Tuesday, November 20, 2007

60 Minutes and Common Sense Dining.

Did you happen to see the 60 minutes report "Fast Food For Thought"?

The story was about how the average person under estimates calories in food purchased at places like Subway. As the story put it, people just assume that because the food is "healthier"
they tend to over endulge. Ok I'm willing to believe some people think that way.

But, I am wrong to assume that a person, who truly is concerned about weight and eating healthy foods, would not understand that a foot long sub drowned in mayonaise may not be such a great thing. I did not hear them ask Subway customers if they choose to eat there simply because they liked it or if it was a purposeful heathy choice.

The reporter Lesley Stahl visited Subway and ordered lunch. She ordered (I'm sure only for the purpose of the story) a footlong sub and like I mentioned earlier drowned it in Mayo.
Then of course the whole calorie count was exposed.

I would like to know why Lesley did not go back to the front of the line and order something more sensible. Just to show us lazy overweight Americans that by using a little information you can dine healthy. There are many options at Subway and you can eat heathy there. Now to be fair you can make informed decisions at locations such as McDonalds too. Sure, you might want to skip the fries. Nobody is forcing you to order that Grilled Chicken without mayo as a combo. Get the sandwich and have a water or a diet soda. It's easy to assume that a Salad at locations such as these is a smart choice. But hold that thought. How much dressing are you putting on that salad?
You might just be better off ordering a basic burger.

The key is to be informed. Something I am working on myself.

"Fast Food For Thought" can be viewed here if you are interested.


Breakfast: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/ skim milk
Lunch: 6 pts. Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti
Dinner: ? Home made Chicken and Noodles. Thawed leftovers from last week.
Snack: 6 pts. Cashew-Cranberry-Almond Snack Mix 2 oz.

Exercise: 4 miles 65 min on the treadmill.

Till Next Time Be Informed...

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