Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Puppies Are Here.

Newell to you all,

Well today marks the DVD release of Disney's original classic version of 101 Dalmations. I have always liked this movie. In fact my wife and I liked it so much we actually bought a Dalmation puppy many years ago. Here's a picture of me and Bogie from 1989.

Bogie was with us for 11 years. He was a hyper fella up until about 9 years. The only thing that ever slowed him down was when he developed trouble in his hips. I hereditary problem that I guess many large pure bred dogs have. He was a very good dog. We could never keep him off the couch or the bed, kind of like Jake only heavier and not quite as needy.

Oh, and for those of you who prefer cats. (Lisa) Here's a pic for you.

Thursday our Junior High is hosting a Friends of Fine Arts show. The theme is Disney. I can't wait.

The weather here over the past couple days has been nice. Of course by the time I can enjoy it, it's evening and things have cooled back down. So more Zorro. Miles posted at right.

And did you guys notice my cousin posted a comment on Saturdays blog. How cool is that? I have other family members that read the blog from time to time, but Shelley is the first to post a comment here. Yeah! Thanks Shelley.

Oh and before I close tonight the comments left regarding Scopa's age do not reflect my opinion of the man. I'm sure Matt was just having some fun. Much like we all give Lou a hard time about his stature or rather the lack there of. Just kidding.

Till next time, Scopa! And remember there is always room for Mongello.


Rae! said...

Hi cousin! Hi Jeff sorry I haven't been by we have just been real busy car hunting. Today I just thought to stop.I like the 101 puppies.I am picking mine up today.
Great job on the mileage.And a good picture of you! Have a great day.

Matt said...

I love this movie, however, I'm probably going to wait about 6 months when the price goes down before I buy it. Nothing against Disney, I just like to keep some of my money.

I love the picture of you and Bogie.

DebWDW said...

Dalmations are SOOOOO cool!