Thursday, November 8, 2007

Even The Best Laid Plans...

Greetings from the Tundra.

Let's call today a day of learning and reinforcement. Why?
Well, because the purpose behind this blog comes into full effect tonight.

Today my company catered in lunch. Kin Folks BBQ. mmm good.

Menu included bread, pulled smoked pork, beef brisket, beans, and a macaroni salad.
I skipped the bread but tried everything else. Instead of adding BBQ sauce I choose some hot sauce. Although I could not measure things, I felt I did ok on portions. When I got home tonight and added it up. I was a bit surprised.

Here's todays points.

Breakfast: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/ skim milk

Snack: 3 pts. Cashew-Cranberry-Almond Snack Mix 1 oz.

Lunch: 18pts (gulp)

Dinner: 6 pts Baked ham 2 oz. Baked potato with light margerin and salsa verde.

Total of 32 pts.

If you consider that I have flex points to use the total points are not so bad. But I realized a couple things here.

I should have waited till after dinner to decide whether to have a snack. If I had done that, I would have been at the top of my range without using flex points.

Portion size is fine and dandy but I do need to look up certain foods and get a better idea of what point values they hold.

Exercise: Walked 6.07 miles in 102 mins

I purposly added two miles to my walk tonight because of those extra points.

So there you have it, an honest report

Till Next Time. Your thoughts...


Joggerblogger said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up about it to much - sounds like a nice treat. What's beef brisket?

Good work on the 6+ miles.

Have a great weekend

caballerofan said...

Brisket is a beef cut taken from the breast section beneath the first five ribs, behind the foreshank.
It is slow cooked to make it tender.