Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not Found On Main Street USA

A little post donation photoshop fun. What other windows would YOU never see on Main Street?

Donation went well today. I had Jennifer and Lisa to keep me company during the process. Marceline...Toonfest...September...Only a few hours away from me. I may be up for that.

Supposed to limit activity today. Perhaps will just do an evening walk.

Check you all later.


Chris said...

Yeah, but I'll bet they'll have a Main Street Gas Money Donation Center pretty soon! Otherwise, how else will people be able to drive home?

MikeF. said...
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MikeF. said...

The J & M Intro Center. "Where silliness happens one intro at a time."

Joggerblogger said...

:-) good job on the blood donation dude. You guys have it lucky for gas prices! we have to pay $2.30 per litre now - I dread to think what that is a gallon, they stoppped putting prices in gallons years ago so we wouldn't freak out(it's around $11 eek!).

Thanks for the comment over on my blog - it sparked a great chat at work about what is proper pub grub in the UK. We came to the conclusion that it is:

Shepherds pie + peas + gravy
Bangers + mash + onion gravy
Fish + chips + mushy peas
Steak + kidney pie + chips

Not all that good for you, but a great treat now and again :-)

Hope the light workout went well.

Doc Terminus said...

"Touching things Disney

A House of VooDoo
and masseuse..."

Doc Terminus said...
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DebWDW said...

I would LOVE to go to Marceline, but so far I have not been anywhere near the state of Missouri!