Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick comments and another announcement.

Greetings my fabulous friends!

This morning was one of those gee I don't feel like exercising days. Still I managed to get over to SNAP for some ab crunches and a nice run on the dread mill.

Waking up today I noticed by looking at my fingers that I had retained water over night. My thumbs were huge. I am not certain what triggered that. I did not have anything salty the night before.

Tomorrow morning I am going down to the Blood Center. Yep it's time once again to donate. This will be my fourth donation. For years I wanted to donate but could never bring myself to face the needle. (not to mention the sight of my own blood) A good friend of ours works at the Blood Center and last year she introduced me to Double Red Donation. This is a slightly longer process that takes your red cells and gives you back your plasma. The only odd thing I've noticed doing this, is a slight tingle in my lips when the plasma is returned. Afterwards its a couple Nutter Butters and an orange juice and I'm right as rain. If you are able to donate blood please consider doing so.

In other news we have four team members stepping up to the plate thus far for our virtual Team Voice event. MikeF, Matt, Rae, and Chris. So here's the question who else is in?

Also I have begun a third blog. This one is dedicated to a specific subject and will run as a serial. Be sure to check out The Monkey's Uncle at http://merlinjonescomic.blogspot.com/

As if you don't have enough reading to do already huh?


Matt said...

Kudos to you for giving blood!!!
I'm glad that there are people out there that can give blood. I have been trying to talk myself into it for years and feel guilty that I haven't do so. However, I have a great fear of needles. I actually "got sick" before my boosters a few years ago.

I'm up to any Team Voice Challege! Bring 'em on!

Rae! said...

I can't give. My count is to low. :(