Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Lights

Many things if life, cause me to wax nostalgic. Christmas is one of those times.
I recall how as a child I would sit close to the tree and enjoy the lights reflecting off the various colored glass bulbs and become lost in a daydream.
I recall a house that I always look forward to driving by. For many years during Christmas this particular house has simply been lit with green bulbs. Landscaping, window trim, gutters, and a tree in the front window all done up with green lights. It’s has always stirred a feeling of peace within me that I really can not explain.
It seems that every night another house is lit up in celebration of the Christmas season. Homes are adorned in multi colored lights, some all in one color, some flashing, some solid. Lawn decorations of Santa Claus, Reindeer, Snowmen and The Nativity are to be found.
Christmas can become a very hustle and bustle time. Especially for us grown ups.
As this season unfolds, may each of you take the time to look back on some special memory and perhaps even daydream a little. May peace fill your hearts and homes.


Breakfast: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/skim milk
Lunch: 16 pts. Spicy Chicken sandwich w/ baked potato from Wendy’s
Dinner: 6 pts. Spaghetti w/ carrots

Exercise: Walking 4.1 miles in 69 min

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