyed it in the past, but I think you're being smart. It's good to know when you're ready and when you'd end up hurting yourself to get it done. There are other races ahead and I know you can and will do those well!

If you decide to do Mickey in 2011 I'll be there running/walking it with you!

Just try to focus on putting one foot in front of the other right now and things will start going the way you want.

Trust me I feel what you're saying and I'm struggling right now too. I just remember telling you that I don't want to struggle through the Goofy (at least not to the point of utter pain) and that's helping me get back on track.

Remember, I'm around whenever you need a kick in the pants or a way to go :)!

Rae! said...

That is a good choice. I am there with you. I got to get the weight under control and then pick back up.

Do not wait to long. And 2011 I will be there either race you pick I will be in it. ;)

Jeff W. said...

Justin I forgot about the 5K. Sounds like a great idea.

sambycat said...

i totally hear you