Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Connect The Dots

Well it seems that March is a month that is bringing some new challenges for a number of us. But have no fear fellow Team Voice members we will all find our Groove and get it on!

Having been under the weather myself, for the past few days has really bothered me. Today I finally felt well enough to venture outdoors. This morning’s temps were in the low 40s. A couple issues became clear for me. Following my walking warm up, I began jogging and about a mile out I had to slow back down to a walk. The reason was because I was running at a pace that is comfortable on the treadmill but not yet one I’m ready to maintain over long road distances. From then on it was a WOG with the jogging portions mostly being a half mile at a time. I am sure a lot of it has to do with having been ill. But man even knowing that can still be a bummer unless you place it into proper perspective, which I managed to do.

As I pondered today’s performance I found myself thinking about connect the dot pictures, and how over the next several months our different goals could be part of completing our own big picture.

My immediate goal will be to warm up between dot A and B and then prolonging a jog through the rest of the ABC’s or a least one tenth of a mile past the letter M.

So what are you guys working on connecting?

I see a couple comments have been posted before I put up the text of this post. So let me respond.

Craig, a WOG is when you alternate walking and jogging. It can be intentional or in my case today it was because I could not maintain a jogging pace. But I kept going to get those miles in. Many runners will do interval training to improve stamina which is something my doctor recommends. Typically that would be alternating pace while maintaining a jog.

Deb, I agree Mickey Ears would have suited him nicely. Here's one I made just for you.


Craig - said...

What is Wog?

DebWDW said...

I never know what I'll see on your page! Your creativity is amazing. But shouldn't he be wearing Mickey ears?

DisHippy said...

Sweet! I love connect the dots. lol. I've heard about the hard ships happening with the team voice members. I think we just need to get into spring so everyone is feeling better. That way it will probably be a bit easier for everyone to get into a groove. Also, did you get my email back about the link list? You can email to let me know or just comment my blog. Whatever easier. Later.

mgreene said...

Jeff, in interval training, the "jog" part is actually where you run faster than your normal pace so that you become used the the uncomfortable feeling of running faster. Your body will eventually adapt to this faster pace, and you will be able to maintain it. (Just to make clear it's not just running at your normal pace and then walking in between intervals).

It can be VERY effective. When I first started doing interval training (I was doing fast 400s (or quarter miles)), my 10K times dropped from the 42 minute range down to the 38:30 range and my 5Ks dropped from 19:20 to 17:45.

It would be even more effective for slower runners as they would see a greater increase in speed.

I do them weekly - try to do 3 miles total of the fast part with an equal time amount in the rest periods in between. It's NOT a fun workout ;)

caballerofan said...


Thanks for explaining more clearly what I was trying to say about intervals.

So for those of you reading, please do not confuse wogging and interval training.

I would much prefer to do an interval than a WOG.
My approach to intervals so far has mostly been driven by music. For example when on the Treadmill at SNAP if Molly Hatchets "Dreams I'll Never See" comes up on the Ipod then I know I'm in for a 7 minute butt kicking as I turn the speed up from 6.2 to 7.

All the recent TM theater sessions have not done me much good. As I do not enjoy running on my home machine.(much harder deck)So those sessions are usually just walking. The only reason I haven't been to SNAP for working out is my work schedule. I know its 24/7 but for the past week either my schedule was a drag or I was sick.

Thankfully warm weather is coming.

DebWDW said...

Thanks for the ears, Jeff!