Saturday, July 26, 2008

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Lightning McQueen vs Herbie

Thanks for all the support everyone. I am still trying to figure out why my motivation is down. Regardless, I did make it up to SNAP a couple days ago for a short bike ride and some weights. Yesterday I got out the door and put in nine miles. I knew that I needed to watch my overall pace if I wanted to achieve any sort of distance. I was pleased that I managed to not push myself and the resulting run was comfortable.

While running I realized that I was thinking too deeply about things rather being able to disconnect my thoughts. One thing weighing on my mind is the fact that not all of my travel plans are finalized yet. I still need to purchase airfare. Something I have not done because we still are not 100% certain if the rest of my family is coming down. Ideally I want them to come. We have not had a family vacation for a couple years and next spring break my kids each have school trips planned. We need to figure out what makes the best sense for us. It will work out. Still, I keep fretting over it.

Over the past couple weeks airfares have shot up between $50-$100 out of Des Moines. I feel that they won't come down due to rising gas prices and the upcoming holiday season. The fact that airlines are gouging travelers for luggage and snacks really chaps my hide too.

Food intake has been better. When I feel stressed I have tried to turn my mind to other things besides corn chips and salsa.

Be sure to click on the pic below to learn about a baseball team that I did not know about and the latest pictures from the corn coarse.


Craig Wheeler said...

Good to see you trying to get back in the groove.

Looking forward to corn fest. It will be my first timed 10k. I'm holding off on air fair for a while. Airtran seems to be the cheapest for me...and they haven't yet had specials that reach out that far.

Last year they were $79 or $89 each way. I just saw their special for November which is $109 each way. So all-in-all not too terrible of an increase...and worth waiting for the special in order to book it.

MikeF. said...

Glad to hear you got the song. We are driving down so no plane tickets to stress over. Just stress over gas money.