Sunday, March 2, 2008

Running To Disney Update

Before the update I would like to thank those of you who left comments yesterday. I appreciate it. And let me give a special thank you to Lisa of "Those Darn Cats" from Mouse Guest weekly for stopping by. I have added a link to her blog in the Blog file. Lisa I did not know you had a blog. Silly me. I mean what self respecting Disney fan doesn't have a blog right? haha. Be sure you stop by and check it out. What I have read over there so far has been quite funny and entertaining. Nicely done Lisa.

With February over, it’s time to update my run to Disney. The start date I choose is Jan 13th which was the Sunday following this years half marathon. This way week 52 ends with the ’09 run.

With week 7 over here is where I’m at. I plan on updateing these numbers either every two weeks or at months end. Not sure which yet.

Miles to WDW. 1374
Miles ran to date. 135.29
Miles remaining 1238.7

My weekly goal is 26.5 miles.
I just committed to this idea recently and therefore the first 6 weeks mileage falls a bit short.

Last week I was able to go above my weekly and reach 31.25 miles.
This reduced a mileage deficit of 54.95 miles down to 50.20. I am sure that as the Tundra thaws I can chip away at that, a mile or two at a time.

Tonight I once again walked through the valleys of California with 3 episodes of Zorro. Mileage posted to the right.

Tomorrow begins my crummy early start week. Three days 5am to 2pm. By Wednesday I will dragging. Plus after a beautiful afternoon with temps in the mid 40s we now have 2 inches of freshly fallen snow for me to address with the Tundra calorie burner before I leave in 4 1/2 hours. Well I guess that means I should get some sleep. But I need to finish my homemade Lapu Lapu first. Not sure why I mixed one tonight. It sounded good at the time. Please don't anyone add the calories up on it for me. I don't want to know.


DisHippy said...

I have actually never been there but I do want to make it there sometime soon. I just have to make time for in between work and my girlfriends work and school schedule. But I will make it there.

Joggerblogger said...

Nice running work, I'll catch up with your posts asap :-) Well done!