Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away

Greetings from the Tundra. Our pal Donald here seems to be digging the snow. I just can't be that enthusiastic. The sooner the trails are clear the better. Tonight to reach my weeks ending goal I needed to put in 10 miles. Which I did, it was mostly walking with some jogging.

Temps here are in the mid twenties tonight and I am fighting a chest cold. I decided to get the milage in outdoors because I felt the humidity in the gym would just zap me. The cold air was a drag and the congestion made deep breathing somewhat bothersome. Still somehow I managed to maintain an average pace under 14.

Otherwise, everything else has been going well except my brain went on auto pilot last night and again this afternoon. This has not happened for awhile but let me tell you, this was a doozie. I can sum up my nemesis in three words. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Two boxes of Caramel Delights 45 points. eeeeekkkkkkkk. It was almost as if the sooner I finished them, the sooner I would not be tempted. Stupid huh? Oh well at least that binge is over. Now I just half to face the scale later this week.


Matt said...

Oh I hear ya on the Cookies! The Girl Scouts are the Devil!!! I love the Peanut Butter ones and Carmel Delights.

Craig - said...

I am more of a thin mint guy. Mmmmmmmmmm...thin mints. I just finished up our box last night. We went through it in a little over a week. Not too bad, but definitely didn't need the calories.