Monday, November 19, 2007

Charles Grodin vs Jon Lovitz

General Knowledge: "All right Fuzzy what seems to be the issue here tonight?!"

Buzzy: "That's Buzzy sir and I'm not sure, he doesn't want to get out there and jog tonight."

General Knowledge: "Listen Fuzzy, you had better work this out or you will be piloting that chicken, understood?!"

Buzzy: "Y...Yes sir". "Ok left brain what seems to be the problem?"

Left Brain: "Well somebody says they feel tired and their feet are sore." "Personally I think it's just an excuse to lay around on the couch and be tempted be those Doritos in the pantry"

Buzzy: "Right brain is this true?"

Right Brain: "I should say not, I happen to enjoy exercise, though my feet are a bit tired." "Wait, did he just say Doritos?"

Buzzy: "Come on guys let's pull it together, at least for an hour. It's gettting late and if we don't get moving I'll never persude you."

Left Brain: "He's right"

Right Brain: "Yeah I know, Ok Buzzy we're with you. Let's grab those shoes and get going."

Yep that really sums up my thinking tonight. Once I finally got moving I kept thinking about Cranium Command for some reason. In fact, General Knowledge could be a great character to use for an AATM intro sometime. hmmm never know what I have in the works.

Ok let's get serious.


Breakfast: 5pts. Raisin Bran w/skim milk
Lunch: 11 pts. Taco Johns Split a #3 combo with my wife. 1 softshell and half the oles.
Dinner: 9 pts. Grilled Blackend Chicken sandwich with Green Beans and Onions
Dessert: 12 pts. 3" square of cake at my Father in laws birthday. I would have gone smaller if I had known the points before hand. No excuses I could have looked it up. My wife make the cake.

Exercise: Are you ready for some good news? Even though my "right brain" wanted to stay on the couch. I had a very nice jog in terms of time.
My total jog tonight was 4.02 miles in 43 minutes. Now, every jog I do has a .54 mile warm up included in the total I post. It takes me 9 minutes to walk that. Out of curiousity tonight I did a little math. My jogging portion was 3.48 miles in 34 minutes for a pace of 9.77. I have not averaged a pace under 10 since June of 06'. That's pretty exciting.

As December approaches I may revise my goals. I will post my thoughts on that later.

Till Next Time...

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